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12' x 10' Feet Bedroom Layout
| Updated December 3, 2023 | Published November 4, 2021

If you have a twelve-foot by ten-foot bedroom and don’t know how to design and arrange furniture in your bedroom, use these layouts as inspiration. Explore various options such as bedroom office layouts, vaulted ceiling designs, children’s bedroom layouts, and more, and find the perfect fit for you.

Small Living Room with Tv Layouts
| Updated October 22, 2022 | Published October 30, 2021

Small living rooms can be a challenge when it comes to arranging furniture, especially if you want the layout to accommodate a TV in an ideal viewing spot. Consider these small living rooms with TV layouts for inspiration and ideas.

Galley Kitchen
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published October 6, 2021

A galley kitchen is characterized by two parallel walls of kitchen cabinets and countertops, which run along a narrow space, with an exit at either end. A galley kitchen is sometimes known as a corridor kitchen because it creates the feel of a corridor, with the remaining floor space available being like a long and narrow walkway.

G shaped kitchen
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published October 6, 2021

A G-shaped kitchen has four walls of countertop space, which are all joined together except for one empty area of floor space in one of the corners, which serves as the access point to enter the kitchen. This creates a pattern that, from above, looks like the letter ‘G.’ This type of layout is most commonly used in open-plan spaces, where the protruding part of the ‘G’ juts out into the room.

U-Shaped Kitchen
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published October 6, 2021

A U-shaped kitchen is defined by three connecting walls of cabinets and countertops, which create a shape like a letter ‘U’ when viewed from above. These types of kitchen layouts can also go by the name of ‘horseshoe’ kitchen because of the similar shape.

L-shaped living room layouts and floor plans

If you have a home with an L-shaped living area, here are some layout ideas to use as inspiration for what you can achieve with this kind of shaped room.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts & Floor Plans
| Updated October 22, 2022 | Published October 4, 2021

An L-shaped kitchen layout will feature countertops on top of cupboards along two walls that meet at the adjoining corner to create an L-shape. Here we’ll uncover some practical L-shaped kitchen layouts and plans.

| Updated August 1, 2022 | Published September 26, 2021

Do you place greater importance on having a large bathroom with a private toilet area, or would you rather sacrifice bathroom space in favor of a huge walk-in closet? Do you need a seating area in your bedroom, or would you prefer to have the bed in the middle of the room? These are all questions you’ll need to address when choosing the layout for your master bedroom.

Mater Bathroom Floor Plans & Layouts
| Updated August 1, 2022 | Published September 24, 2021

Do you want some inspiration for your new bathroom layout? Look no further than these 15 floor plans for master bathrooms to suit spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Split Bedroom
| Updated August 1, 2023 | Published July 18, 2021

If you’ve been browsing property listings, you might have come across the term ‘split bedroom’ in reference to the floor plan of the house. This is a phrase which many people haven’t heard before, especially if they have always lived in two or three-story properties. To learn all about split bedroom layouts, along with their pros and cons and possible floor plans, read on.

8' x 8' Bathroom Layout Plans
| Updated June 30, 2023 | Published June 30, 2021

If you’re renovating a bathroom, you might be wondering if it’s worth rearranging the layout to maximize space. The good news is that there are several different layout options in an 8’ x 8’ bathroom which can be both stylish and functional.

12' x 12' Living Room Layouts
| Updated April 12, 2023 | Published June 18, 2021

In a 12′ by 12′ living room, you might think your layout options are limited, but actually, there are multiple ways to arrange your furniture or use interior design to completely change the look and feel of the space. The layout you choose will need to reflect how you want to use the room. For example, you might like to entertain, watch TV, or eat dinner in your living room, and all of these things will affect which layout will work best for you.