Window Treatment
Long or Short Curtains in Bedroom
| Updated January 18, 2024 | Published February 22, 2023

Should bedroom curtain length be long or short? The length you choose can turn your bedroom into a casual or formal space, so it comes down to personal preference not to mention the size of the bedroom.

How to Hang Curtains from a Slanted Ceiling
| Updated February 4, 2024 | Published May 19, 2022

If you have a sloped or slanted ceiling, then the prospect of hanging curtains might seem more tricky than usual. Fortunately, there are various ways you can hang curtains from sloped ceilings without too much trouble. Here we investigate how to hang curtains from a slanted ceiling.

How to Block Light from Top of Curtains
| Updated August 14, 2022 | Published May 19, 2022

If you have purchased blackout curtains only to find that light is still seeping in over the top or edges of them, this can be very frustrating. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can easily adjust your curtains or customize them to entirely block any light from accessing your room when the curtains are drawn.

How Many Curtain Panels for A Sliding Glass Door

If you have sliding glass doors in your home, then chances are you’re going to want to use some window dressings with them. Curtains tend to be the easiest and most stylish option since they can easily be draped to the side when not in use.

How Much Do Curtains Cost
| Updated May 17, 2022 | Published May 17, 2022

The price of curtains can vary hugely depending on a number of factors, but it can be useful to know the average price of curtains in order to plan a budget for home renovations or so you can be sure you’re getting a good deal. Here we look at the price range for curtains and the factors that affect their cost.

How to Dress a Window Without Curtains
| Updated February 3, 2024 | Published May 15, 2022

Here we look at the pros and cons of having curtains installed, along with a number of alternative ways to dress a window without curtains. Here are 7 quick recommendations. 

Do Curtains Always Come in Pairs?
| Updated February 2, 2024 | Published May 15, 2022

Shopping for curtains can be confusing because sometimes they are sold in pairs, and sometimes they are sold as panels. You’ll need to be able to differentiate between the way curtains are sold in order to make sure you don’t make any costly mistakes and order more curtains than you need or fewer curtains than you need.

What Curtains Go with a Blue Couch
| Updated July 14, 2022 | Published May 11, 2022

When it comes to furnishing your living room with an elegant and bold color couch, blue often becomes a top choice. Using a blue couch can transform a dull room into an impressive and attractive living space as it’s the central focus of any decor. However, when you’re thinking of pairing your blue couch with curtains, what color goes best with blue can be a challenge.

What Color Curtains Go with Pink Walls: 12 Complementary Options
| Updated July 30, 2022 | Published February 12, 2022

If there is one color that most people never really think of using for their interior walls, it is pink. This color is usually associated with feminine interiors, but it can surprisingly make any space appear more mature and elegant. To create a gender neutral design. Pairing the right curtain color with pink walls is essential in ensuring your room looks stylish. But whether you go for contrasting or complementing hues, our following ideas will help you blend the best curtain colors with any pink wall.

Should French Doors Have Curtains?
| Updated August 8, 2022 | Published January 28, 2022

French doors can look great with or without curtains, so essentially, the decision is entirely personal, and it all comes down to your own circumstances and opinions. There is, of course, no rule book that tells you whether you should or shouldn’t install curtains in your own home.

What Color Curtains Make a Room Look Bigger
| Updated July 21, 2023 | Published January 21, 2022

Many people live in small houses or apartments, where space is limited and there isn’t adequate ceiling height in the rooms. But there are ways you can make your room look bigger by choosing the right curtain colors.

How to Layer Curtains and Sheers
| Updated August 14, 2022 | Published January 20, 2022

Here we will look at the way you can use curtains and sheer drapes together to achieve looks that are functional and stylish, as well as look into the benefits of these types of window treatments.