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Bathroom color schemes

July 7, 2022

Top 13 Timeless Bathroom Colors

When you combine the facts about the importance of bathrooms and significance of colors, it becomes clear why these spaces shouldn’t be neglected in this respect, no matter how challenging the task of designing and restoration may be. Here is a set of ideas and color schemes to enrich any home – one bathroom at the time

Bedroom color schemes

December 10, 2023

Top 18 Bedroom Color Schemes

The bedroom is probably the most critical room in your house. It is the place of your night rest – and we all know that good night rest is very important. Every vital aspect of your life – health, emotional well-being, cognitive functioning – it all depends on how you sleep.

February 4, 2024

7 Popular Types of Flooring For Your House

There is a wide range of flooring types available, each from different materials so choosing one that’ll suit your project shouldn’t take a sweat. To save you big time, here is a list of flooring options we carefully handpick.

Kitchen Island Ideas

December 25, 2023

60 Inspiring Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen islands have become an indispensable part of every modern kitchen. Taking them from your kitchen is like stealing the liveness of your kitchen design. If you are looking for ideas to remodel your kitchen island or kitchen room, you’ll love this article. Take a look at these 60 amazing kitchen island ideas for inspiration.

Black Granite Countertops

January 15, 2024

Black Granite Countertops (Pros, Cons, Types, and Pictures)

This article provides insights into the pros, cons, and types of black granite countertops, as well as suggestions for pairing them with kitchen elements.