Bedroom Inspiration

Discover lots of bedroom decoration ideas with various colors and styles

Teal Bedroom Ideas
| Updated August 7, 2022 | Published May 19, 2020

The color teal is a soothing hue that promotes better sleep. This blue-green spectrum is the perfect color for the bedroom as it’s both eye-catching and calming. When we look at teal, it reminds us of the tropical waters and lagoons so no wonder this color is so popular for bedrooms.

Rustic Bedroom
| Updated August 7, 2022 | Published May 17, 2020

A rustic style interior can be a little difficult to pull off, hence the reason why most people prefer decorating their bedrooms in the contemporary style. However, if you want to inject some character into your bedroom and turn it into an inviting and cozy space, consider adopting the classic rustic look.

Nautical bedroom ideas
| Updated July 21, 2022 | Published May 17, 2020

If you like the idea of bringing the sea to your home, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many different decorative elements you can use to achieve this look. Take a look at my 16 nautical bedroom examples with pictures that will help you decorate your space in this theme.

Marilyn Monroe Bedroom
| Updated October 21, 2022 | Published March 1, 2020

With so many Marilyn pictures and decorations that remind us of her timeless beauty, it makes sense to create a Marilyn Monroe themed bedroom decor to keep her memory alive