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Consequences of a Water Leak

December 18, 2023

Common Causes of Water Stains on Ceiling & How to Fix Them

If you have unsightly water stains on your ceiling, a simple coat of paint will not address the issue as they may come back soon after. Even if it’s only a small stain, it could be a sign of a leak, which requires immediate attention. Water stains on ceiling, especially if they are yellow or darkish green, can result in mold growth, or even worse, ceiling damage.

Vaulted Ceiling

January 18, 2024

Vaulted Ceiling- What You Need to Know

If you’re on the hunt for an architectural ceiling design idea to add a dramatic look to your home, consider a vaulted ceiling. This type of high ceiling provides an open and airy feel that makes any room of the house look bigger. Know all the related facts about vaulted ceilings, their pros and cons, how to vault your attic ceiling, as well as some great examples with pictures.

Types of wall texture

September 9, 2023

14 Wall Texture Types to Increase Your Home’s Appeal

Thinking of remodeling your home and need something unique for your walls? Consider creating beautiful wall textures to add charm and character to your home’s interiors. Textured walls have become increasingly popular over the last few years, thanks to the way they define the feel and look of a home. But if you’re not a DIYer and you think texturing is far too difficult for you, think again! With some practice, you’ll easily master the techniques.

Standard Ceiling Height

July 14, 2022

Standard Ceiling Height – The Ultimate Guide (with 8 Diagrams)

In this guide, we will answer what standard ceiling height is and provide some insights into the minimum ceiling heights for different rooms of the house as well as how to choose the right height for your needs.

Cracks in walls

September 15, 2021

Cracks in Wall & How to Fix Them

Daily wear and tear, temperature fluctuations, and foundation settling of your home can eventually take their toll on the interior and exterior walls. Whether you live in a new or old house, cracks can start appearing across the plaster, concrete, or drywall. Such cracks are an eyesore, but depending on their severity, you don’t always need to call the professionals to fix them. It’s important to first determine the causes of these fissures before you start repairing them.

Parts of a Gutter Explained

Like many other homeowners, you may have wondered whether a gutter system is even necessary for your home. After all, gutters tend to attract nesting birds, are prone to debris and clogging, and can eventually break or warp. If you live in a warm climate with almost no rain throughout the year, then you may not require a gutter system. But most homes do need adequate gutters to collect the rainwater and protect their structure.  

Cape Cod Style House

July 13, 2022

Cape Cod Style Houses – Characteristics, Pros/Cons, and Their Types

One of the most beloved home architectural designs in the US is the Cape Cod style house. You may have seen hundreds of Cape Cod homes dotted around seaside towns of New England and Massachusetts. The style is a very simple one; a rectangular shaped house with gable pitched roof. Cape Cod homes rarely have decorative features or a porch as they were designed for practical reasons rather than appearance. These homes have low ceilings and a huge central chimney to keep the occupants warm during the cold winters of the north. Cape Cod homes are still popular to this day as simple and efficient starter homes for small families or veterans. 

Concrete Houses

August 26, 2022

Concrete Houses – What They Are and Their Types

When it comes to choosing from a variety of building materials to construct a modern home, one popular option is concrete. This material is the most effective in creating a sturdy structure in the quickest possible time.  If you’re considering using this material to build your home, there are some factors you should consider before embarking on such a project. Here I will explain in detail about what a concrete house is, the advantages and disadvantages of this material, 4 types of concrete building systems, as well as some important construction factors to consider when building with concrete. 

American Foursquare House

July 13, 2022

American Foursquare House: History, Definition & Characteristics

Also known as the Prairie Box, the American foursquare is considered to be a true American style home.  Economical, resource-efficient, and practical, foursquare homes can be seen in almost every US state as well as throughout Canada. It can safely be said that foursquares are the most common and popular house styles in America, providing comfortable housing for growing middle-class families. Being one of the most widely built homes of the early 20th century, the American foursquare is everyone’s favorite for a number of reasons. In this article, learn all about the history of American foursquares, their main characteristics, and the reasons for their popularity.

July 13, 2022

Tudor Style House: History, Characteristics and Types

When you hear someone talking about the Tudors, the controversial King Henry VIII may pop to mind and the way he treated his six wives. However, during the time he was in power, a very unique architecture was born. The quaint fairytale-like Tudor homes made their appearance among their colonial counterparts with their easily recognizable features. These charming homes come in all sizes and often mimic the romantic appearance of an old English manor. 

Air Conditioners

October 26, 2020

8 Types of Air Conditioners and Their Pros and Cons 

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a blast of cool air during hot summer months. If you’re considering installing air conditioning for your home, then you’ll definitely want to get your money’s worth. Choosing the right AC units is not a decision to be taken lightly. This is why I’ve created a list of 8 types of air conditioners with their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision. 

Blanket vs Comforter

December 18, 2023

Blanket vs Comforter: What are Their Differences? (with Pros and Cons)

We all need some kind of cover when sleeping in our beds during summer and winter. Blankets and comforters both offer warmth, but each one is intended for a specific use. While there is no right or wrong way when it comes to choosing your bedding, it does depend on your personal needs and preferences. If you’re trying to decide between a comforter and blanket, it’s best to learn a little about their advantages and disadvantages as well as the factors to consider when buying these bed coverings.