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Parts of a Spoon

July 29, 2022

Parts of a Spoon (with Diagram)

A spoon is a kitchen utensil that has a shallow bowl or head at one end and a handle at the other end. It is mostly used for transferring food from a plate to your mouth. But, some kinds of spoons can also be used for stirring, mixing, tossing ingredients, and serving food. Most of the spoons available in the market are made of metal, wood, plastic, or porcelain.

Parts of a Screw

July 29, 2022

Parts of a Screw (with Illustration)

Generally made of metal, a screw is a hardware device used to join or affix two or more parts together. When a screw is rotated, its sharp tip pierces the wood or other material. From there, you can secure the screw in place by rotating it using a screwdriver.

Parts of a Violin

July 28, 2022

Parts of a Violin (Full Diagram Explored)

The violin is a musical instrument that is classified under string instruments. It is a complex, delicate, and beautiful musical instrument. As a violinist, a violin student, or someone interested in violins, it is necessary to know the parts and components of a violin, the uses of these components, and how they work. Our focus here is the modern violin and not the ancestral instrument that predated it.

Parts of a Knife

July 29, 2022

Identifying 8 Parts of a Knife (with Illustrated Diagram)

Knives come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on what you need them for. There are various knives that are shaped in a certain way to help you in the kitchen, such as cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing, etc. We’ll go into detail about the particular components that make up the knife in order to inform you better upon consideration. Depending on the variation of the knife part, this helps define which type of knife you are looking for.

Parts of a Key

July 29, 2022

9 Main Parts of a Key (with Illustrated Diagram)

A key is a physical device used to open the lock. Internal elements of a lock are aligned as keys are inserted, causing the lock to unlock. Instead of manipulating physical components, keys in electronic locks can convey data electronically. To discourage illegal key blank processing, certain keys are patent secured.

Parts of a Hammer

August 10, 2022

Parts of a Hammer (Inc. Diagram)

The hammer is one of the more common hand tools. But despite that, not too many people are aware of its parts. While the use of this old hand tool is simple and straightforward, knowing its different parts can help in better utilizing it. Without further ado, below are the parts of a hammer. 

Shower Parts Explained

July 28, 2022

Shower Parts Explained – Full Diagram and Names

The shower is an important part of every bathroom. The first showers on earth were waterfalls, and ancient people loved to stand under them and have relaxing baths. Thanks to civilization, now we have indoor plumbing and the most luxurious and comfortable showers. Showers spray water on you while you’re bathing, and they are designed to allow you to choose your preferred temperature for your bathwater, whether tepid, hot, or cold. Although we use a shower daily, most of us are unfamiliar with many shower plumbing components.

Types of fans

October 7, 2022

11 Different Types of Fans and Their Uses (with Pictures)

In just a few weeks, summer will be here once again. As temperatures begin heating up, your need for a little bit of fresh breeze will also start to grow exponentially. For many people, fighting the heat is a matter of keeping the AC system permanently on. However, this may not be the best solution for your utility bill or even planet Earth.

Parts of a Chair Cover

August 9, 2022

Parts of a Chair Explained (4 Diagrams For Desk, Armchair, Stool, and Bench)

Typically, chairs have four legs, one elevated surface for sitting, and one back support and are designed to seat just one person. However, the parts of a chair vary based on the chair’s function. Everyone wants a chair that offers the optimum comfort for whatever lifestyle they lead. This means that sometimes a chair would have more parts than is common to ensure the comfort of the user.

Parts of a Lamp

May 14, 2021

Parts of a Lamp Explained (with Diagram)

Whether you’re looking to repair a broken lamp or you have plans of building your own, it would help to know the various parts of a lamp.

Parts of a Bed

July 18, 2022

The 13 Parts of a Bed (with Diagram)

There are several types of modern beds available in stores all over the world today. Most of them vary based on design style, culture, and social class. However, every traditional bed is made up of a couple of parts. These parts are as follows:

types of ropes

February 3, 2023

15 Different Types of Ropes Explained

When looking at types of rope, there are three main aspects to take into consideration. These categories are construction, material, and color. Ropes first came to fruition in prehistoric times when they were constructed of long pieces of vine that had been twisted and branded together. They were used for activities such as hunting, pulling, fastening, attaching, lifting, carrying, and climbing which is not too dissimilar to what we use various ropes for today!