9 Classic Green House with Brown Trim Combinations

One of the most effective ways of upgrading the exterior of an old house is to apply a fresh coat of paint to it. If you don’t have any idea as to what color you should choose, we recommend green as the perfect paint color for rustic or Craftsman-style homes.

Why paint your home exterior green? This earthy tone is closely associated with nature and is known as the color of peace and tranquillity. Since green blends seamlessly with natural wood trims, it is commonly paired with brown as this is another earthy color that most of us associate with wood.

If you want to add a sense of richness to your exterior, consider combining a green house with brown trim.

This combination can bring depth to the design, without making your home appear too dark. Any shade of green will work with brown, but to be more precise, take a look at our following examples with pictures, which should hopefully inspire you:

Green House with Brown Trim Ideas

Combine Stone with Green siding and Brown Trim

Combine Stone with Green siding and Brown Trim

Green may not be the first color that pops to mind when choosing a paint color for your home exterior, it can actually work well on any style home. While you do have to be extra careful when picking a particular shade of green, you can combine the green siding with other natural elements to make it stand out.

You don’t even have to worry about the green facade clashing with other colors, but in order to make it more dramatic, consider combining natural stone with your green siding and brown trim.

Green siding with brown trim can make a bigger presence when paired with stone. This combination creates contrast and a sense of harmony with the natural surroundings. A mix of materials using different textures is sure to draw attention. You may use light or dark green siding with brown front door and shutters, with part stone walls for visual interest.

To add brighter colors to this color combination, highlight the landscaping around your home by placing more flowers and plants on the porch. Using plants adds tasteful splashes of color that goes perfectly with earthy green and brown.

In this example, the dark shade of green used for the upper part of the house goes with earthy orange-brown doors and the stone veneer. This combination stands out beautifully thanks to the orange tone of the brown trim.

Add Beige to the Green House and Brown Trim Combination

Add Beige to the Green and Brown Combination

Almost every home nowadays features brown trim. When choosing the best siding color that goes with brown trim, why not create a contrasting edge by adding a neutral hue like beige to your color pairing. Beige works well with green as it’s not too stark like white.

Whether you paint half of the exterior in beige and the other half in green, or add beige trim to the brown for a nice flow.

For anyone looking to create a harmonious feel, green siding with beige and brown trim will work great. Try a pale shade of green paired with creamy beige and brown front door! A home with a variety of textures and natural materials, such as stone or cedar shakes will look luxurious with beige, green and brown.

Here, the medium-toned brown front door is a beautiful finishing touch to the beige and green exterior. This brown shade looks great with the pale green earthy tone throughout the facade.

Greyish Green Siding with Brown Trim

Greyish Green Siding with Brown Trim

There is no denying how green siding can exude luxury and make a bold statement. But in order to enhance the architectural details of your home, why not showcase this color by adding a modern twist to the green and brown color pairing.

When picking a shade of green, opt for greyish green as this muted hue is ideal for any style home. In fact, the color is so pale that it won’t stand out, thus allowing you to introduce a number of bright accent colors that go well with greyish green.

For example, light brown trim with grey roof shingles and greyish green siding add a regal touch to the exterior of any home. Include a landscaped lawn to bring a pop of color to this combination. Just like you can see here, the subtle green siding is undeniably elegant next to the light brown and white trim.

Red Brick with Green Siding and Brown Trim

Red Brick with Green Siding and Brown Trim

Aside from natural stone, red brick is another excellent natural material that you can pair green siding and brown trim with.

This color scheme goes well with red brick as all three colors are considered warm and earthy. What’s more, the red brick with green siding and brown trim add a sense of depth and richness to the exterior design of any home.

On a larger than average house, green with red brick is the perfect design pairing as shown here. Whether you prefer going big on the green siding and small on the red brick or vice versa, this color pairing will work especially well on a traditional style home.

The cool tone of the green in this example next to the warm red hue works in harmony with the landscaping and accent pieces. When looking for a particular shade of green, olive is definitely the one you should consider.

Grey Roof Shingles for a Green House with Brown Trim

Grey Roof Shingles for a Green House with Brown Trim

If you are lucky enough to own a larger-than-average home, you can easily incorporate your green siding with other elements into the facade.

An olive shade of green, for example, with a brown front door and trim can look even more beautiful when paired with grey roof shingles. As shown here, the roof shingles are a medium grey, which sets them apart from the pale green facade of this luxurious house.

Warm Accent Colors with Dark Green Siding

Warm Accent Colors with Dark Green Siding

Green and brown are both considered warm colors, but why not add even more warm colors to your exterior color scheme by introducing another palette of your choice.

Rich reds, muted oranges or even sunny yellows harmonize the green and brown pairing and make a brassy choice. Our favorite accent color is ruby red as it’s not as bold as cherry red and other sharp shades.

Even brick reds with a touch of brown work well with dark green siding. When you mix a toned-down warm shade of red or orange as an accent color, you are sure to draw the attention of passersby to your home.

Brown Front Door for a Green House with Brown Trim

Brown Front Door for a Green House with Brown Trim

Brown is a common front door color so it’s only natural to pair it with green siding. A dark green exterior can act as the perfect backdrop to a light shade of brown. This color pairing will make a big impact on your exterior’s aesthetic.

When selecting front door colors for a green house, brown provides a natural, earthy contrast that enhances the green’s richness

Whether you go for a dark or light brown front door, it can look regal against dark green walls. And to bring balance, match the door and window framing with the color of the door.

Black Front Door for a Green House with Brown Trim

Black Front Door for a Green House with Brown Trim

Another timeless color option for your front door is black. When paired with dark green siding and brown door frames or shutters, black will do an excellent job of elevating the beauty of your exterior. A bold shade like midnight black will certainly stand out and make a dramatic statement.

Use this dark hue not just for the front door but also throughout the front porch, such as for the lights, mailbox and planters. As a bold yet neutral color, black goes perfectly with light or dark green and brown trim.

Classic Green and Brown Wood Trim for Victorian Style House

Victorian-style homes in the late 1800s often had a Gothic appearance because of their steep roofs and gables with elaborately designed wooden trim. The majority of these architectural homes also featured deep green facades and brown wooden trim. This color combo was the preferred choice for homebuyers of such homes.

Since green is closely associated with fertility and nature, it makes sense to include plenty of wood trims and accents in your traditional style home.


As you can see from our examples above, there are many ways you can combine your green-colored house with brown trim in order to add a sense of richness to the exterior design.

This classic color combination never fails to impress, especially on traditional style homes, so if you’re considering an upgrade to your home’s facade color, opt for the green and brown pairing.