5 Ideal Feng Shui Colors for the Front Door

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui remains highly popular in this age of smartphones and electric cars. Literally translated to “the way of wind and water,” Feng Shui originated from Taoism. Yet, it is widely followed not just in China but even in Western cultures.

And why not? The Chinese, and even many non-Chinese, believe that feng shui can bring luck, prosperity, and good health. 

You may likely have been reading around, trying to know more about feng shui. And perhaps you’ve learned that the front door is one of the more important areas of the house, according to this ancient Chinese art. In fact, the front door is called the “mouth of qi” in feng shui.

“Qi” is considered the universal life force energy, and it is the front door that this energy goes through. Along with the bedroom and the kitchen, the front door is one of the three important factors in creating good feng shui at home.

You may have also considered changing the paint color of the front door to change your feng shui. Which color is the most recommended for the front door? Continue reading to know the answer. 



Red is considered the primary or most ideal feng shui color. It is associated with good luck, positive energy, activity, and protection. You may not know it, but red is a color that the Chinese are fond of because they believe it brings good fortune and happiness.

Painting your front door with red color can bring a lot of benefits to your home. According to feng shui experts, red is the color of love. It’s also the color of the blood. It represents emotions such as enthusiasm. And it is also the color of fire, which is hot to the touch. 

Red is perceived as an active and dynamic color in feng shui. It can invite a lot of positive energy into your home. And from a practical perspective, it can be argued that red can make your front door stand out from the rest and make your house more noticeable, especially from the street.

According to feng shui experts, red is the color you’d want for your front door if you want to have a romantic relationship. It’s also advisable to be the color of your front door if you want to revive a relationship that’s gone cold or if you want to add joy, laughter, and warmth to your space.

Red is also a color that can help you better express yourself and bring greater visibility not only to your personality but also to your accomplishments.

But red is a color you’d want to avoid in your front door or any part of your house, for that matter, if you are experiencing turbulence in relationships. You’d rather use cooler colors like green or yellow if you want to put a stop to the bickering, arguments, or conflicts in your life.

You should also avoid painting red on your front door if you or someone in your household is suffering from health problems related to the heart or the bloodstream. It is also not advisable to use red for the front door if someone in your household has been demonstrating addictive behavior or has been having problems focusing.

Finally, feng shui experts caution against the use of the color red in painting front doors facing north, east, and west. They argue that red is best used for front doors facing the south.



Orange is another good color for the front door, according to feng shui experts. It is often referred to as the ‘social color’ because it is believed to create the necessary energy for promoting lively conversations around the house. And you can’t argue the fact that orange is an active and uplifting color.

Feng shui experts say that orange is a variation of red, which is a fire element color. And when it is used around the home, it can invigorate chi energy which powers all living organisms.

Orange is also a color that’s long been associated with gold. Therefore, when you use this color around the house, it can help attract good fortune and wealth.

An east-facing front door is the best option for painting it with orange. You can also use it if your front door is facing the southwest or the northeast. Also, don’t let yourself be limited to orange for the front door. You can also use it around other parts of the house, such as the kitchen, dining room, and the living room.



Turquoise is a color that’s a mixture of blue and green colors. It is often associated with calmness and trust. It is a beautiful expression of water in feng shui. Therefore, it is often used by feng shui experts to attract wealth and money. It is also believed to be effective in promoting good health and well-being.

There’s no denying that turquoise has a calming and uplifting effect on people’s moods. This is one reason why you should consider it for the color of your front door. It is also a good choice for rooms for children and teenagers. It can even prove to be beneficial when used as the primary color of a home office, living room, and family room.

Turquoise is particularly best used for a front door facing the north because it is believed to attract positive feng shui energy. It can make your front door welcoming and attractive. Feng shui experts also advise that you opt for a diamond-shaped design on the front door to activate the fire feng shui element or power.

You can also make the turquoise front door the focal point of your home decoration. According to feng shui experts, turquoise doors would go well with green-turquoise color scheme as well as a turquoise-blue color scheme. The latter is believed to promote good health, particularly in preventing common ailments such as colds, flu, and wounds. Meanwhile, green and turquoise color schemes can strengthen the immune system of those people living in the household.



Yellow is similar to orange as it is also thought of as an uplifting and energizing color in feng shui. It is also known to attract harmony in relationships, good health, and even good fortunes. It would be wise to paint your door in this color.

In feng shui, yellow is considered the color of intelligence. It may be a reason why school buses are painted with this color. In feng shui, yellow is also regarded as the color for a harmonious relationship. If you want to get along with others or nourish harmonious relationships, feng shui experts say you should be using yellow more often.

Lastly, yellow is a color associated with wealth. Feng shui experts would often advise those who want more income or to improve their finances to wear citrine or the yellow stone of prosperity.

Yellow is one of the best colors for a front door that’s facing northeast, although you can also use this color if your door is facing southwest. Earth is the harmonizing element for the northeast, so yellow, along with other earthen shades like brown and clay, are highly recommended for northeast-facing doors. You may also add a shade of red or orange to a yellow-painted front door.

You can also use yellow in other parts of the house, such as the kitchen, living room, or even the children’s rooms. You’d love that there are many yellow color tones to choose from.



Last but not least is green, which represents wood energy in ancient Chinese art. According to feng shui experts, green encourages kindness and flexibility. It can also bring energy to your home and uplift the mood of those living with you.

This color is also related to growth. Therefore, if you want to attract energy to help your business grow or expand, you may want to paint your front door with the color green. It is also believed that green can help you win new friends because of the positive energy it attracts and because it is associated with new beginnings.

Green is best used in front doors that are facing east and southeast. But you may also use it if your favorable feng shui elements are fire and metal. You may have to seek the guidance of a feng shui master to know more about your favorable feng shui element.


The front door is the main entryway of our homes. In feng shui, it is also the portal through which the family’s fortune and luck enter. Therefore, you should not ignore the front door if you believe in feng shui.

And because you and your family members come in and out of the front door every day, you’d want it to have a color that’s not only for good feng shui but can also uplift mood and enhance the look of your home. Choose from any of the colors mentioned in this article for the new color of your front door.