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Types of pliers

September 18, 2022

33 Types of Pliers and Their Uses with Pictures

Pliers can be used in a wide range of industries, from electrical work to jewelry making. For some projects, you might need a specific type of pliers with a design created especially for its intended use, while other pliers are suitable for use across many platforms.

Kitchen Cabinet Material Types

January 15, 2024

8 Kitchen Cabinet Material Types – A Complete Guide

Cabinets are arguably the most essential parts of a kitchen design. After all, they provide us with ample storage space! But aside from storage, cabinets play a key role in the aesthetics of the kitchen. Here we will take a look at the most common kitchen cabinet material types as well as the pros and cons of each material.

types of drills

February 3, 2024

29 Types of Drills – A Complete List with Pictures

Whether you want to create a hole in wood, metal, masonry, or even bone, you’ll need a type of drill. Drills use pointed bits in various sizes that rotate to tunnel holes into your chosen material. They take various forms, from tiny jewelry drills to huge floorstanding drills.


July 21, 2022

How Much Weight Can Drywall Hold? More Than You Think 

Have you just moved into a new home and can’t wait to decorate your walls? So you have all your tools ready and framed pictures that are ready to hang. But before you start putting nails on the drywall, you’ll need to think about whether it can actually hold the weight of your wall art, pictures, mirrors and other decoration items.

Pneumatic Tools

May 11, 2021

18 Different Types of Pneumatic Tools (Air Tools) Explained

Now, a lot of people use pneumatic tools for their do-it-yourself and home improvement projects. Keep in mind that there are different types of air tools, and each type has a specific purpose or function. For this reason, it is vital to learn the various kinds of pneumatic tools. That way, you’ll be able to choose the best device for your project.

Paint Removal Tools

July 13, 2022

10 Types of Paint Removal Tools

Whether you’ve been dying to remodel your old house or you’re simply itching to give your room a face-lift, you’ll likely consider removing old paint. You can choose from a variety of paint removal tools to get the job done. These tools may require you to do some manual work while others can remove paint without you having to sweat.

Removing a chimney
How to Remove a Chimney Safely

If your old chimney isn’t serving any purpose, you might want to consider removing it. Unfortunately, this isn’t as simple as it sounds and may even prove more costly than it’s worth. There are a number of important factors to consider before you begin tearing down your old chimney. While the chimney removal process itself is quite straightforward, you should take some precautions before proceeding with this project.

Types of saws

September 18, 2022

26 Different Types of Saws (Inc. Photos & Uses)

Saws are tools that utilize a blade to cut through materials in various ways. There are many types of saws that can all be broken down into two categories; hand saws and power saws. Hand saws are manual saws that require physical exertion to operate, while power saws might be powered by battery, gas, or mains electricity, typically meaning the user experiences less fatigue when using them.

Eco-Cleaning Products

May 11, 2021

Eco-Cleaning Products – Our Top Picks

Since the times of the industrial-chemical boom of the 1950s, when all chemicals were regarded as beneficial, we have come a long way in understanding how even everyday household cleaning products can adversely affect our environment and our health.

types of chisels

September 19, 2022

17 Different Types of Chisels (Pictures, Facts, and Uses)

A chisel looks deceiving. On the surface, it appears to be a simple tool that has a few purposes. But this simple tool can do a lot of things. It can be handy in carving and cutting materials ranging from stone, metal, and wood. It is a fixture in construction sites and woodworking shops. Chisels are commonly used by professionals and hobbyists alike.

Foam Cutting Tools

February 4, 2024

7 Different Types of Foam Cutting Tools with Use and Safety Tips

Foam is a popular crafting material, which is used in a wide variety of applications to create various items such as floral arrangements, costumes, and window displays. To get the most out of your foam and achieve the highest quality finish, a foam cutting tool will be your new best friend.

Types of Lug Nuts

July 28, 2021

9 Types of Lug Nuts Explained (Photos Inc.)

There are various types of lug nuts for different kinds of wheels. Choosing the correct lug nut for your car is vital to make sure your ride is ready to go. Lug nuts are available in different shapes; generally, they have a tapered or rounded end.