27 Innovative Modern Wallpaper Designs to Glam Up Your Home

When it comes to interior designing, wallpapers were long considered as old-fashioned. But thanks to the advances in technology, these decorative wallcoverings have once again reigned supreme and made a comeback to the market.

Today, we will take a look at modern wallpaper design ideas that will bring a touch of glamor to your empty walls. Let’s get started.

Natural Elements Wallpapers

Wallcoverings that resemble natural materials like marble, wood, or stone are very trendy right now. This is mainly due to the fact that natural materials cost much more than wallpaper, not to mention all the maintenance! To save you money and effort, check out the following contemporary wallpaper designs that mimic real elements:

Vintage Brown Brick Wallpaper

This realistic brown brick wallpaper design can transform a plain white wall into a contemporary space. It will look great on the wall of a kitchen or living room as a beautiful accent wall.

Rather than opting for real bricks that cost a lot more, it makes sense to install a PVC, waterproof wallpaper in the form of peel and stick. You have the option of 3 brick colors to match your home’s modern decor.

White Wood Plank Wallpaper

Do you want to keep your interior white and bright? Then opt for this white wood plank wallpaper to save money and effort. It is the ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t want to budget for expensive and high-maintenance wooden or barn wood walls.

The rustic-style barn wood wallpaper is not only affordable, but it also has a very realistic wooden look that can easily be matched with any modern decor, whether it’s the kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Whitewashed Realistic Stone Wallpaper

Another white and stylish backdrop for a charming room is this faux stone wallpaper. It is both versatile and neutral in a minimal design that works in most modern spaces.

Whitewashed stone wallpapers do a great job of maximizing the natural light and adding interest to your space. They also work well on a chimney breast or as feature walls in the dining room, study or living room.

Marble Granite Gray Wallpaper

The sturdiness and beauty of marble will never go out of style. But the timeless look of this material comes at a price, and not everyone can afford such luxury.

To mimic the look, consider this thick faux marble wallpaper that can withstand most environments and is very easy to clean. Marble wallpapers come as multiple rolls, so you can install them in any room, including the bathroom and kitchen.

Lime Gold Pearl Wallpaper

Gold is a luxurious material that oozes elegance. It can easily fit any space without overpowering it. Having said that, it is still best to limit the use of gold wallpaper to only one wall. There are many beautiful metallic gold textured prints available just like the one in this example.

Made from PVC material, this peel and stick gold pearl wallpaper is water-resistant and completely bubble free for super easy installation.

Sandstone Tile Wallpaper

Sandstone tile is a highly attractive option in modern interiors. Unlike soft sticker tiles, the one we’ve selected here is durable and much thicker than ordinary peel and stick tile papers with three times stronger adhesive. It is ideal as a backsplash and can even be installed on lightly textured walls.

Floral Wallpapers

Floral wallpapers have re-emerged in the last few years in chic, fresh colors that can make any space stand out. While infusing nature indoors may not be to everyone’s taste, especially in a modern interior, the popularity of floral wallpapers is slowly picking up.

Here is our selection of the most attractive and contemporary-looking designs:

Watercolor Floral Wallpaper

This beautiful watercolor wallpaper would work perfectly in a modern bedroom or anywhere you want to showcase bright colors. When you pair it with matching curtains, the modern design will look amazing in a formal living room or dining area. The floral wallpaper is mold and moisture-proof as a peel-and-stick option.

Botanical Gray Wallpaper

The botanical design of this wallpaper creates an outdoor vibe in a modern setting. The gray and neutral leaves provide a sense of serene charm to any room. Each roll is 18 feet long, which is more than enough to cover one wall.

Eastern Inspired Taupe Floral Wallpaper

Inspired by oriental blossoms, this floral pattern wallpaper boasts timeless elegance. The taupe color flowers sprawl all over the linen printed paper, and each roll comes as a standard 18 feet in length. The wallpaper works especially well in Japanese-themed rooms.

Perennial Blooms Wallpaper

Turn your interior walls into a backyard garden with this perennial blooms wallpaper. The pattern is inspired by nature and will give any room much depth and dimension.

The floral wallpaper adds architectural detail and can be used as an accent wall or on furniture. Simply remove the backing film and stick to the clean surface.

Retro Green Fruit Tree Wallpaper

For a retro design wallpaper, consider bringing the natural world into your home with this green fruit tree wallpaper. It’ll look amazing in a formal living space or even a modern kitchen. The peel and stick paper is made to stick to any smooth surface, including doors, cabinets, shelves, and drawers.

3D Wallpapers

3D wallpapers are now at their peak of popularity thanks to their stunning appearance. These modern wallcoverings are the most unique way to decorate the walls and spruce up your interiors. To convince you just how distinguished 3D wallpapers are, take a look at our two examples below:

3D White Ball and Wall Wallpaper

Wouldn’t this 3D wallpaper look stunning in your bedroom or hallway? The modern design will increase the space visually, thus making it ideal for smaller rooms. The wallpaper is rectangular and made from eco-friendly non-woven material that consists of breathable textile fiber, not PVC.

