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White color Meaning Meaning, Effects, Uses

August 24, 2023

White Color – Meaning, Effects and Uses

White is a true neutral color since it lacks any other hues. It is broadly considered to be the color of purity and innocence, and it can help to brighten up any color scheme. Here we explore the meaning of the color white and explain the best way to use white shades in interior design.

Toilet Paper Holder Height

August 17, 2023

Toilet Paper Holder Height (with Drawings)

The typical height for a toilet paper holder is 26 to 28 inches (66 to 71 cm) from the floor.

Accent Door Color for Red Brick House
6 Accent Door Color for Red Brick House

You can contrast against your red brick home by choosing a green-colored door, since red and green are complementary colors. Alternatively, embrace an entirely warm color palette by opting for an orange or wooden door. There is also the option of using neutral colors such as beige or white to try to tone down the effect of the red bricks if you find the color to be too harsh.

Door Rough Opening Sizes

August 14, 2023

What Are the Door Rough Opening Sizes? (with Drawings)

Door rough opening sizes are typically 2 inches wider and 2.5 inches taller than the door size. For instance, the rough opening for a 36 × 80-inch door should be 38 × 82.5 inches.

What Colors Does Yellow and Green Make

August 12, 2023

What Colors Does Yellow and Green Make?

Yellow-green is a tertiary color that you will get when you mix yellow and green together. This color can also be referred to as ‘chartreuse’. 

How to decorate a staircase wall

August 12, 2023

How to Decorate a Staircase Wall

The staircase wall is one of the largest areas of blank canvas in most homes, yet it is also the most underused. The great expanse of the wall along the side of a staircase will usually be double height, making it a prime spot of real estate for creating a feature. Here we explore ways to maximize your staircase wall’s potential with several decorative ideas.

Iridescent Color

August 11, 2023

Iridescent Color – What It Is, and How to Use It in Home Decor

Iridescence can be a tricky concept to come to terms with, but it’s actually very easy to incorporate into a home decor style.

Accent Colors for Gray House
6 Inspiring Accent Door Colors for a Gray House

White and black are classic accent colors for a gray house, creating a contrast with shade rather than hue. For a brighter or bolder choice, red and yellow are both excellent accent colors for homes with gray exteriors.

Ivory Color What It Is, Meaning, How to Make It, Shades

August 10, 2023

What It Ivory Color? Meaning and How to Make It

Ivory is a warm neutral that makes a perfect base for so many color palettes, but it can also be used effectively as an accent shade. Here we explore exactly what color ivory is, how to make it, and how to use it in home decor.

Cream Color What It Is, Meaning, How to Make It, Shades

August 9, 2023

Cream Color – What It Is, Meaning, How to Make It

Cream is a warm and neutral color that can make a nice alternative to white or off-white in home decor. Here we explore how to make cream, and how to effectively use it in interior design.

Warm Color

August 9, 2023

Warm Color – What It Is and How to Use It?

The concept of warm and cool colors is central to interior design, and this forms the basis of many color schemes and home decor themes. Having an understanding of what warm colors are and how they can benefit an interior space is essential for creating rooms with appropriate atmospheres, and ensuring balance within a home. Here we explore warm colors, how to use them, and how to identify them.

Best Farmhouse Paint Colors

August 6, 2023

14 Timeless Farmhouse Paint Colors

Determining a color scheme in a farmhouse should factor in the way natural light falls in each room, and the type of atmosphere you want to achieve. Farmhouse style is associated with muted, unfussy color palettes, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be bland or lifeless. Here we look at some of the best paint colors on the market for use in both the contemporary or cozy themed farmhouse.We focus on shades of off-white, green, beige, and gray, for paint colors that encompass modern trends without dismissing the history of the farmhouse.