Top 11 Colors that Go with Lavender

Lavender is one of the more soothing and rich colors on the color wheel. Be it with your clothes, accessories, or home design, a pop of lavender or lavender as a primary design color makes the room more vibrant and inviting. The lavender color is a variant of purple, a shade that is derived from mixing purple with white.

Just like the lavender flower, this color oozes liveliness and minimalism but also boldness, only a bold that’s a little subtle. Therefore, any shade of purple is not for the faint-hearted. 

It’s a daring shade, which can be overbearing if designed wrong but very appeasing once paired right with the right accessories and colors.

If you’re a homeowner that’s infatuated by this color and not afraid to venture out of the contemporary norm of white or nude colors, then read on, as this guide will show you various ways to pair up lavender with other colors to get a stylish and classy finish with your designs.



Mint and lavender placed together are a sight for sore eyes. This mixture is utter interior design perfection since both these colors are natural, one being a leaf and the other a flower. The lavender color scheme with mint will elevate any home if you are ideally a passionate person with a personality you’d like to shine through your designs.

These colors can work very well in a child’s nursery but also in other rooms. Both these colors are off the lighter shade of their primary colors, purple and green; therefore, they inspire a soothing attitude once you step into a room. You can have mint walls and then lavender accents in the supplements of the house’s decor.



Like HGTV and other viral internet images and short-clipped videos have depicted, you can’t go wrong with an immaculate white in your home design.

Multiple homeowners choose an all-white aesthetic in their design which makes the rooms look bigger and airier but also very modern. Since lavender is a more delicate variant of purple, its addition will add more personality to an already opulent design.

You can have a lavender throw blanket laid across your white couch, with other different accessories like lampshades, throw pillows, and a rug having the same pristine lavender color.



Lavender is a color that matches beautifully together with silver, each color complimenting the other seamlessly. You can use both colors and accents to suit the predominant color, which could be white in any room.

Your living room, for instance, may have silver or gray curtains that match your couch, and then a pop of lavender can be achieved with a few of the couch’s throw pillows, throw blanket, and floor rug to spice up the look.



Lavender and pink are a match made in heaven, especially for the ladies, as these two colors paired together ooze a lot of femininity. Lavender is a color commonly seen in nurseries, as it’s a neutral but lively color that brings a calming and dashing glow to the room.

A lavender-inspired room for a girl with lavender walls and lavender beddings will be highly supplemented with a touch of pink, in taffy or bubblegum shades in the curtains and some of the bed’s throw pillows. This matchup gives off unicorn vibes, and which little girl isn’t infatuated with unicorns?



A neutral color such as beige might not excite many homeowners as a perfect color palette in their designs, but once paired with bold colors like lavender, it comes to life. Since beige is an earthy nude color, it needs equally light color combinations to not be overpowered.

Lavender is the modest side of purple and will blend perfectly with this color. You have a spread of light colors in the room, but the allure of lavender still brings out the gallantry of the room’s design. In this instance, have more of a lavender-inspired room with beige beats for the ideal result.


If you’re inspired by retro designs, then, by all means, fire up your living area with a lavender and bronze correlation. You can have a lavender wallpaper and rug on an all-bronze bed and lampshades.

In the living room, you can have a white wall with lavender curtains, bronze throw pillows, and a bronze coffee table. This lavender and bronze color duo will probably make the room darker, so unless this isn’t the energy you want to channel in your house, this pair will serve beautifully with the right fixtures.



This might not be the most conventional combination, so this matchup is definitely for the boldest of homeowners. Black isn’t a color many would opt for when decorating their homes, but if you are lovestruck with gothic and spooky designs, then black isn’t foreign territory.

A pop of lavender in this equation will make the room classier, and also, since lavender is on the light side of purple, it will brighten up the room as well.


This is a citrus color that symbolizes the tropics, health, and energy. Who wouldn’t want a punch of this color embedded in their décor? Anything fun and outgoing is usually painted with orange; therefore, this combination can be a great option for the girls.

You may mix these two with another neutral color like white if you’re using a darker shade of orange. However, coral orange is your best option if you’d like to have this blend in your living room and avoid being overbearing.

Sunny Yellow

Sunny Yellow

Just thinking about this pair will make anyone’s insides light up. That’s what happens when the color of happiness and warmth meets the color of serenity and grace, an explosion of the most positive emotions. This is a vibe anyone would want in their house.

The brightness of yellow might be too much for you but still a color you’d love to see in your décor, then opt for patterned accessories like a patterned yellow floor rug or blanket, and also bits and pieces of yellow in your artifacts like vases, mirrors or pillows.



Vavavoom will be one word for your entire living space once accents of gold are splurged over a lavender-inspired designed home. Same as with black and other shades of purple, go heavy on the subtlety.

Gold accents will turn up the elegance in any room once accessorized right. The only challenge will come from overdoing it and causing an imbalance.

If you are unsure on which way to go, add a neutral color like beige into the equation, and allow it to tone down the gallantry of lavender and gold. You can have lavender cushions in your gold chairs, and fresh or artificial lavender flowers on the gold skirted coffee table.

Shades of Purple

While lavender is a shade of purple, one may opt to have an assortment of different purple shades to complement their backdrop lavender walls and curtains.

You can use shades like orchid, magenta, and violet in your different throw pillows, ornaments on a coffee table, and, furthermore, the skirting of the lavender wall could be purple.

This combination needs to look effortless and charming; otherwise, it could turn comical. These shades should only spice up the allure of the lavender and not overpower it.  

Understanding Best Practice Color Cohesiveness

Now that we have looked at the colors that are most conducive to pair up with lavender, it’s also important for you to understand the coherent flow of color to embed in your house so that your decorations are light, spirited, fun, and not combustion of color themes that will dampen your mood and the mood of everyone that visits your home. How do you accomplish color cohesiveness?

You need to choose one neutral seamless color for the house to at least form a connection between rooms. This doesn’t necessarily have to be white or cream, or even grey, but it needs to have consistency.

Another tip is to look at your sightline. Whatever you are seeing from the living room or kitchen, or hallway should have continuity. All the colors in your sightline should have a cohesiveness that beautifully compliments the house.

If you are a daring designer, then perhaps choose bold colors as accessories and not backdrops. Lavender isn’t as daring or bold as some colors, but what it’s paired with could make it too bold. You can also choose your most bold moves for enclosed rooms, which will give a guise of stepping into different worlds once you step into varied rooms.

The information in this guide could be overwhelming for some people, and you could leave here with an even more scrambled brain on what color matchups you should use with lavender.

If this is the case, simply hire a professional. It could be an interior designer or a color consultant who can guide you through your renovation or completely take on the entire project and deliver a superb design. It’s important to remember what lavender symbolizes when choosing to pair it with other colors.