12 by 10 Feet Bedroom Layout Ideas For Inspirations

If you have a twelve-foot by ten-foot bedroom and don’t know how to design and arrange furniture in your bedroom, use these layouts as inspiration. Explore various options, such as bedroom office layouts, vaulted ceiling designs, children’s bedroom layouts, and more, and find the perfect fit for you.

Minimalist Urban Layout

Minimalist Urban Layout

This bedroom features a queen-sized bed flanked by a nightstand on either side. The TV has been fixed to the wall at one side, which saves on floor space, and an occasional chair sits beneath it, which could be used to hang clothes over or to rest on while getting ready.

As the room is dominated by the bed, the remaining space has been made to feel more open and airy with the use of simple furniture in minimalist designs.

Key features of this layout:

  • Queen-sized bed as the primary furniture piece
  • Nightstands on either side of the bed
  • Wall-mounted TV for space-saving purposes
  • Occasional chair for additional seating and clothing storage

Minimalist Urban Layout

Bedroom Office Layout

Bedroom Office Layout

In your 12-foot by 10-foot bedroom, you can create a functional and attractive home office without compromising space. Apply these tips for a well-designed layout:

  • Use a twin bed to save space
  • Incorporate a desk for a dedicated workspace
  • Add shelving units for storage needs

To maintain an open feel, use furniture that doesn’t block your eyeline and implement clever storage solutions like hanging a bicycle on the wall.

Bedroom Office Layout Floor Plan

Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom Layout

Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom Layout

In your vaulted ceiling bedroom layout, consider using natural light to create a spacious feel. Place a large mirror above the bed, reflecting the light from the window, making the room appear larger. Include a full-size bed and two chunky nightstands on either side. Add matching lamps for a symmetrical look.

  • Natural light: Use windows strategically to enhance room size.
  • Mirror: Position it above the bed for reflection and space illusion.
  • Furniture: Full-size bed, nightstands, and matching lamps for symmetry.

Remember to keep your room layout simple and prioritize symmetry for an open, spacious feeling in your vaulted ceiling bedroom.

Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom Layout Floor

Simple Cozy Layout

Simple Cozy Layout

This 12 by 10-foot bedroom showcases how minimalism and a cozy atmosphere can go hand in hand. You’ll find a full-size bed and a TV stand with cupboards for optimal storage. The absence of excessive furniture creates an illusion of a more spacious area.

To enhance the cozy ambiance, warm tones are present throughout the space. Additionally, small shelves display plants, adding depth and visual interest.

Simple Cozy Layout Floor Plan

Casual Homely Layout

Casual Homely Layout

In this cozy, inviting bedroom, you’ll find a queen-size bed with a custom headboard made from wooden slats. These slats serve a dual purpose as storage shelves for books or small items. They replace the need for nightstands, saving valuable floor space.

Different shades of wooden tones give the room a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Houseplants add a casual touch while also bringing freshness to the space. Enjoy the simplicity and comfort of this casual homely layout.

Casual Homely Layout Floor Plan

Children’s Bedroom Layout

Children's Bedroom Layout

This 12′ by 10′ bedroom efficiently uses bunk beds to create two cozy sleeping spaces for children. They are a great solution for maximizing the available floor space, leaving more room for play. The layout is designed to not block the large window, with furniture placed on either side.

The room incorporates ample storage and work/gaming spaces, featuring a wall filled with shelving, drawers, and a desk. This setup helps maintain a neat and clutter-free environment.

  • Bunk beds: Efficient use of space, ideal for two children
  • Window-friendly layout: Furniture arranged to not block natural light
  • Storage and work/gaming space: Wall with shelving, drawers, and a desk ensures a functional room

Children's Bedroom Layout Floor Plan

Bedroom and Nursery Layout

Bedroom and Nursery Layout

In this layout, your queen bed is positioned against one wall, with a small crib nestled in a corner next to it. This creates a functional space for both you and your baby.

To make your room feel spacious, use mirrored wardrobe doors, light colors, and minimize additional furniture. The mirrors add extra light and depth while providing storage for clothing.

