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Red Black and White Bedding Sets

September 18, 2022

12 Chic Red Black & White Bedding Sets to Liven Up Your Bedroom

What are the best and most daring bedding colors? How about red, black, and white! Why? Because red goes with black, black obviously goes with white, and white goes with everything. It makes perfect sense.

Exterior Home Siding

July 13, 2022

10 Different Types Of Exterior House Siding (with Pictures) Explained

Siding gives is what gives your house exterior its definitive shape and feel, and also affects some properties of the interior. There are many options for exterior siding, each having its upsides and downsides (pun intended). All the choices and sometimes drastic differences between the materials can be confusing and overwhelming for someone who is new to the topic.

Living Room with Sectional Sofas

February 3, 2024

Living Room with Sectional Sofas: Style Ideas and Examples

Whether you want a casual or formal layout for your living room, multi-functional sectionals help maximize seating, especially in large spaces. Sectional sofas have evolved over the years and today’s designs are much more sophisticated. But contrary to popular belief, sectional sofas aren’t just fit for large living rooms. These versatile seating options are also perfect for small spaces as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And aside from the size and shape of sectionals, there are the texture and fabric finishes that you’ll also want to think about. 

Teenage girl bedroom design

July 21, 2022

17 Colorful and Creative Teenage Girl Bedroom Design Ideas 

Becoming a teenager is never an easy transition for a little girl. During this phase, a teenage girl’s needs, likes, and even personality will change – and so will their style. As a parent, you must think of a new bedroom design for your teenage girl based on her personal style and interests. Sounds like a challenge? Fear not as help is on hand!


February 5, 2024

9 Types of Plywood with Pictures & Their Alternatives

Plywood is a type of engineered wood that is made from gluing several layers of wood together. It can be made from various types of wood, and each layer can vary in depth. Plywood is a strong and durable type of wood, and much of this strength comes from the way that each layer of wood is assembled. The grain of each layer will be laid at a different angle so that the grains are running against each other, and this is known as cross-graining.

Drywall Mud

October 26, 2020

How to Choose the Right Drywall Mud for Your Project

Are you looking for a suitable mud to complete your drywall? Using the right compound is absolutely crucial in order to avoid spending many hours sanding your wall, or ending up with an unprofessional DIY job. In this guide, I will explain how to choose the right drywall mud for your project as well as the most common types of premixed and dry compounds you can use for your project. 

Coffee Table Alternatives

December 17, 2023

18 Multi-Functional Coffee Table Alternatives

A coffee table is one of the most common furniture items in a living room. It is, after all, somewhere you can put your cup or magazine on. But why should you settle for a standard square or round table in front of your sofa when there are plenty other multi-functional coffee table alternatives

Hip roofs

July 13, 2022

What are Hip Roofs, Their Pros and Cons, Variations, and How to Build Them

Replacing your roof is one of the biggest home improvement projects you’re ever likely to do, so you’ll want to ensure you get it right. When deciding on the wood framing of the new roof, a hip roof style is the most popular choice because of its modern and highly durable design.

Popcorn Ceilings

December 18, 2023

Everything You Need to Know about Popcorn Ceilings

If you have ever stepped inside a 20th century home, it’s likely that you’ve come across popcorn ceilings. These types of ceilings gained popularity a few decades ago because of their cheap and easy installation. The old forms of this textured ceiling contained a chemical called asbestos, However, there are now many modern versions of popcorn textures with less of a bubbled look that contain asbestos-free products. To find out whether this textured ceiling is right for you, learn more about its characteristics, pros/cons, and how to create a popcorn texture for your ceiling. 

Glass Front Doors

July 14, 2022

Glass Front Doors: Pros/Cons, and 9 Types to Choose for Your Home with Pictures

Glass front doors are an alternative to traditional wooden exterior doors that we see on most homes. Glass doors are widely used as patio doors in modern homes, but more and more homeowners are choosing them for their exterior doors. Due to the unique qualities of glass, it offers distinctive advantages and disadvantages for exterior doors, which I will mention a little later along with some great examples of glass types. You can then decide whether or not a glass front door is the right option for you.  

Stone Siding for Home Exteriors

July 13, 2022

5 Types of Stone Siding for Home Exteriors With Pictures

There is something truly authentic about stone houses that most of us love so much. So what better way to create the same look by adding a beautiful stone effect to your home’s exterior? The innovation in both natural and faux stone has come a long way to transform a home’s exterior from the ordinary into extraordinary.

Mansard roofs

December 17, 2023

What are Mansard Roofs? Their Pros and Cons

When it comes to a unique architectural design, a mansard roof is the type of roof design that stands out as an art. This stylish roof style came into existence from the 16th century but it wasn’t popularized in the US and Canada until the early 17th century. Today, many modern homes feature mansard roof extensions for efficiency and additional space.