Types of Basement Walls
| Updated February 10, 2024 | Published February 10, 2024

When designing or building a basement, you will face the option of which type of wall to use for your construction. Here we explore the pros and cons of the three main types of basement walls to help you make a more informed decision.

Basement Floor Colors to Brighten Up Your Space

The basement is often the most overlooked part of a home regarding design value. This extra storage room is incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a games or entertainment room, additional living space, storage, or home office. But when it comes to redesigning your basement, the floor color you select will give your area a fresh and clean feel.

Basement ceiling colors
| Updated January 21, 2023 | Published January 21, 2023

The color you choose should reflect the type of feel you want to achieve in your basement, and of course, this depends on what you intend to use the room for. Here we look at some stylish basement ceiling paint colors and explain how they can affect the atmosphere in your basement.

Types of Basements
| Updated February 10, 2024 | Published May 29, 2022

It’s nice to have a basement where you can take a shelter, set up a home office, or store out-of-season items. And if you’re going to renovate your basements or looking for ideas for some types of basements for your new home, this guide is for you. Here we’ll discuss the many basements types and what you can do with your basements. 

Best Paint Colors for Finished Basements
| Updated October 19, 2022 | Published April 4, 2022

Finished basements often get overlooked when it comes to decor. They end up as storage spaces or play areas which aren’t styled in a particular way, and are somewhat neglected.

Standard Basement Window Sizes
| Updated August 8, 2022 | Published January 30, 2022

Basement windows come in a wide variety of sizes, which can differ between style and manufacturer. Common types of windows used in basements include hopper windows, casement windows, and single or double-hung windows. The most important thing you need to consider when planning windows for a basement is the minimum sizes that must be met in order to meet the necessary building code.

Basement Wall Decor Ideas
| Updated July 18, 2022 | Published December 19, 2021

A basement room is a great place to really put your personality into your decor. For many homes, a basement room is a bonus room, as the main living areas such as a kitchen, living room, and dining room are already catered for upstairs, so with a basement, you can think outside of the box and create a space with is purpose-built around you, or your families need. In doing this, you can also add value to your home by improving the decor and designing a space that other people will also be envious of.

Types of Basement Ceilings
| Updated May 23, 2023 | Published June 23, 2021

In terms of basement ceilings, a lot of homeowners only think of two options, which are dropped and drywall ceilings. However, there are several types of basement ceilings. Remember, your basement is a casual area of your home. As such, you can experiment and try decorative ideas for your basement ceiling. To help you choose, here are the different types of basement ceilings.

Slab Basement
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published April 2, 2021

Whether you’re constructing a new home or buying an existing house, it is vital that you consider the type of foundation. Remember, a foundation is necessary because it holds the house. Without it, the house may sink into the ground, resulting in cracks and damages. Today, the most common type of foundation is a slab basement.

Basement Bar Ideas
| Updated July 18, 2022 | Published February 23, 2021

As you look through pictures of the bar setups we’re highlighting below, let them inspire you as to how you can decorate your own bar. Think about the ambiance you want your bar area to have. Do you want to be clean and modern, retro and vintage, beach and party?

Basement Finishing System
| Updated January 1, 2024 | Published September 24, 2020

Basements are no longer a place for storing household belongings like surplus furniture. In fact, nowadays, they are rarely used for storage purposes. Most homeowners want to make better use of their basements, hence the reason they convert this space into a functional room. If you want to use your basement productively, you’ll have to finish it properly.