Key elements of this layout:

  • Queen bed against one wall
  • Small crib in corner
  • Mirrored wardrobe doors for storage and a spacious feel
  • Light colors to maintain a relaxing atmosphere

Bedroom and Nursery Layout Floor Plan

Corner Bed Layout

Corner Bed Layout

A corner bed layout maximizes floor space by positioning the bed in a corner of the room. By consolidating the bed in this manner, you can create a spacious area in the center of the room, which is ideal for activities like exercising or playing.

However, keep in mind that this layout works best for individuals. If two people share the bed, one person might have to climb over the other to access it.

Corner Bed Layout Floor Plan

Classic Chic Bedroom Layout

Classic Chic Bedroom Layout

This 12′ x 10′ bedroom prominently features a plush queen bed. Emphasizing fitted furniture with a white gloss finish, you’ll enjoy a sleek look and maximized storage possibilities.

The light-fitting furniture contrasts with the dark gray color palette, adding interest and evoking a luxurious hotel vibe. Check out the floor plan below for a clear picture of this design:

Classic Chic Bedroom Layout Floor Plan

Terrace Bedroom Layout

Terrace Bedroom Layout

The centerpiece of your terrace bedroom is the full-sized bed. It is surrounded by chunky nightstands, providing ample storage. On the opposite wall, a matching unit adds even more storage space. An occasional chair offers a comfortable spot to enjoy the view or read a book.

  • French doors: Glass doors lead to an outdoor terrace, making the room feel bright and airy.
  • Outdoor terrace: Accessible from the bedroom, allowing you to enjoy fresh air and views right from your room.

Terrace Bedroom Layout Floor Plan

Farmhouse Style Bedroom

Farmhouse Style Bedroom

This bedroom showcases a full-size bed, accompanied by a chest of drawers on both sides. This smart design combines storage and a nightstand without overcrowding the floor space.

The room features unique elements, such as:

  • Sliding barn doors for a cozy, rustic touch.
  • Mirrored door surfaces to create depth and enhance natural light.

Farmhouse Style Bedroom Floor Plan

Simple Queen Bed Layout

Simple Queen Bed Layout

In this 12 by 10-foot bedroom, a queen bed is accompanied by a nightstand on each side, creating a balanced layout. The nightstands are functional, providing space for large lamps and drawers for storage. Your room will feel bright and inviting with light wood furnishings.

Simple Queen Bed Layout Floor PlanIf you have a smaller but square bedroom, some 10′ x 10′ bedroom layouts will be more suited.


How can I maximize space in a 10×12 bedroom with a queen bed?

To maximize space in a 10×12 bedroom with a queen bed, position the bed against the longer wall. Opt for multifunctional furniture, like a bed with storage and floating shelves. Use vertical space with taller storage options, and choose furniture with clean, minimalist lines.

What are some effective bedroom layouts for a room measuring 10×12 feet?

Effective 10×12 feet bedroom layouts include:

  • Placing the bed along the longest wall with nightstands on either side
  • Using a bed with storage to maximize space
  • Adding a desk or vanity in a corner or along the shorter wall
  • Incorporating floating shelves or tall bookcases for storage

How does a King bed fit into a 12×10 feet bedroom layout?

Fitting a king bed in a 12×10 feet bedroom can be challenging. Place the bed on the longest wall, but be prepared to sacrifice space for other furniture. Consider using a smaller dresser and floating shelves for storage. Keep in mind that a king bed may limit movement and accessibility in the room.

What are some design tips for a 12-by-12 bedroom interior?

Design tips for a 12-by-12 bedroom interior include:

  • Choosing a focal point, such as the bed or a large piece of artwork
  • Using light colors to create a sense of spaciousness
  • Mirrors to make the room feel larger
  • Coordinating colors and patterns for a cohesive look

Is a full bed the best choice for an 11×12 bedroom?

A full bed can be an excellent choice for an 11×12 bedroom, as it allows for ample space for other furniture and more walking room. However, if you prefer a larger bed and are willing to sacrifice some space for other furniture, a queen or even a king bed may still fit comfortably in an 11×12 bedroom.