3D Wall Mural Large Wallpaper

Another glamorous and unique wallpaper that flaunts neutral elements is this example. It makes a great choice for the living room, and bedroom as its neutral coloring brings out brighter colors in the room.

Bold Color Wallpapers

Bold wallpaper colors take the center stage in today’s interior design, and they can be showcased beautifully in any room.

Whether you choose a combination of bright colors or just one bold color to display your favorite artwork, it makes sense to opt for such wallpapers in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or dining area. Here are four bright and bold color wallpapers to inspire you:

Pink Flamingo Wallpaper

Pink is a bold color that stands out in any room. This conversational pink flamingo print will definitely add a pop of color to any modern space. The eye-catching design gives you the freedom to be creative and embrace texture and pattern for expressive interior decorating.

Sparkly Bling Purple Wallpaper

From pale lilac and lavender to aubergine and plum, there is no denying the elegance of purple wallpaper. This sparkly bling wallcovering will add luxury and creativity to any modern room. It is stain, oil, and waterproof, which means you can install it just about anywhere.

Shiny Red Wallpaper

The bold red color palette of this wallpaper can be used to add interest in a neutral setting. Red allows you to breathe new life into your modern space and give it a romantic feel. Just make sure you don’t go overboard by using it on all the walls! Think less is more…

Decorative Yellow Wallpaper

For a slightly shiny, warm, and yellow finish, opt for this bold color wallpaper. It allows you to create a personalized look and make your space brighter, thanks to the most advanced technology that has increased the gloss. The yellow color is natural, and the paper is self-adhesive for easy installation.

Patterned Wallpapers

The pattern size of the wallpaper can make a difference in the room’s dimensions. For example, a small patterned piece of paper can make the room look larger, whereas large patterned wallpaper can make the room appear smaller.

You must, therefore, select the right pattern based on your room’s size. Here are 4 of the best examples we’ve chosen:

Vertical Striped Black and Gray Wallpaper

This black and gray striped wallpaper will make an elegant statement in a modern home. It is a fun choice for covering a dull wall or ceiling to add a surprising touch to the design element. You may also lay the striped wallpaper horizontally to create a glamorous accent wall in a formal living room or bathroom.

Oval Stripe Black and White Wallpaper

Another striped wallpaper option that will make your room beautiful in the easiest possible way is this oval black and white design. Printed with high-quality materials, it’s not only waterproof and mold proof, but is also easily removable and repositionable when it’s time for redecorating your home.

Arrowhead Deep Blue Wallpaper

See how the chic diamond design of this deep blue wallpaper form into a visually stunning focal point on the walls. This trendy wallpaper is printed on a high-quality substrate, which makes decorating a breeze. Installation will only take a minute or two and you can easily remove the paper by peeling away from the wall.

Geometric Hexagon Wallpaper

Say goodbye to bland, dull walls with this silvery finish wallpaper. This is a hexagonal patterned wallpaper for anyone who loves geometric designs.

The pattern adds dramatic visual interest in a formal room with simple lines that come together beautifully to give your modern space a fashionable look. It can be used in any space, including the living room and bedroom, to create a warm and cozy feel.

Whimsical Wallpaper

We haven’t forgotten the fun-loving among us who adore bright and bold wallpaper designs. With the 3 quirky examples we’re about to show you, we’re sure you’ll find something that will add personality to your modern interior.

Graffiti Wallpaper

This crazy unusual wallpaper design is a graffiti mural that works great in a teenager’s bedroom or any other personal space. The bright colors and quirky patterns enhance the urban vibe and encourage creativity. The graffiti wallcovering is cut into 6 pieces for easy and quick installation.

Euro Scenic Wallpaper

Take a trip to a European destination without leaving your home with this whimsical pattern wallpaper. The multi-colored wallcovering will take you on a tour of Paris, and the soft tones work perfectly alongside the famous Eiffel Tower and other interesting patterns. With this simple yet modern wallpaper design, you’ll feel as though you are actually in Paris!

Waverly Mandarin Prose Wallpaper

To make a dramatic statement in a living room or dining area, consider this attractive oriental design wallpaper. You may even use it on the ceiling to create a surprising twist in your room’s design. The classic shapes of the wallpaper pattern work very well in contemporary settings. It is washable and strippable, and each paper is sold as a double roll.

Mural Wallpapers

Wall murals are a big trend at the moment. They can be used as feature walls to make your room stand out and attract interest. Let’s take a look at our favorite examples right here:

Le Maison Pink Mural

Here is a lovely masterpiece that will breathe new life into dull walls. The mural brings a homely feeling to any room, and you can use it in the living room or bedroom to create a stunning view.

Star Field in the Sky Wall Mural

Make the other modern elements in your room stand out by placing this starry wall mural on the wall. It is ideal for the most daring who want to create a focal point. Feel free to pick a matching curtain with this wallpaper, like some with starry patterns….just a thought!

Deep Forest Waterfall Wallpaper

Our final example is this calming waterfall scene taken from a real forest in Thailand. It is the perfect wall mural to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere. It works perfectly in a modern living room or bedroom. The mural is easily removable and repositionable.

27 Innovative Modern Wallpaper Designs to Glam Up Your Home