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Rug colors that go with brown couches

September 22, 2022

What Color of Rug Goes with A Brown Couch?

Rugs and sofas go hand in hand as two of the most valued interior design pieces. When deciding on choosing the best colors of rugs that go with brown couches, you’ll be surprised to find that your options are plenty

Shower Valves

December 23, 2020

Different Types of Shower Valves and Their Uses Explained

If you are renovating your shower room, you’ll need to get to grips with the various different types of shower valves available. Fortunately, there are only two main types of shower valves in terms of functionality, and these are the thermostatic shower valves that regulate temperature and manual shower valves that do not regulate temperature.

Teak Flooring

July 27, 2022

Teak Flooring – What It Is, Pros/Cons, Costs, and Care Guide

Teak Flooring has been favored by lots of homeowners for its rich deep color, and high durability, which shows off the house value. However, it comes with a costly price to install. In this article, we’ll learn all about teak flooring – its benefits, disadvantages, installation costs, and how to care for it.

Average Bedroom Size

September 6, 2022

Average Bedroom Size and Layout Guide (with 9 Designs)

Compared to other rooms of the house, the bedroom is the place where we spend most of our time. After all, our day begins in this room and ends there. Having a well-organized space in this important room can improve our mood when we sleep and get the day off to a good start. If you are about to build or buy your dream home, taking into account the average bedroom dimensions will ensure you can organize your space.

Shower curtains with matching window curtains

November 15, 2021

13 Best Shower Curtains with Matching Window Curtains

Shower curtains are one of the most versatile design pieces in your bathroom. There are numerous styles, colors and patterns to choose from, which give your bathroom an aesthetically pleasing look. When it comes to deciding on the best shower curtain, a matching window curtain may be the last thing on your list, but did you know these items can give a cohesive appearance to your bathroom? 

Toilet Brands

October 21, 2022

Top 16 Toilet Brands You Can Shop Now

If you’re renovating your bathroom, or you need to replace an old broken toilet, you might be surprised to learn about the many different brands of toilet there are for you to choose from. If you thought all toilets are created equal, then you would be wrong, as toilet quality, functionality, style, efficiency, and even comfort can vary hugely between each toilet brand.

How to get Gorilla glue off skin

August 1, 2022

How to Get Gorilla Glue Off Skin And Clothes (A Step-by-Step Guide)

If you have been working with gorilla glue and accidentally spilled it on your skin or clothes, you know how challenging it is to clean. Just like any other kind of waterproof glue, gorilla glue is a tough adhesive to remove, especially when it sticks to your fingers. And since it has a quick drying time, removing this strong adhesive can be a difficult task.

Types of Spoons

August 10, 2022

23 Different Types of Spoons with Pictures & Uses

Modern spoons that we are familiar with today have been in use since around the 1700s, but early versions of spoons date back to prehistoric times when they were made from wood, rock, precious metals, ivory, or even bone.

Sawtooth Roof

July 27, 2022

Sawtooth Roofs – What They Are, Pros, Cons and Examples

If you are interested in building a sawtooth roof for your home or outbuilding, we have all the important details about its advantages, drawbacks, how to construct this type of roof as well as some of the finest examples of the roof design from around the world.

Styles of Art

September 16, 2022

19 Different Types of Art Styles For Your Home

Art is the highest expression of the human spirit. Also, art helps make one’s house a home. Whether it is a valuable art collection of acclaimed artists’ art or artwork coming from your family members, the art on the walls, on the shelves, and in the corners define your home’s atmosphere.

Types of Marble

March 20, 2021

37 Different Types of Marble for the Home

Marble has long been a symbol of status that is associated with wealth and majesty. It is an expensive material that can be used in various applications within the home, but it has many excellent qualities that make it popular for use in countertops, flooring, and tiling. In this article, we’ll uncover many different types of marble.

Types of Televisions

August 5, 2022

Different Types of Televisions Explained

According to the latest figures released by research from Nielsen Co, the average American household watches just under four hours of television each day, equating to almost two solid months out of every year being spent in front of our TV screens. It’s no surprise then, which people are happy to spend substantial amounts of money on new televisions, and want to ensure they are getting the best possible TV in their budget.