15 Beautiful Colors that Go Greatly with Black (with Pictures)

Black is one of the few colors that can command attention and make a statement. In fact, you can enhance the appearance of any room just by adding a sliver of black. The reason is that black can accentuate the tone it is paired with.

Of course, you still have to make sure that the color you’re going to use will blend well with black. Fortunately, this hue is versatile, and it is compatible with a lot of shades.

To give you a better view, here are the best colors that go with black.


White and Black

Black and white is an iconic duo. This color combination can certainly make a statement regardless of where and how you use this color scheme.

Plus, there are various ways to use this pair. For instance, you can place a black accent wall in a white room, which results in an elegant-looking room.

Monochrome black and white

The key to make black and white work is to use texture and pattern. For example, you can place a patterned cement tile on the flooring of a black and white bathroom.

Aside from that, you can also add a third color, like gray, to enhance the appeal of the room.


Brown and Black

Black and brown is a combination that results in a sophisticated view. Plus, this pair can add some drama and a touch of elegance to any modern room. One of the best ways to use this color combination is by pairing a black leather sofa with wooden tables. The result is an eclectic vibe that looks collected and curated. You can also add some plants. Doing this will make the color scheme pop.

Black is also a great color scheme to match with brown in your bedroom. For instance, you can pair black sheets with wooden bedside tables. You can also add a bedside lamp or picture frame with a bronze accent to complete the sophisticated view of your modern bedroom.

Dusty Rose/Pink

Dusty Light Pink and Black

Aside from white, there are other light colors that blend well with black. One, in particular, is dusty pink. In fact, this lighter shade of pink is an excellent alternative to white.

Remember, even though this shade is feminine, it is still a strong color. To be specific, it can warm up a dark room, making it appear inviting.

Keep in mind that dusty pink can highlight black. However, pairing black with various shades of pink can be tricky. In general, it is advised that you avoid pairing black with a bold shade, such as hot pink. Instead, you can opt for a feminine and soft color, like dusty pink or blush.


Beige and Black

Beige is a neutral color that blends well with many colors, including black, and it is a great alternative to white. The reason is that this shade offsets black’s intensity instead of highlighting it. The result is a room that is warm and inviting.

There are various ways to use beige and black. For example, you can add black accent pieces to a room with beige walls. Aside from that, you can also place beige accent pieces, like throw pillows, on a black sofa or bed.

By doing this, you are not only creating an area filled with warmth. You are also adding a touch of sophistication to the room.


Gray and Black

Like black and white, black and gray is another classic color combination. In fact, a lot of homeowners opt for this scheme to create a cool and calming atmosphere. As such, you can use the black color scheme with gray for your bedrooms and living room.

Dark or charcoal gray is the perfect color you can pair with black if you want a monochromatic look, but you don’t want an all-black room.

If you don’t want a monochromatic look, you can also opt for lighter shades of gray that will create a beautiful contrast with black. Plus, light gray can accentuate black, making it stand out.


Yellow and Black

Black and yellow is a color scheme filled with energy and spirit. Remember, yellow can add life to serious black, resulting in a refined color combination with a little bit of drama.

Black and yellow is a great color combination you can use for your bathroom and kitchen. However, it is best to opt for bright yellow shades. Decorate black with mustard or pastel yellow may result in a clash of colors. For instance, you can place yellow pendant lights in your black-walled kitchen. By doing this, you are adding color and life to the room without losing its elegance.


Orange and Black

Black and orange is the color associated with Halloween. However, this color combination is not only for this event. You can incorporate it into the interior design of your home.

Because black and orange is a powerful combo, you can reduce its intensity by using a light color, such as white, to serve as a neutralizer or buffer.

By doing this, you are not only enhancing the appearance of your room. Adding white into the color scheme makes it more sophisticated and approachable.


Purple and Black

Most people think that black and purple is an odd color combination. However, if you can use these two colors the right way, you can create an elegant room.

Keep in mind that layering these two colors may result in an unpleasant view. As such, you have to be careful when layering these two colors. Even so, when done properly, this color combination can result in an edgy room filled with class.

A great way to use this color combination is to add black beams to a purple-colored wall. You can also gold decorative items to add some luxury to the room.


Blue and Black

As you know, there are several shades of blue that blend well with the color black, such as indigo, cobalt, and royal blue. Pairing these colors with black will not only give life to the room.

It also gives the area a timeless appeal. As such, you can use this color combination in your living room for a sophisticated flair. Aside from that, this color scheme also works well for your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

There are various ways to use this color combination. For example, you can place blue accent pillows on a bed with black bedding. Another example is to place a black leather sofa in a room with blue walls. To add some interest to the room, you can also use another color, like light gray.


Turtoise and Black

One of the greatest things about the combination of black and turquoise is it offers versatility. Plus, it can give your modern room a vintage appeal that is warm and welcoming. As such, this color combination is suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

One way to use this color combination is to place black furniture in a room with turquoise walls. The result is a sophisticated room that is cozy and inviting at the same time.


Red and Black

Black and red are a powerful combination because both colors are bold. Even so, when properly used, this combination can give your room a contemporary look filled with personality and energy.

This color combination works well for your kitchen because it can give a retro vibe that is fun and appealing. Aside from that, it can also be used for your bedrooms for a sexy and trendy interior design.


Gold and black

If you want to make your room appear elegant and luxurious, you can use black and gold. For instance, you can place gold-toned handles on your black cabinet doors.

Aside from that, this color combination also looks great for your bathroom. For example, you can place a black vanity and pair it with a gold-framed mirror. The best part is that there are numerous ways to use black and gold, and most of them result in a luxurious room.


Silver and black

Aside from gold, silver is another metallic color you can pair with black. The black and silver color combination can give your modern room a chic and futuristic appeal.

As such, black and silver can be used for areas with a casual setting. Additionally, it is also a great color scheme for your bedroom to make it extra special. 


Copper and Black

If you’re not a fan of the combination of black and orange, you can opt for black and copper. This combination is subtle, yet it is still eye-catching.

For example, you can install a copper bathtub in your bathroom with black-colored walls. To make the room more interesting, you can also place black and white tiles for your flooring. The result is a glamorous bathroom.

Emerald Green

Emerald Green and Black

Black and emerald is a chic and sophisticated color combination. The best part is that using this pair is as simple as adding natural elements, like plants, to your room with a black wall.

You can also place an emerald green sofa to make a strong statement.


All in all, these are some of the best colors that go with black. As presented, black can be paired with a lot of hues, and most of them result in a luxurious and sophisticated view.

The reason is that black can add a touch of elegance to any room.