What Color Garage Door Goes and Contrasts with a Gray House?

If you are getting a new garage door or painting your current garage door, you are probably considering which color is going to look best with your gray house. 

There are several answers to this question depending on the shade of gray your house is, the type of style you are going for, and whether you want your garage door to stand out or blend in with the house. Here we look at the best color options for garage doors on gray homes.

Should a Garage Door Stand Out or Blend In?

The exterior of a house should always have a color palette of three colors. This will include your main color, which is the color of your walls, whether that be siding or bricks. The second color is the trim color, which will be used for window frames, edging, and shutters.

The third and final color is the front door color, which can coordinate with other components of the property exterior, such as a mailbox, or it can be the only part of the home painted in that color to ensure it makes an impact and draws attention to the entrance of the property.

When it comes to the color of a garage door, you could choose to paint it the same color as the trim so that it provides a seamless feel as part of the house, or if you’d prefer for it to stand out, you can paint it to match the front door.

Either way, for the most cohesive design, you should choose a color that is already a part of your home’s exterior color palette because too many colors on a property can make it look mismatched and messy.

If your home doesn’t already have a three-color color scheme, you can add a new color for the garage door, as long as it works with the existing colors.

The decision over whether you want your garage door to stand out or blend in is a personal one, and the home can look great either way.

Many people with large garages choose to paint their garage door in a color that blends in with the home because a bold color might dominate the look of the property due to the size.

However, there are no rules for whether your garage door needs to blend in or stand out, so you can choose a color based on what you feel comfortable with.

Some people enjoy the coordination of painting their garage and front doors in the same color, while some people find this to look too matchy-matchy.

Garage Colors that Harmonize with Gray



If you like neutral-looking properties that don’t draw too much attention, then a beige garage door with a gray house is a good choice. As two neutral colors, beige and gray work well together to create a look that is appealing to most people.

The tone of beige you want to use will be dependent on the shade of gray your home’s exterior is. Pale to mid-gray will work with any shade of beige, but a lighter beige will look more soft and subtle.

If your house is a dark gray color, then you could use a darker shade of beige such as tan to ensure a nice balance and help the garage to not stand out too much.

For greater contrast, you could use pale beige with dark gray, which will be visually attractive while still not drawing too much focus on the garage door.



White is a classic color to use on a garage door, and it works really well with a gray house because it is another neutral shade. If your house is a medium to a dark shade of gray, then a white garage door will contrast against it and create a modern twist on a monochromatic style.

However, a pale gray house can work equally well with a white door to achieve a bright and casual look that can be traditional or contemporary, depending on the style of the property.

If your home is on the smaller side, then a pale gray exterior with a white garage door can help to make the house look bigger than it actually is, while a larger house may look better with a darker garage door to help visually anchor it to the ground.

White is a popular color chosen for trim on a gray house, and if this is the case in your situation, then painting your garage door white can be an easy way to achieve continuity for the exterior of the property.

Tying in the color of the garage door with the trim will also help it to blend in more seamlessly with the house instead of looking like an unusual addition.

White is also among the easy choice for garage door colors for a white house



Gray and brown are both neutral colors, so they work well together to create an easy base. If the exterior walls of your home are a cool shade of gray, with blue, purple, or green undertones, then using brown for the garage door can be a clever way to warm up the look of the property and make it seem more welcoming.

To ensure the garage door doesn’t stick out, you should use the same color of brown for other exterior decors, such as the front door, the trim, or the deck.

Light shades of brown such as dark camel or dark tan typically work best on garage doors rather than rich shades of brown like espresso. These shades of brown also have a more modern vibe which suits gray well.

If you have brown exteriors instead, there are various garage door colors to pair with a brown house.



Blue and gray have a lot in common and are quite close to each other on the color wheel. Most shades of gray have blue undertones, and most shades of blue have a hint of gray in them. If you want to use color rather than a neutral for the garage door on your gray house, then using blue is a good option because it adds interest yet is still able to blend in.

A light dove gray house will look casual and hint at a coastal vibe with a pale duck egg blue or sky blue garage door. A dark-gray house can also look stylish and serene with a pale blue door.

If you want a navy blue garage door, this can be a good choice with gray. It will contrast against a pale gray house, or it can look sophisticated on a dark gray house when broken up with white or cream trim.



It is best to avoid using exactly the same color for your garage door as the exterior of your house because it can make for a very flat feel; however, you can use different shades of the same color.

On a gray house, choose a shade of gray a few levels darker or lighter than your siding for your garage door if you want a contemporary and harmonized look for your house. For a more dramatic look, choose a shade of gray which is drastically different from the gray of your exterior walls.

Garage Colors that Contrast with Gray



Red is a bold color that is rarely used in interior design but is more popular for the exterior of properties. If you have a gray house, then a bright red front door looks cheerful and welcoming, and it can be a nice touch to also paint your garage door in the same shade of red.

Red is a very warm color that will balance out the cool tones in gray, and it can add a spark of personality to your house. However, if you don’t have any other red areas on the exterior of your house, then a red garage door can look random and out of place. If you want a red garage door, then you’ll need to tie it into your color scheme with other components such as a red mailbox or red shutters.



Yellow is an undeniably joyful color that can help to balance out the dull energy of a gray house. Yellow and gray are also a great modern color pairing, so these two shades will look stylish and contemporary when used together on the exterior of a home.

Choose a deep shade of yellow, such as mustard, for a rich and more classic look, or a bright shade of butter yellow for a Scandinavian style.

The garage door should not be the main focus of a property, so match the same shade of yellow on your front door to create balance, or add other yellow accents around the perimeter of your home, such as a painted yellow fence or a row of yellow flowers.

A dark-gray home looks striking with yellow accents, while a pale gray home with a yellow garage door will look vibrant and relaxed. Choose a third color, such as white or cream, to bring balance and definition to this color palette.