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| Updated February 1, 2024 | Published June 1, 2021

For urban residential houses and apartments, many times you can only have some small bedroom, typically a 10×10 one. But no worry, there are so many options when it comes to planning out a 10 foot by 10-foot bedroom. Check out these options for inspiration. We also include in each design the floor plans with bed sizes and all necessary furniture and accessories in the room.

Jack and Jill
| Updated March 31, 2023 | Published May 30, 2021

A Jack and Jill bathroom sounds intriguing, but you’re likely asking yourself, “what is it in the first place?” This is a type of bathroom that’s not only cost-effective but also stylish. You’d want to consider it if you are remodeling your crib or designing your dream home.

Free Kitchen Cabinet Software
| Updated July 18, 2022 | Published February 25, 2021

Are you looking for an easier way to design kitchen cabinets? Check out these free software programs. We’re running down the features of each one to give you an idea of the best one to use for your purposes.

Garage Design Software
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published February 25, 2021

Whatever you use your garage for, you can always optimize the space. And whether you’re building new or remodeling, a garage design software can help you visualize and plan your project.

Free Kitchen Design Software
| Updated January 2, 2024 | Published November 5, 2020

If you’re interested in renovating your kitchen or remodeling a kitchen in a new home you are buying, then finding a good free kitchen design software will be invaluable to you. With an online kitchen planner, you can experiment with different layouts, different design styles, and different color schemes. In some software, you can even view your design in panorama, photo-style visualizations, or ‘walk’ around your plan to get a real feel for it.

Closet Design
| Updated April 19, 2021 | Published October 29, 2020

If you’re on the hunt for the best closet design software to help transform your closet dreams into a reality, then we’ve got the lowdown of the best of the best.