There are lots of paint colors to choose from, which include neutral, warm-toned, and cool tones with lots of shades and undertones. This task seems challenging, but no worry.

Here we’ll guide you to pick the right paint colors and the beautiful paint color schemes for the home you’ll love.

Should You Paint the Whole House the Same Color

If you’re renovating a home you might be wondering if it’s a good idea to paint the whole house the same color. This can make a renovation considerably less stressful because you won’t need to find lots of different paint shades you’re happy with, but it could potentially create a sense of limitation in your home.

How Long Does Rustoleum Paint Take to Dry

Rustoleum offers a number of fast-drying paints that are touch-dry in as little as 30 minutes. In this article, we take a closer look at the drying time of different types of Rustoleum paints.

Best Farmhouse Paint Colors
| Updated August 6, 2023 | Published August 6, 2023

Determining a color scheme in a farmhouse should factor in the way natural light falls in each room, and the type of atmosphere you want to achieve. Farmhouse style is associated with muted, unfussy color palettes, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be bland or lifeless. Here we look at some of the best paint colors on the market for use in both the contemporary or cozy themed farmhouse.We focus on shades of off-white, green, beige, and gray, for paint colors that encompass modern trends without dismissing the history of the farmhouse.

Can Sherwin Williams Color Match Benjamin Moore

Technically, yes- Sherwin Williams can color match their paint to Benjamin Moore colors, but realistically- no, they can’t. This might sound a tad confusing, but bear with us while we explain the reasons behind this. Sherwin Williams, or any paint mixing provider, can offer to color-match paint for you, which has been designed by a different paint manufacturer.

Desirable Paint Colors that Go with Oak Wood Trim
| Updated July 9, 2022 | Published May 15, 2022

If you’re looking to remodel your home’s interior and like the idea of using oak wood accents, you’ll need to think of what paint colors go with oak wood trim. There are many colors you can use to bring out the beauty of your wood trim, no matter what stain color the wood itself is. Whether your oak wood trim is light or dark, you can pair it with bold or neutral hues to highlight the undertone of the wood.

Best Neutral Paint Colors for Living Room
| Updated October 20, 2022 | Published May 14, 2022

Neutral paint colors are go-to options for living rooms because this is a space in the home which is going to be used by numerous people, so you don’t typically want it to feel overly personalized. Here we take a closer look at what constitutes a neutral and the best neutral paint colors available for the living room.

Best Gray Paint Colors for Living Room
| Updated October 20, 2022 | Published May 14, 2022

Here we explore exactly why finding the perfect gray paint for your room is so hard, as well as tips for choosing gray paint and some of the best gray paint colors for living rooms.

Best White Paint Colors for Bedroom
| Updated October 20, 2022 | Published May 8, 2022

Here we look at some tips for getting the perfect white paint color for your bedroom, along with some of the best white paints currently available.

Best Paint Colors for Front Doors
| Updated October 17, 2022 | Published May 3, 2022

If you are looking for a new paint color for the front door of your home, then you won’t be short of options. The range of colors available for exterior wood and metal paints over the last decade has exploded, and you can now even have paint customized to create the exact color you want to achieve.

Best Paint Colors for Dark Floors
| Updated October 20, 2022 | Published May 2, 2022

If you want to paint the walls in a room with dark floors, then you may be thinking about ways you can complement the floor color or ways to decorate that will lighten up the feel in the room. Before you can learn about that colors work best with dark floors, you’ll need to identify the undertones in the floor. Here we look at some of the best paint colors for warm, cool, and neutral-toned dark floors.

Best Paint Colors for a Red Brick House
| Updated July 8, 2022 | Published May 2, 2022

Red brick houses are popular in ranch-style properties or in historical cities. It can initially be a challenge to find a good paint color for trim, front doors, and window frames on red brick houses, but if you can get to grips with the tones and complimentary colors for your shade of red brick, then you’ll find there are various different colors of paint that can look beautiful on a red brick house.

Best Green Paint Colors for Bedroom
| Updated October 19, 2022 | Published April 26, 2022

Green is a very trendy color in interior design right now, predominantly because of its links to nature, growth, and new beginnings. The onset of the global pandemic, which meant that many people were stuck to the confines of their homes for long periods of time, has resulted in a need to invite the outdoors in, making us feel closer to nature. One of the best ways to link the outdoor world with the interior of your home is to use color, and since green is the color of nature’s backdrop, this is the perfect color to use.