6 Most Compatible Roof Colors for Gray Houses

Your home’s value largely depends on its curb appeal. This is, after all, the first impression your home makes to visitors and passersby. Curb appeal is made up of three factors: landscaping, the exterior condition of the house, and the facade color.

When your home’s exterior is gray, it is important to coordinate this neutral color with the roof. While many roof colors can be combined with neutral siding, some may hurt the curb appeal of your home. Understanding what roof colors work best with gray houses can help you bring back the wow factor to your home.

Some of the most common roof color combinations that go with gray exteriors include:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Dark green
  • Dark blue
  • A gray shade lighter or darker

With that in mind, let’s now take a look at our examples right here:

Roof Color Ideas for Gray Houses


Black Gray House

Dark roof shingles can work well with large, modern gray homes. Oftentimes, you will find black roofs on multi-story houses. This is because darker roofs draw the eye upwards and create a nice balance.

So if you want to give your gray house some dimension, consider black roof shingles. That said, we don’t recommend dark shingles for high-pitch roofs as they can appear too heavy or overwhelming.

A gray stone or brick house with black roof shingles can stand out beautifully in the neighborhood as black is an eye-catching color that brings texture and dimension to your exterior home design.


Another dark roof color that goes with gray siding is medium or dark brown. Some browns can have red, orange or yellow undertones so pay attention to the color pairing of brown with gray. In general, brown shingles work well with light gray siding for a more distinct contrast.

You can also pick beige trim as a nice accent to tie together the gray and brown exterior. Color palettes with similar brick and stone hues can also provide a cohesive look for your home.


Some grays have green undertones, which makes them a great match with green roofs. Although you don’t see green roofs on many residential homes, this roof color does go very well with a gray exterior.

Light green shades like olive or sage go with just about any gray shade. But for an even subtle color palette, combine your dark gray exterior with a greige roof. A home that contrasts its roof color and stands out from your neighbors boasts higher resale value as home buyers usually look for uniqueness.

Other green roof shades like juniper or basil also work well with both light and dark gray exteriors. A green roof emits a calming and earthy feel, with which you can add neutral trim colors to the mix, such as shutters and pillars.

Light or Dark Gray

Light or Dark Gray Gray House

If you have gray brick siding, you might want to consider a monochromatic design by trying roof shingles that are a shade of gray lighter or darker than your siding. The key is to avoid using the exact same shade as this may end up looking too heavy or bland. The idea is to define between your home’s exterior paint color and your roof.

In addition to considering a monochromatic color scheme, it is important to pay attention to the gray roof shingles’ undertones. Some grays have warm yellow, brown or taupe undertones, thus making them perfect with warm grayish blue brick siding.

Your home’s trim colors also play an important role here. The last thing you want is for your gray home’s exterior to appear dull with no depth. If you opt for a light gray roof, balance it out with a mid-toned gray exterior paint and dark trim colors. On the other hand, if your roof is dark gray, you can make the rest of your gray exterior pop with bold trim or accent colors.


Red Gray House

When we mention red roof shingles, the picture that immediately comes to mind is a gray stone country house with a deep red roof. But red doesn’t have to be limited to rustic or traditional homes. A modern style gray house can also stand out with a bright red roof just like the one shown here. We love the boldness of this dark gray home paired with the red roof tiles.

Another idea would be to pair a light gray exterior with a deep red roof. The boldness of your red roof color will be offset by the calming gray siding tone. Add white trim to provide balance between the vivid gray and red colors.


Blue Gray House

When it comes to selecting the most compatible roof color for a gray exterior, you will most commonly find blue as by far the most popular option. Whether you go for a deep shade of light shade of blue, you can be sure it matches the bluish undertone of gray.

Combine your blue roof and gray exterior with light or neutral accents for a dramatic statement. A dark blue roof with mid-toned gray is often seen on cottage-style homes like the one shown here.

If you’re going with pale blue roof shingles, your gray exterior will give off a softer vibe, which is ideal for traditional style homes. Light blue roofs have a relaxing approach and can be paired with dark gray for added visual strength.

How Can I Match My Roof Color to My Gray House?

Matching your home’s gray siding with your roof is extremely important for curb appeal. Choosing the most complementary colors can be tricky as you only get to replace the roof once every few decades. To ensure your gray home stands out in the neighborhood, here are some suggestions:

– Lighter color roofs give the illusion of being larger than they really are. So if your gray home is on the small side, opt for a light gray roof. On the flip side, if your gray house is large, choose darker roofs, like red or dark gray for a stronger statement.

– When choosing a matching roof color for your gray house, you must also consider the climate you live in. Lighter grays reflect UV rays, thus repelling heat. This means the inside of your home won’t get as hot in warmer climates. But if you live in a cold climate, you might want to consider darker roofs as the snow slides off them quicker and they stay warmer for longer.

– Rustic roof colors like red and brown perfectly match gray exteriors thanks to their warm undertones. These roof colors are timeless and provide texture to your neutral gray home. Black is another classic roof color that’s just as timeless as red and brown – but in a more dramatic way.

Aside from the above tips, you must also pay attention to the siding material of your gray home before choosing the right roof shingle color. If your gray house is made of brick, stone or stucco, consider the following aspects for the best roof color scheme:

Go for a Warm Roof Color Palette

If you want to pair your gray siding with a warm roof color, go for tan or brown as these palettes have a warm tone to enhance your home’s exterior. You may also use a combination of warm roof tiles, such as gold, beige and brown.

Blend in the Cool Hues

Since gray is a cool hue, it can blend in seamlessly with gray brick or stone siding. Gray on gray is a cool-toned combination that can bring harmony to the entire exterior.

Have a Mix of Colors

Did you know you can mix up to six roof tile colors to complement your gray siding? Be sure to include at least one or two gray shades similar to your brick or stone siding as a complementary design.

Mid-Toned Colors for Gray Brick

Mid-toned shades are neither dark nor light. These gray roof shades work best with gray brick siding that has a white undertone.

Pair the Roof Color with Gray Stone

For gray homes with stone siding, similar shades of gray, brown or blue will work well for the roof. This helps achieve visual symmetry as the undertone of the gray stone siding is bluish brown.


For a gray house, there are many roof shingle colors that work with this neutral hue. Whether you have painted your home’s exterior a light or dark gray shade, any of our suggested roof color ideas will complement your home’s brick or stone facade.

For soft, light gray siding, darker roof colors generally work best, whereas for dark gray exteriors, light green or gray roof shingles are the most compatible option.