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Welcome to Homenish, your go-to place resource for home decor, architecture, interior design, furniture & and other home improvement tips.


We can help you pick the interior styles, right color combinations, and paint color choices in your home.

Home Design

Learn how to set up your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and others with our custom floor plans from our interior designers. We’ll also give in-depth tips and share many custom graphics and diagrams about the dimensions and the anatomy of different parts and furniture of your home.

Room Design

With nearly 500 practical decor guides for all rooms in your home, you can turn your home into a better place worth living in and spending your time in.

Home Improvement

Many issues can occur in your home at any time. We’ll give specific guides from simple to complex tasks on the home exterior, flooring furniture, windows, door, porches, cost guides, and so on.

Editorial Guidelines and Principles

Every article on Homenish, before publishing, goes through a very thorough review process. It must be checked and approved by our editorial team and system to ensure that all information is accurate, factual, and reliable.

After the article has been written, our editor team will go through the whole article to fact-check and proofread all texts. It will be run through Copyscape and Grammarly premium to be free of any grammar mistakes.

If you happen to find some incorrect information or want to provide us with any details, please visit our contact page.

Our Team

Steve Green
Writer & Editor

After graduating in 2011, Steve worked in the interior design industry as a sales advisor and marketer. He has been writing and editing since 2014, with thousands of articles and product descriptions about home decor, interior, and gardening topics. Steve spends his free time learning about architecture and interior trends, or just doing some gardening chores.

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Rashin Valentina Rohanifar
Collaborating Writer

Rashin Rohanifar is a seasoned writer based in the United Kingdom. She has over a decade of freelance writing experience, mostly specializing in home improvement and interior design, with four years of experience writing about these subjects.

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Stephen Wilson
Writer & Editor

Stephen Wilson is a professional American writer and editor with more than a decade of experience. He has a Master's degree from United Theological Seminary in Ohio. He is a highly experienced home writer with 1000+ articles and blog posts about home design and interior decor. He has also published many ebooks from Amazon.

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Karli Edmondson-Matthews
Collaborating Writer

Karli Edmondson-Matthews is a senior freelance writer specializing in home improvement, interior design, and architecture. She’s also a feminist, a gym addict, and an unashamed word nerd.

Joanna Gedeon
Interior Architect & Designer

Joanna Gedeon is a senior interior architect with 4 years' experience. She has a Master's degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Balamand. Joanna has worked on a plethora of projects from home & building plans, object anatomy design to setting out dimension metrics for home furniture, accessories and rooms.

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