Types of Gutter Hangers
| Updated October 7, 2023 | Published October 7, 2023

Gutter hangers are the hardware components that attach the gutters to the fascia board or other mounting surfaces. They come in various styles and materials, each designed to accommodate different gutter types and installation requirements.

What Color to Paint Soffit and Fascia

Choosing the right color for your soffit and fascia can have a major impact on your home’s curb appeal and can even result in an increased property valuation. Popular colors for soffit and fascia include white, gray, black, and beige, but there are many other colors you could opt for.

What Color Roof Goes with a Blue House

If your home is painted in light or dark blue, you will find very limited options in roof colors. That said, some neutral, as well as bold colors, look beautiful when paired with blue siding. So what color roof goes with a blue house? Here are some calming and cohesive suggestions:

Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations for a Trendy Curb Appeal
| Updated January 1, 2023 | Published January 1, 2023

Metal roofing for homes started becoming popular at the turn of the century. Many people no longer perceived this roofing type as suitable for commercial buildings as there were many advantages that came with metal roofs. Not only are metal roofs lightweight and durable, but they are also fire and hail-storm resistant.

What Color Metal Roof Fades The Least
| Updated September 11, 2022 | Published September 11, 2022

When you are choosing a color for your new metal roof, you might initially think only in terms of how the color coordinates with the rest of your home’s exterior. Many people will choose a metal roof color that matches the color of their front door or garage door, or you might want to opt for a color similar to your siding color so that it blends in and creates a uniform look.

Shingle Sizes
| Updated October 10, 2022 | Published July 5, 2022

Standard shingles are traditionally sold in 12″x36″ or 12″x39″ sizes. The latter is more common these days since it allows more overlap from one shingle to the next.

Fascia Board Sizes
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published May 21, 2022

A fascia board is a piece of horizontal board that is fixed in place along the end of a home’s roof eaves at the rafters. Traditionally a fascia board will be made from solid lumber, but in recent years PVC fascia boards have become more popular because they offer a maintenance-free alternative, and they are typically more affordable.

What Color To Paint A House With An Orange Roof
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published May 15, 2022

To determine what color to paint a house with an orange roof, you must first pay attention to the undertone of your orange shingles. Some are a warm natural terracotta while others have more of a muted orange or brown tone to them. To help you decide on the right paint color for your house with an orange roof, take a look at our examples below:

What House Exterior Color Goes With a White Roof
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published April 28, 2022

While it’s not common to find white roof shingles on American homes, in hot and arid regions, many homeowners prefer white roofs to keep their homes cooler. This is because white roof shingles cool the temperature of a home by reflecting light, so it’s not surprising to find many desert or southwestern homes with white roofs.

Standard Downspout Size
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published April 13, 2022

If you are replacing your guttering or need to fit a new downspout, then you will need to calculate the right size. Having the right-size downspout is going to be vital to ensuring your whole gutter system works efficiently, therefore preventing expensive problems or damage to your home.

What Color House Goes with Gray Roof
| Updated August 4, 2022 | Published March 23, 2022

When choosing the best exterior paint color for a house with a gray roof, it is important to consider the material of your home and the overall look you’re trying to achieve. There are some exterior colors that suit a brick house with a gray roof better than a stone one.

Most Compatible Roof Colors for Gray Houses
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published March 18, 2022

Your home’s value largely depends on its curb appeal. This is, after all, the first impression your home makes to visitors and passersby. Curb appeal is made up of three factors: landscaping, the exterior condition of the house, and the facade color.