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11 Accent Wall Ideas Behind TV as a Super Stylish Backdrop
| Updated March 4, 2022 | Published March 4, 2022

When redesigning your living room or bedroom, a feature wall is not the first idea that pops to mind. However, an accent wall behind the TV is one of the best ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. This wall can be the focal point that attracts attention, so it’s important to design it in the most eye-catching way.

10 Garage Door Colors for a Brown House
| Updated February 4, 2024 | Published March 3, 2022

The exterior remodeling of your brown home is only complete once you’ve decided on the right garage door color. The paint color you choose must coordinate with the rest of your home’s exterior. Plus it will be a big selling point when it comes to attracting potential buyers, not to mention increasing curb appeal!

10 Desert House Colors for an Earthy Feel
| Updated July 11, 2022 | Published March 2, 2022

Choosing an exterior paint color for a desert house isn’t as challenging as it might sound. Colors that absorb heat like black and dark purple don’t make a suitable option as desert homes endure long hours of direct sunshine throughout the year. These homes are typically found close to the Nevada desert or the Grand Canyon, where few landscapes can compete with such inspiring views.

9 Treehouse Color Ideas for a Homely Hideaway
| Updated July 10, 2022 | Published February 28, 2022

Building your own treehouse is every child and adult’s dream. If you’re lucky enough to have the space to build a treehouse in your backyard, then you might want to think about staining and painting the exterior of your treehouse. Once you’ve weatherproofed your creation, it’s time to decide on the best treehouse color so that you can enjoy it for many years.

9 Best Paint Colors For a Room With High Ceilings
| Updated February 3, 2024 | Published February 25, 2022

A large home that boasts an open-plan room with high ceilings is a great place for entertaining visitors or getting cozy with your family. Choosing the best paint colors for the tall walls and high ceilings can create the perfect focal point. Painting large rooms may not be an easy task, but with endless paint color possibilities, you might not know your best options. If you want to keep your large room bright and airy, you should opt for relaxing and soft hues.

9 Log Cabin Door Colors for a Rustic Feel
| Updated July 14, 2022 | Published February 25, 2022

Log cabins have a unique style of their own. While you won’t find the exact same features of a cottage or rustic style house on a log home, these rustic cabins still boast a traditional design. But it can often be difficult to decide on the right log cabin door color as you’ll want the entryway to blend in with the landscape as well as give your wooden house an inviting feel.

7 Pantry Door Colors to Complement Any Kitchen Design
| Updated August 26, 2022 | Published February 24, 2022

The pantry door’s color is often overlooked as we tend to focus more on the functionality of this storage space rather than its aesthetics. The last thing you want is to make your pantry door stick out like a sore thumb, so it makes sense to coordinate it with the rest of the room’s decor or theme.

8 Best Garage Door Colors for a White House
| Updated October 21, 2022 | Published February 18, 2022

If you have a white exterior, then there are lots of color options. Since white is a neutral color, it can serve as the backdrop to any other color. Therefore, the best garage door colors for a white house include.

7 Most Compatible Deck Colors for a Beige House
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published February 18, 2022

Since beige has a neutral and light appearance, you should think of picking vibrant deck colors to complement your home. Browse through the following deck colors that go with a beige house right here:

What Color Grout To Use With Gray Tile?
| Updated February 19, 2022 | Published February 18, 2022

The most popular grout color combinations for gray tiles include white, light gray and dark gray. You may even use black or charcoal to make your gray tiles stand out. Here are the ideas we’ve put together plus some useful tips on how to combine the right tile and grout colors for a successful design.

What Color Siding Goes With Black Windows: 7 Sophisticated Options
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published February 18, 2022

If you’re toying with the idea of coordinating the best siding colors that go with black windows, here we have compiled some sophisticated color options to help you upgrade your home’s exterior.

9 Wall Colors that Go with Gray Floors
| Updated August 2, 2022 | Published February 18, 2022

Gray floors are easy to coordinate with most colors. This neutral color has the advantage of being so versatile that it can be paired with pretty much any decor or furniture in any room of the house. While gray can easily be combined with other neutral and bold colors, it is a different story when it comes to pairing it with wall colors.