What Goes with a Green Couch?

Green couches are very on-trend right now, as a result of this popular color being used to influence would-be interior designers across several social media platforms. Emerald green is seeing a huge increase in demand when it comes to home decor accessories and furniture, while olive green has also been steadily gaining favor.

If you’ve been inspired to introduce a green couch to your home, then you might be wondering what colors and styles will work well alongside it. Here we look at what goes with a green couch and how you can adapt your space to suit your new sofa.

Contrasting colors

Contrasting Colors and a Green Couch

A green couch will be made to look even bolder and brighter when used alongside contrasting colors. Red is the opposite color to green on the color wheel, so for an intense contrast, you can use these two colors together in your living room.

Choose a neutral for the walls and floors, such as brown or gray, and then add splashes of reds into the room to accent the green couch.  Contrastly, a red couch can be paired with shades of red.

Less is more in this instance to avoid overstimulation, so choose small accessories such as red candles, red photo frames, or red details on neutral cushions. As orange and pink are related to red, they also work well to contrast green.

Choose deep burnt shades of orange to create an earthy vibe or pale pastel pinks to bring a feminine and classy appeal to your green couch. As these colors are not as contrasting to green as red is, you can use them less sparingly. Choose pale pink textured blankets to throw over the sofa or a rug in burnt orange. 

Leather accent chair

Leather accent chair and green couch

A green couch is a stunning addition to a living room, but it will usually work best as a stand-alone piece or mismatched amongst other seating furniture because several green couches or armchairs can look too over-coordinated. For an accent chair to go with your green couch, upholstered leather is a perfect choice.

Leather in any neutral shade will work, but tan or brown leather will really help to set off the green couch and create an earthy color scheme. Faux leather will work just as well as genuine leather and can be easier to care for and cost less to buy. Add a green cushion to the leather accent chair to tie it in with the green sofa.

Nature theme

A green couch with nature theme

A nature theme works really well in a room with a green couch because green is synonymous with nature. Define this theme in a space by hanging framed prints of leaves on the walls or using natural wicker baskets for storage. Another way to highlight a nature theme is to display dried flowers or vases full of dried twigs and branches.

Nature themes don’t need to focus on plants; they can also include references to animals and the general outdoors. You could display a bowl of collected local pinecones, choose accessories in animal print fabrics, or have antler-style light fittings.

Feature wall

Feature wall and a Green Couch

If your green couch doesn’t match anything else in the room, you can easily tie it in by adding a feature wall in green. Simply choose a shade of green paint that is the same or similar to your sofa color, and paint an entire wall in it.

Ideally, the feature wall will not be behind the sofa but to the side of it or on the opposite side of the room, though a green feature wall behind a green couch can look very modern if the rest of the space is left completely neutral.

A feature wall could also be created using some stylish wallpaper. Choose a design that has a green background or a pattern with plenty of green accents to link it to the green couch.

Throw pillows

Throw Pillows and a Green Couch

When you have a green couch, you can make it look more welcoming by adding throw pillows. This can make it more functionally comfortable, but it also makes the room as a whole have a softer and more comfortable atmosphere. Throw pillows can also break up the solidness of the green couch if you are concerned that the green will be too dominant or overwhelming.

The type of throw pillows you choose should reflect the style and design you want to achieve and will depend on how you have decorated the remainder of the room. If you have neutral walls, then you can afford to use bright or contrasting colors on throw pillows, but if your walls are painted in a strong color, such as orange, then you’ll want to opt for more neutral pillows in tan or beige.

The texture of throw pillows should also be considered. A green linen couch will make for a casual and laid-back style, and this can be emphasized by cotton pillow covers or hessian fabrics. A green velvet couch hints towards a luxury vibe which will work well with other plush textures such as faux fur and satin.


Houseplants and a Green Couch

As houseplants are predominantly green in color, using them in a living room is a great way to tie a green couch into the color scheme and make it look more at home in the space. If you dot several houseplants around your room, then you won’t need to invest in any other green decor items as the plants alone will be enough to compliment the green sofa and act as home accessories.

Choose a variety of different types of houseplants to get a range of different green shades which will bring out the green in the couch.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring and a Green Couch

One of the best colors to use as a base with a green sofa is brown. These two colors are seen together so frequently in nature that they seem to be drawn to each other and complement each other perfectly. Green is a cool shade that can have a vibrant or refreshing energy, while brown is typically a warm shade that helps to balance out green and give it a grounding effect.

Choosing hardwood floors in a brown hue to sit beneath a green couch creates an earthy feel which sets a calm and soothing tone for the room. A dark brown hardwood will make for a more cozy and intimate space, while paler shades of brown will be more informal and create a more casual and airy space.

Gold or copper metal

Gold or Copper Metal and a Green Couch

When it comes to metal features in a room with a green sofa, gold and copper work really well. This is because they are effectively glossy or metallic versions of orange, which is known to contrast green beautifully. Gold and copper accents can be introduced on light metal fittings, furniture legs, plant pots, picture frames, and ornaments.

The contrast with the sofa will help to really set off the green color, as well as making the copper or gold itself stand out. These metallics also add opulence to a space and give it a feeling of luxury.


Artwork and a Green Couch

If your green couch is positioned against a wall, then this is an opportunity to make a statement with a large and striking piece of artwork hanging behind it. The style of art you choose will go a long way in defining the style of your room, so make sure it perfectly depicts your tastes.

You could opt for art that features flashes of green to help tie it in with the green sofa or choose a piece that stands alone as separate from the sofa, and then pick out some colors from the artwork and use them on other accessories in the room like cushions or curtains.

Bold textures

Bold Textures and a Green Couch

Green is a bold color, and for this reason, a green couch should be center stage in the room and not be fighting for attention with other pieces. Too much bold color can make a room look chaotic and overstimulating; however, that doesn’t mean the rest of the room should be boring. You can add interest with textures to create layers and different sensations in your space.

A thick pile rug can be effective at creating a feeling of warmth in a room, or soft and cozy throw blankets can have similar effects. Heavy suede curtains can make a dramatic impact, or transparent drapes at the windows will create a breezy and airy atmosphere. The texture of your green couch is also important as this will help to define the mood in the room.

Earthy accents

Earthy Accents and a Green Couch

As one of the most common colors seen in nature, green is synonymous with the great outdoors. To maximize this aspect of green, choosy earthy tones to go with your green couch. Earthy tones include rich browns and beiges such as chocolate and tan, as well as deep oranges and yellows such as ginger and mustard.

These colors balance out the cool tones in green and bring warm energy to the room. They also highlight the connection to nature and can help to define a nature-inspired interior design theme.