Tapestry Sizes
| Updated May 7, 2024 | Published May 7, 2024

Today, tapestries remain popular in boho and shabby chic style interiors, adding texture and color to the walls in an alternative way to regular wall art.

Can Ceiling Paint Be Used On Walls

Ceiling paint can be applied to walls, but you might regret making this cost-cutting decision in the future if you aren’t aware of the implications. Ceiling paint is not durable and cannot be scrubbed clean, making it a bad choice for high-traffic areas or any walls that regularly need to be wiped down. It also has a flat finish that does not reflect light, so it should be avoided on walls in low-lit rooms.

How to Cover a Mirror Wall
| Updated March 8, 2024 | Published March 8, 2024

Mirror walls can be a practical and appealing feature in a room, but they aren’t to everyone’s taste. If you have a mirrored wall that you can’t stand the sight of, there are a number of ways you could consider covering it.


Wallpapering Tools
| Updated June 19, 2022 | Published February 21, 2021

If you’re going to be removing or applying new wallpaper, here are the types of wallpapering tools you’ll need. The good news is that you probably already have a bunch of the basics, such as a scraper, level, ruler, and utility knife. And the others are fairly inexpensive.

Innovative Modern Wallpaper
| Updated September 16, 2022 | Published January 24, 2021

When it comes to interior designing, wallpapers were long considered as old-fashioned. But thanks to the advances in technology, these decorative wallcoverings have once again reigned supreme and made a comeback to the market in 2020.

Wallpaper Borders
| Updated January 1, 2024 | Published January 24, 2021

Wallpaper borders can enhance wallcoverings and accentuate walls. These appealing decoration features will gracefully bring out the beauty of any room in the house. With the advent of technology, wallpaper borders no longer require any special tools for their installation.