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Best Wall Colors For White Kitchen Cabinets
| Updated December 4, 2022 | Published December 4, 2022

Selecting the perfect wall color for a kitchen with white cabinets is necessary to achieve an ultra smooth finish. There are many bold and neutral colors that can affect the overall look of a kitchen. But the question is, what are the best wall colors that complement white kitchen cabinets? Warm-toned hues like brown, yellow and pink as well as cool greens and blues can provide a contrasting look. The strong, vivid paint colors immediately catch attention while the more subtle options like grays and beige create a calm, relaxed vibe.

Eye Catching Fireplace Accent Wall Colors to Add Spark to Your Room

Why let your fireplace disappear into the background when you can create an attractive accent wall around it? A fireplace feature wall is the focal point of any room as it transforms the look and feel of the space. Accent walls provide the perfect opportunity to add depth to your room without changing your home’s interior decor.

What Color Floor Goes with Blue Walls
| Updated January 30, 2024 | Published November 16, 2022

Blue has to be almost everyone’s favorite color as it oozes a calm and soothing ambiance. When used for the interior walls of a room, this cool-toned color is sure to bring a tranquil vibe to your place. The one downside to painting your interior walls blue is the challenge of pairing this color with the floor. Deciding on what color floor goes with blue walls can be tricky as the wrong color can make your blue walls appear unattractive.

Bold and Daring Garage Wall Paint Color Ideas
| Updated September 12, 2023 | Published November 11, 2022

What garage wall paint colors should you choose, and how should you paint them like a professional? We will give you some ideas as well as step-by-step instructions on how you can paint your garage walls in a fast and affordable way. Let’s get started!

What Color Sink with Black Granite Countertops
| Updated November 3, 2022 | Published November 3, 2022

So what color sink works best with black granite countertops? The most popular are traditional white and statement-making matte black. A neutral color like gray also goes well with black granite and light wood kitchen cabinets. So with that in mind, let’s now take a look at some examples of sink colors and materials that blend well with black granite countertops:

Should Area Rug Match Wall Color

While you don’t want to match the exact color of your area rug with the walls, it is best that they complement each other by sharing the same color family. Ideally, the color of your rug should coordinate with both the furniture and the walls, with a little contrast to get the desired look.

What Color Rug Goes with Beige Couch

A couch and rug are two of the biggest decor pieces in a living room, so ensuring they complement each other can enhance the overall aesthetic of your space. When you have a beige couch, choosing the color of your rug doesn’t have to be complicated. Pairing your neutral couch with either patterned prints or solid colors can help make your floor covering stand out.

How to Hang Pictures on a Staircase Wall
| Updated February 9, 2024 | Published October 28, 2022

When it comes to interior design and home decor, we often overlook the staircase wall. Your stairs are the first thing visitors see as they step into your entrance hall, so it makes sense to want to create a welcoming space by decorating the staircase wall with pictures. However, due to the dimensions of photo frames or artwork, it can be hard to choose the best arrangement that doesn’t look out of place.

Bedroom Floor Lamp Ideas to Lighten Up Your Space

Lighting in the bedroom is not only part of its decor, but it also makes the space functional. But why get out of your bed to turn off the overhead lights when you can place a floor lamp right next to your bed. While traditional bedroom lighting fixtures usually consist of a bedside table lamp or recessed lights, why not consider something more decorative like a floor lamp?

Gray Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas for a Rustic Vibe
| Updated October 22, 2022 | Published October 22, 2022

The classic farmhouse style isn’t just about exposed wooden beams and whitewashed walls. This interior decor can feature modern colors like gray, with a variety of textures. Whether you prefer your bedroom in warm neutral colors or bold and vibrant ones, you can blend rustic elements with contemporary gray to add a wow factor to your room.

What is the Best Grout Color for White Tile
| Updated February 9, 2024 | Published October 16, 2022

If you are planning a classic kitchen or bathroom with white tiles, you may not have thought about the grout color yet. The best grout color for white tile doesn’t have to be limited to neutral hues. Bright, bold grout colors can transform white tiles, but the question is how do you decide which works best for your space? The last thing you’ll want to happen is for the grout color to overwhelm your white wall or floor tiles.

What Color Shower Curtains for a Gray Bathroom
| Updated October 16, 2022 | Published October 16, 2022

Gray is one particularly popular color that’s associated with balance. This cool-toned hue makes a room feel cozy and modern. But when it comes to deciding what color shower curtains go with a gray bathroom, you might not be aware of your options