Green Living
Why is My House So Hot?
| Updated January 10, 2024 | Published December 18, 2021

When warmer months roll around, many people find it difficult to stay cool in their own homes. This can make it especially difficult to sleep at night or even to concentrate during the day. If you have children in the home, they can become very uncomfortable and irritable if they overheat, and this can actually be potentially dangerous for babies. So, why is your house so hot?

Eco-Cleaning Products
| Updated May 11, 2021 | Published January 11, 2021

Since the times of the industrial-chemical boom of the 1950s, when all chemicals were regarded as beneficial, we have come a long way in understanding how even everyday household cleaning products can adversely affect our environment and our health.

Green Building
| Updated June 13, 2022 | Published September 22, 2020

Our homes have high energy needs. To satisfy them, we have been burning massive amounts of fossil fuels, which produces greenhouse gasses. The greenhouse gas buildup has created the current climate crisis – probably the largest threat and challenge humanity had yet faced. Let’s dive into the innovative world of green building together and get some answers!

Save Energy in the Home
| Updated January 12, 2021 | Published September 8, 2020

As global warming is becoming a threat and to cut costs, homeowners are turning to sustainable materials & energy-saving home methods. This is the complete & practical guide to saving energy in your homes.