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Luxury Home Interior Ideas
13 Inspirational Luxury Home Interior Ideas to Jazz Up Your Spaces

Homeowners are always on the lookout for the most elegant and beautiful interior design ideas to create a luxury living space. However, a luxurious interior design doesn’t have to consist of expensive lighting or furniture throughout the home. You don’t even have to be an expert in interior design in order to create a luxury living space. This can easily be achieved with a few stylish additions in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

Toy Storage Cabinet Ideas

March 2, 2024

17 Practical Toy Storage Cabinet Ideas and Solutions to Organize your Children’s Playthings

If you have kids, then no doubt you have a lot of toys that take up space. A child’s room full of toys can be unsightly – not to mention a safety hazard. Just ask any parent who has tripped and fallen after stepping on a toy in the middle of the night. But this can be avoided if you have the right toy storage. What you need is a practical, stylish, and easy to use storage for children so that they can be encouraged to clear up their toys themselves.

Yellow Bedroom Ideas

July 21, 2022

16 Yellow Bedroom Ideas to Brighten Up Your Interiors 

If your bedroom lacks natural light, you can always brighten it up by adding some golden hues to the interior decor. A good color that looks natural and brightens up the space is yellow. This hue can turn a dark, gloomy room into a warm and welcoming space. And since yellow looks beautiful with neutral and natural textures, it’s an easier color to work with than you think. After all, yellow is the color of the rainbow and associated with happiness. Need further convincing? Then read on.   

Teal Bedroom Ideas

February 5, 2024

19 Teal Bedroom Ideas that Appeal to All Tastes

The color teal is a soothing hue that promotes better sleep. This blue-green spectrum is the perfect color for the bedroom as it’s both eye-catching and calming. When we look at teal, it reminds us of the tropical waters and lagoons so no wonder this color is so popular for bedrooms.

Hang Curtains Without Nails

September 7, 2022

How to Hang Curtains Without Nails

Hanging curtains using nails can be very messy and inconvenient plus not everyone is keen on the idea of drilling into walls. This is especially true if you’re renting the apartment or house in question. To avoid making holes, here are some suggestions on how to hang curtains without nails with pros and cons of each tool.

Rustic Bedroom

February 1, 2024

10 Rustic Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Inject Character into Your Space

A rustic style interior can be a little difficult to pull off, hence the reason why most people prefer decorating their bedrooms in the contemporary style. However, if you want to inject some character into your bedroom and turn it into an inviting and cozy space, consider adopting the classic rustic look.

Nautical bedroom ideas
16 Nautical Bedroom Ideas to Feel Closer to the Ocean

If you like the idea of bringing the sea to your home, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many different decorative elements you can use to achieve this look. Take a look at my 16 nautical bedroom examples with pictures that will help you decorate your space in this theme.

February 9, 2024

Kitchen Organization Tips – The Ultimate Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to kitchen organization.

Learn how to make the best of your kitchen’s spaces & aethestics with these essential tips.

Throw pillows for your brown couch

July 14, 2022

How to Choose Throw Pillows for Your Brown Couch

No-one likes to sit on an empty, lonely sofa. One or more throw pillows is always a welcome addition to snuggle to and boost your living room’s aesthetic appeal. Throw pillows can either be used as accent accessories for the sofa to stand out or just make you and your guests feel more comfortable. Whether you choose plain, textured, or patterned pillows for your brown leather or fabric couch, there are endless ways you can decorate this piece of furniture using these cushions.

Green Front Door Ideas

February 1, 2024

17 Green Front Door Ideas to Bring Harmony to Your Home with Pictures

When we think of the color green, we can’t help but get reminded of spring freshness, green apples, grass, soft sage… and so much more. So what better way to introduce this versatile hue to your home than to its entry door. With numerous shades of green to choose from, you can go for a bold, elegant, or zesty look regardless of whether your home is modern or rustic. Choosing the color green for your front door is a great way of making a first impression, but you need to use the right shade of green to make it work with your home’s exterior.

Affordable Washer Pedestal Alternatives to Raise the Height of Your Appliances

December 17, 2023

11 Affordable Washer Pedestal Alternatives to Raise the Height of Your Appliances

Front-loading washing machines and tumble dryers have always been popular laundry appliances on the market together with pedestals as a whole new type of furniture accessory. While you don’t actually need to put your laundry appliances onto anything to raise their height, most Americans do prefer to use pedestals.

Types of Roof Vents

July 13, 2022

10 Types of Roof Vents that Prevent Moisture Buildup in Your Attic

Roof vents are a crucial part of every home as they provide adequate attic ventilation and prevent moisture buildup. Proper ventilation is an important aspect that many homeowners often overlook. As a rule of thumb, for every 150 square feet of attic space, 1 square foot of ventilation is required. Vents are normally placed on the roof close to the eaves as well as below it near the ridge.