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Best gray paint colors for the bathroom
| Updated July 22, 2023 | Published October 3, 2021

If you’re thinking about decorating your bathroom in gray, there are a few things to consider before you settle on a precise shade because the choice when it comes to gray paints is surprisingly extensive.

What Color Gutters For a White House? 6 Options for Increased Curb Appeal
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published October 2, 2021

Many homeowners don’t realize the color of their gutters can make a big impact on the curb appeal of their homes. Gutters come in many colors that can be coordinated with your white home’s exterior. In this article, we’ll show you some attractive gutter colors for a white house as well as how to match gutter colors to your trims and how to paint your existing gutters in order to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Colors that go with red
| Updated October 26, 2023 | Published September 11, 2021

Red is an interesting color because it can evoke dramatically different emotions depending on the shade of red used. If you want to use red in interior design, then you’ll need to be aware of the various ways red can be used to achieve different styles and which colors it can be paired with.

colors that go with black
| Updated October 26, 2023 | Published September 9, 2021

Black is one of the few colors that can command attention and make a statement. In fact, you can enhance the appearance of any room just by adding a sliver of black. The reason is that black can accentuate the tone it is paired with.

What Colors Go with Wood Paneling
| Updated September 17, 2022 | Published September 8, 2021

To prevent your home from looking too dark, it is important to choose the right colors that go with wood paneling. Even the colors of accessories in the room, such as furniture and wall decor matter in order to highlight the wood panel’s beauty. To help you pick the best colors for your wood tones, spend a few minutes reading our guide right here.

Western Decor Ideas For Living Room
| Updated July 9, 2022 | Published September 8, 2021

Used in many modern and traditional homes, including lodges on ranches, the Western style decor is a super stylish interior design that has gained much popularity in recent years. One of the biggest advantages to this type of decor is its ability to cozy up the living room. Thanks to its rich, warm colors and textures, cowhide rugs and natural material accents, it’s no wonder many homeowners are embracing this interior style for their homes.

colors that go with white
| Updated October 27, 2023 | Published September 3, 2021

Is it the warmer white with yellow undertones or the cool white that looks very crisp? This will come down to the amount of light that floods into your room and generally what best suits your end goal design. Let’s dive in.

what colors go with maroon
| Updated November 13, 2023 | Published September 2, 2021

Maroon can be used in interior design to create a cozy atmosphere, but the darkness of this color can also make it come across as quite dramatic. This article will explore the most effective ways to incorporate maroon into your home decor and highlight the best colors to complement its unique character.

Colors that go with Cherry Wood
| Updated July 14, 2022 | Published September 2, 2021

Cherry wood is a type of hardwood made from felled cherry trees, and it is widely used to make furniture and for flooring. This is a very popular type of wood due to its unique red tone and the interesting grain it features.

| Updated July 14, 2022 | Published September 2, 2021

Bricks are a common type of material to use on the exterior of a property, and the color of bricks you will most frequently see is varying shades of brown. If you want to add curb appeal to your home and make it as appealing from the outside as possible, then you’ll want to create a color scheme around the exterior of your house that incorporates the brown bricks.

Colors that Go with Lavender
| Updated October 27, 2023 | Published August 30, 2021

Lavender is one of the more soothing and rich colors on the color wheel. Be it with your clothes, accessories, or home design, a pop of lavender or lavender as a primary design color makes the room more vibrant and inviting. The lavender color is a variant of purple, a shade that is derived from mixing purple with white.

Colors that Go with Teal
| Updated October 27, 2023 | Published August 27, 2021

Teal is a blue-green color and was actually named after the Eurasian Teal, a duck that has a blue-green stripe of feathers running down its back. Teal is a color that is easy on the eyes and therefore promotes a feeling of calm, which may be why it is a popular choice in interior design for bedrooms and bathrooms.