16 Nautical Bedroom Ideas to Feel Closer to the Ocean

Whether you live close to the sea or in the mountains, the lure of the beach is undeniable. The feel and look of the seaside is so serene and comforting that it’s hardly surprising to see why the nautical theme is so popular in both children’s and adults’ bedrooms.

If you like the idea of bringing the sea to your home, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many different decorative elements you can use to achieve this look.

Take a look at my 16 nautical bedroom examples with pictures that will help you decorate your space in this theme.

Why Choose a Nautical Theme in the Bedroom?

Everyone wants their bedroom’s interior to look inviting. The nautical theme is one of the most popular interior design styles that makes a big statement. This style is a great way of giving your bedroom a little personality by highlighting your love for all things nautical.

So if you’ve always dreamt of living by the sea or creating a bedroom that makes you feel close to the ocean, you’ve come to the right place. Find here my list of the best nautical bedroom ideas:

1. Sailing Wallpaper as a Bold Nautical Touch

Sailing Wallpaper as a Bold Nautical Touch 

To give a classic look to your bedroom, hang vintage seaside postcards on the wall or use colorful wallpaper to bring some uniqueness to your space.

A bold nautical touch-like wallpaper that features sailing yachts as shown here will complete your marine-themed bedroom.

2. Framed Hand-drawn Ships on the Wall

Framed Hand-drawn Ships on the Wall

Whilst we’re on the subject of sailboats, why not incorporate them in different ways by hanging hand-drawn paintings of sailboats on the walls. Just like this image, you can use three framed paintings of sailboats arranged on the same wall, with the larger painting in the middle of the other two smaller ones.

If you don’t have the artistic flair to draw these yourself, you can find such paintings in most vintage art stores. For larger bedrooms, sailor flags will also make a nice addition next to the paintings.

3. A Vintage Sailing Map as Traditional Artwork

A Vintage Sailing Map as Traditional Artwork

Another vintage artwork you can add to your nautical bedroom is a traditional sailing map, which can be found in most thrift stores.

You can even frame the map and place it in the center of the main bedroom’s wall for a classic design feature that stands out as the focal point.

4. Focus On One Single Element

Focus On One Single Element

When decorating your bedroom interior with a nautical theme, remember not to go overboard with the decorative aspects as the design shouldn’t be mixed too much. While anchors, ships, lighthouses, and sailing boats all have a stylish appearance, a nautical bedroom should still be designed around one single element.

For example, when creating a nautical design for the bedroom, use the same basic element, just like the one shown in this image.

There is one anchor on the wall and the same pattern on the cushion. All in all, the room doesn’t look cluttered or chaotic with too many nautical features.

5. Use the Same Theme for Baby’s Room

Use the Same Theme for Baby’s Room

A baby’s room can also benefit from the same nautical design as the adult’s room. In such bedrooms, the white-painted walls provide an airy and light feel to the marine-themed bedroom. The same theme can be seen on the walls, furniture, and furnishings.

The blue and white colors blend perfectly here along with the display of art and nautical cushions in a white pallet chest.

6. A Teenager’s Bedroom in Nautical Theme

A Teenager’s Bedroom in Nautical Theme

Aside from a baby’s bedroom, you can also design a teenager’s bedroom in the same theme. After all, every teenager dreams of the high seas and playing on the beach.

You can add a wooden bed that also serves as storage, together with a large-sized ship as stunning wall art.

7. Add Girly Accent Pieces

Add Girly Accent Pieces

If you thought a nautical bedroom is only for boys, you couldn’t be more wrong! Check out this girly nautical-themed neo-classical style bedroom, which has a touch of pink throughout and a wooden boat theme.

See how the boat and nautical theme work together here to make the bed’s headboard stand out. This headboard is designed to look like the sails of a boat, and to complete the look, the white floating stairs and the pink coral wall art perfectly complement the rest of the room’s decor.

8. Use Natural Elements

Use Natural Elements

The sea is a natural element, so it makes sense to decorate your bedroom with natural elements, such as wood and bamboo.

This beachy bedroom is a great example of a nautical interior design with its bamboo blinds, wooden headboard, bedside lights that are in the same color as the headboard, and the rolled maps of the world in a wicker basket next to the bed. Doesn’t this room look as though you’ve just come back from the beach!

9. Play with Patterns

Play with Patterns

When creating a minimalist coastal-themed bedroom, the fewer patterns you use the better.

Nautical throw pillows are what come to mind when thinking of sea-inspired interiors. Add these to your bed together with floral cushions to make a statement.

10. Nautical Stripes are a Must

Nautical Stripes are a Must

A striped white and blue pattern is a typical feature of a nautical bedroom design. Choose striped curtain and window coverings like shown here. The furniture accessories also complement the striped patterns by consisting of the same colors.

Since the color red works well with blue and white stripes, you can incorporate it into the decorative items around the room.

In this image, the main colors that stand out are blue and white with hints of red. To complete the look, there are lighthouse-shaped drawers, striped cushions, a striped curtain, window covering, and a ship steering wheel clock.

11. Match the Color Scheme  for a Beachy Feel

Match the Color Scheme  for a Beachy Feel

A statement color is important in marine-themed bedrooms. Navy blue and antique white are the main colors that are associated with this style. As long as these bold colors aren’t excessively used, they work perfectly in nautical bedroom decoration.

For example, painting all the walls of the bedroom white, and choosing navy blue for the bedding (including the throw pillows), creates a tropical and beach-like look for the bedroom.

12. Use Natural Coastal Textures

Use Natural Coastal Textures

Textures with coastal surroundings are inspirational and creative. Above the bed’s headboard, put some small decorative lighthouses behind the nautical cushions.

Choose a feature throw blanket in grey stripes to accompany the cushions. When placed against the ocean-blue wall, these textures stand out beautifully and create a cozy finish as you can see in this image.

13. Paint Everything White with Hints of Blue

Paint Everything White with Hints of Blue

A bright beach look can easily be achieved in the bedroom with plenty of white and light blue furnishings. Here, you can see how the white painted wood paneling has created a charming beach-house vibe in the bedroom.

The white wall paneling is further complemented by the light blue bedding and bedside lamps for a fresh and calming look. To keep the room from looking bland, add a large tropical plant and some wicker baskets as part of the soft furnishings in woven textures.

14. Dream of Coastal Views from a Window Seat

Dream of Coastal Views from a Window Seat

A window seat has to be one of the most charming features of a luxury bedroom that is an inviting corner to sit and read a book or just enjoy the sea views.

In this bedroom, the window seat has been made into a comfortable seating corner with striped cushions and a bookshelf conveniently located next to the window.

15. Bring the Underwater World to Your Bedroom

Bring the Underwater World to Your Bedroom
Seashells, fish, and seahorses are the typical motifs that are found in an ocean-inspired bedroom. But you can dive even deeper by adding starfish to your decorative collection in order to add a touch to the seaside.

A couple of starfish with small, colorful seashells on beads will work great when hung from the ceiling.

16. Lots of Windows for Panoramic Sea Views

Lots of Windows for Panoramic Sea Views

A coastal bedroom must be as bright and airy as possible. When choosing which room of the house you want as your bedroom, make sure you pick the one that has the most windows. Add a navy blue curtain and matching bedding to reflect the light and make the room feel bigger and brighter.

16 Nautical Bedroom Ideas to Feel Closer to the Ocean