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Marilyn Monroe Bedroom

October 21, 2022

11 Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Ideas To Glam Up Your Space

With so many Marilyn pictures and decorations that remind us of her timeless beauty, it makes sense to create a Marilyn Monroe themed bedroom decor to keep her memory alive

Types of Blankets

December 18, 2023

19 Types of Blankets For the Most Comfortable Sleep (with Pictures)

Blankets come in a wide range of patterns, colors, and materials. The following is a list of 19 different types of blankets based on their materials as well as the pros and cons of each one.

Types of Chimneys
10 Different Types of Chimneys Explained

The following is a list of different types of chimneys with pros and cons of the most typical ones to give you a better understanding of their suitability:

Concrete Bathroom Floor Ideas

January 20, 2024

6 Creative Ideas For Concrete Bathroom Floors and Their Advantages

Concrete floors have become increasingly popular in residential homes not just in commercial premises as they look sleek and smart. These types of floors are extremely durable and easy to clean, hence the reason they are mostly preferred for the bathroom area.

Types of Tapes

April 30, 2020

40 Different Adhesive Types of Tapes and Their Uses

hesive tapes consist of a wide range of backing materials with different uses for industrial and individual purposes. Most people will at some point use some kind of adhesive tape for different reasons.

Bar Stools in an American diner restaurant on a checkerboard floor

August 4, 2022

6 Original Ideas For Using Checkerboard Floor In Your Home

The checkerboard pattern has a long history and can be found in many architectural buildings and stately homes. It has the power to make a room appear luxurious and grand.

Different Types of Screws

July 13, 2022

34 Different Types of Screws and Their Uses – The Ultimate Guide

Also referred to as bolts, screws are generally defined as fasteners that are installed into materials. Screws come in all sizes and shapes, and each one with different features. They can be round, fat, thin, short, long, and more, but how do you know which is the right screw for your project?

Laundry Room Paint Colors

July 21, 2022

13 Inspiring Laundry Room Paint Colors That Make Washing Clothes A Fun Chore

A modern laundry room is a functional space that must consist of bright interior features. High-tech appliances won’t be enough to encourage you to spend time doing tiresome domestic tasks. A practical laundry room should be so inviting that you’ll actually want to spend time in it.

9 Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas With Pictures

October 29, 2020

9 Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas For The Perfect Outdoor Refresh

Have you ever considered installing an outdoor shower to cool off in summer? Outdoor showers are more than about getting refreshed in the hot sunny weather; they are also excellent plumbing additions that can bring more convenience to your life.

Types of Roofs

July 13, 2022

27 Types Of Roofs For Houses with Illustrated Guide

For most of us, having a roof over our heads is the most important, pivotal thing in life.
However, did ever think about the fact that our own roof we are all striving for can take on many, many forms?

Home Architecture Style

August 10, 2022

16 Inspiring Types of Home Architectural Styles with Pictures

The architectural styles for the home have accumulated over hundreds of years. Let’s explore some popular and some unusual architectural home styles that are present in the US and beyond.

White Granite Countertops

August 24, 2022

25 White Granite Countertop Colors for Kitchen

Want to install a white granite countertop for your kitchen? Want to learn how to choose the right one? Here we’ll give you a selection of white granite countertops for your kitchen project