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Types of Drywall

July 21, 2022

9 Different Types of Drywall and Their Uses

In this guide, discover 9 types you can use in your home improvement project together with the history of drywall, what it’s made of, benefits.

Masonry Chimneys
Everything You Need to Know About Masonry Chimneys

There is perhaps nothing more cozier than sitting in front of a fireplace with your loved ones. Almost all traditional homes have fireplaces, but this doesn’t mean a newly built home has to miss out on this enjoyable experience. If you have cold winters in your region, and you want to add a fireplace in your home, the first step is to choose a chimney. Masonry chimneys are without doubt one of the most popular options because of their aesthetic appeal.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

June 13, 2022

15 DIY Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

If you have ever been considering remodeling your kitchen cabinet, you probably know how tricky and expensive it can be. It requires either our time or our money – or sometimes both, with the last option being the most unfortunate one.

 Luxury Vinyl

August 25, 2022

Luxury Vinyl – A Ultimate Guide

Luxury vinyl is currently one of the fastest-growing flooring in the world. This type of flooring is modern, visually appealing, and affordable when compared to other options. 
But before you consider installing this type of flooring in your home, you should first weigh its pros and cons. In this in-depth guide, I will explain all about luxury vinyl flooring and provide you with tips on choosing the right type for your home. 

Guide to Laminate Flooring Thickness

August 4, 2022

Laminate Flooring Thickness Guide – All You Need to Know

First introduced in the 70s, laminate flooring comprises synthetic layers of materials that are engineered to mimic wood. This type of flooring has gained popularity over the years due to its affordability and durability, making it a better (and cheaper) alternative to real wood. Today’s laminate has evolved into a better quality material with more design options than ever before.

How to Measure For a Carpet

July 14, 2022

How to Measure For a Carpet

Before choosing your carpet color, the first thing you need to do is measure the room in order to find out how many square feet of floor covering you’ll need. To give you tips on how to measure for a carpet, I have compiled all the relevant information so you can carry out this task yourself.

Carpet Colors for Your Home 

October 22, 2022

How to Choose the Right Carpet Colors for Your Home 

Carpet is an easy maintenance, comfortable and warm flooring that has always been a popular choice. When it comes to choosing the color of your carpet, you must make sure it matches the style of your interiors. The right color carpet can completely transform the look and feel of a home, and since you’ll be living with it for a while, you must make the right choice. But how do you know which carpet color is best for your overall decor? Get the answer to your question and more by reading this article now.   

Baby Boy Nursery Theme Ideas

September 15, 2022

15 Baby Boy Nursery Theme DIY Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

Raising a newborn baby always brings a combo of worries and joy, but there is at least one thing that is all about fun. Designing your youngling’s nest is your opportunity to make the baby his own safe comfort zone, and functional space for yourself. Here are some of great baby boy nursery theme ideas that we carefully handpick

Types of Cabinet Hinges

October 29, 2020

Types of Cabinet Hinges Explained (with Pictures)

If you’ve ever gone to a hardware store to look for a set of cabinet hinges, you will probably have discovered there are an overwhelming number of choices. To ensure you get the correct hinge for your cabinets, learn about the main types here.

Types of dressers

July 21, 2022

Different Types of Dressers (Design, Materials, Styles) with Pictures

Dressers are practical and useful furniture items, which can also help to create an appealing look in a bedroom. There are many different types of dressers available, ranging in shape, size, material, and style. Depending on your choice, a dresser can simply serve as a functional piece of furniture, or it can make a design statement as a key feature or centerpiece in your home. Use this handy guide to learn about the many different options available when it comes to choosing a new dresser.

Standard garage

July 17, 2022

What Are the Standard Garage Dimensions? (with 8 Diagrams)

There is no denying that cars are essential parts of our daily lives. Today, it’s not unusual to see up to 2 or more cars in most households. The problem comes when we have to find adequate space to store our vehicles in as well as have additional space for storing our belongings.

Basement Finishing System

August 4, 2022

Basement Finishing System – An Introduction

Basements are no longer a place for storing household belongings like surplus furniture. In fact, nowadays, they are rarely used for storage purposes. Most homeowners want to make better use of their basements, hence the reason they convert this space into a functional room. If you want to use your basement productively, you’ll have to finish it properly.