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Garage door ideas

December 18, 2023

11 Practical Garage Door Ideas to Complement Your Home

Whether you are looking to replace your existing garage door, or you want to freshen up your home’s exterior, when it comes to garage door inspiration, nothing is off limits. From rustic wooden doors to contemporary glass designs, a garage door is a direct reflection of your home’s architecture, hence it shouldn’t interrupt your gaze by any inconsistent elements.

Types of Bathroom

December 17, 2023

10 Common Types of Bathroom Tiles with Pros and Cons

Tiles make up a big part of the bathroom’s walls and flooring so extra considerations must be taken when choosing them. There are several types of bathroom tiles that come in various sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. To help you decide on the most suitable option, here are the most popular types of bathroom tiles I’ve selected for the walls and flooring including the pros and cons of each one. 

Beige Bedroom Ideas

July 21, 2022

11 Impressive Beige Bedroom Ideas to Create a Neutral Setting

If you’re one of those people who is afraid of bold colors for the bedroom walls and furnishings, there are always the neutral tones, such as beige to play with. Neutral beige tones are the safest way to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Beige is, after all, known for its calming effect on the mind, hence the reason it’s such a popular color for the bedroom.

Store blankets
How to Store Blankets [17 Simple and Inventive Solutions]

Blankets are one of those necessities that keep you warm up to 6 months of the year, depending on where you live. But what do you do with them for the rest of the year? Finding the space for storing your duvets can be a nightmare, especially if you live in a compact apartment. Most of the time the blankets end up on the back of the sofa when you’re not using them.

Types of Ceilings

October 17, 2023

13 Different Types of Ceilings and Their Material Options (Photos Inc.)

Ceilings are an essential part of a home’s interior effect, aside from being integral support to the interior walls, furniture, and flooring. The height, style, and even the material used for a ceiling can greatly affect the entire room’s overall ambiance. A distinctively decorated ceiling treatment, with creative architecture, will enhance your home’s interior design.

October 26, 2020

15 Interior Concrete Wall Ideas to Beautify Your Spaces

Concrete is without a doubt one of the most popular materials in the world. In fact, it’s used more frequently than steel, wood, and any other building material – and not just in commercial settings. In residential interiors, concrete is usually seen in basements or garages. However, more and more homeowners are now starting to realize the raw beauty of exposed concrete walls. If you think about it, a modernised space with a concrete wall as its focal point gives your home an industrial feel, so there is no need to add any other striking feature. If you’re considering using this material for your interior walls, there are many benefits that you’ll gain from it. Here are some of those advantages listed together with 15 great examples of how you can incorporate concrete walls into your interior space. 

February 4, 2024

15 Creative Ideas for Wall Decor Above Couch

So you’ve been staring at your blank wall above the sofa for hours and wondering how to decorate it. This blank canvas is just waiting to be spruced up with your creativity! You can make this empty space look as simple or dramatic as you like by choosing the right items to hang from it. Whatever you do, remember to keep the area cohesive and balanced. After all, you want to draw the eye towards the wall decor so it’s important to choose the decorative items carefully. To help you decide on the best wall decor above couch, I’ve compiled 15 ideas with pictures to turn those bare walls into elegant centerpieces. Keep reading to find out. 

Decorate Your Interior Spaces in Japanese Style

August 24, 2022

Japanese Room Decoration Ideas – How to Add Japanese Style to Your Room

Do you want to live a simple and uncluttered life? Would you like to design your interior spaces in a minimalist style? If you’ve answered yes, then the Japanese interior design is just the right decorating style for you. This simple and modest interior decorating concept was introduced to the West during the 19th century and has taken the world by storm ever since. The unique aesthetics of Japanese style houses give us a better understanding of the Japanese culture, and it’s something that many minimalist-loving fans would love to incorporate in their own homes.

Sleek and Chic Oriental Style Room Ideas
13 Sleek and Chic Oriental Style Room Ideas

The Far East, in particular East Asia, has captured our imagination and inspired us with its elegant and ethnic interior design elements for thousands of years. The Asian style interior design has plenty to offer and captivate us, so no wonder most of us like to inject some eastern promise into our interiors. If you are thinking of redecorating your home and need a little inspiration, consider an oriental style room decor to create a calming and restful atmosphere. But an Asian style room is much more than just adding a few decorative items. It takes careful planning and precision to create harmony and balance. 

Log Style Houses

July 13, 2022

Different Types of Log Style Houses, Their Characteristics and Materials 

 Log style homes have been around for as far back as the Roman times. The first log cabins were built in Nordic countries, and it was the settlers of those Scandinavian countries that first introduced these homes to America. In New England, for example, the main purpose of log cabins was functional rather than to look aesthetically pleasing. These types of homes can be found mostly in the Midwestern and Western parts of the US in the rural areas. The modern versions of log homes have changed considerably, with limited styles but larger in size and the same materials as the older counterparts. But there isn’t just one style of log cabin. There are some structural differences between traditional and modern log homes, which I will go into more detail below.

Types of Blinds, Their Advantages, and Material Options

May 26, 2024

20 Types of Blinds, Their Advantages, and Material Options

When it comes to choosing the most suitable blinds for your home, it can be a little confusing to know which one is right for you. After all, you must decide between function and style as both can be quite difficult to achieve. Since there are so many different types of shades, it would help if you learned about their main functions and advantages before deciding on the right one. To make this task easier for you, I’ve put my thinking caps on and came up with 20 different types of blinds and material options that you can choose from. 

Mattress Alternatives for a Better Quality Sleep

October 26, 2020

9 Mattress Alternatives for a Better Quality Sleep

Are you dreaming of a comfortable sleep? There comes a time when sleeping on a regular mattress just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you wish to ditch your old mattress for something completely different, you’ll be pleased to know there are some great mattress alternatives that will save you space and money. I’ve come up with 9 suitable alternatives to regular mattresses for anyone who wants to have a more satisfying and comfortable sleep.