7 Different Types of Low Seated Sofas (Plus Buying Guide)

Style and class. This is what a low-seated sofa gives to any space they are put in. This is why it is no surprise that low-seated sofas have become the choice for most homes. They are very comfortable, chic, and one of the best options to help add style to your living room. It’s almost like sitting in a bed.

Although this type of sofa has become the new trend, low-seating sofas came into existence a long time ago.

If your house has modern and contemporary decor, a low-seated sofa is a perfect choice for you. And if your house doesn’t have contemporary decor, you can still get a low-seated sofa because they are very flexible and can be adapted to fit into various styles of decor.

Low-seated sofas are also suitable for families that have kids because the kids will find it easier to get on the sofa.

Types of Low-Seated Sofas

Low-seated sofas are differentiated by their shape, size, and functionality in different rooms. Here you can find the various types of low-seated sofas and their specific features.

1. Flex Sofa

Just as the name suggests, these are very flexible and versatile low-seated sofas. They come with ingenious backrests that can be modified and transformed from a sofa to a chaise and then to a free-standing bed.

As a result of its flexibility, flex sofas can be rearranged and used for several purposes. You can rearrange them to suit the type of design style you choose to implement.

They can also be used as separate pieces, and if your family is the type that hosts friends and guests regularly, a flex sofa is the best fit for your living room.

2. Low Sectional Sofa

Low Sectional Sofa

Low-sectional sofas are the most popular type of low-seated sofa. They are classy, fancy, and very suitable for improving the aesthetics of your room.

Similar to flex sofas, low-sectional sofas are very versatile, and you can arrange them to suit the shape of your room. They can be arranged in the L shape, U shape, and every other shape that works for your room.

This type of low-seated sofa also offers you extra room space that makes it easier for you to move around freely in the living room, thereby making your room look bigger than it is.

This additional space can also be used to add extra pieces of furniture.

With a Low Sectional sofa, more than one person can lie down and relax comfortably at a time. Low-sectional sofas are long enough to allow the entire family to snuggle up together while watching a movie or your favorite reality show.

To suit your living room decor, you can order a custom-made low-sectional sofa with the right color, accessories, and fabric to suit your taste.

Low sectional sofas can also be used to separate space and thereby create different zones in a larger living room.

3. Low Chaise Lounge

Low Chaise Lounge

The addition of a chaise to the low seated sofa is one of the newly incorporated practical variations of modern furniture makers. The chaise is practical and has made low-seated sofas more appealing and stylish.

A low chaise lounge gives you an opportunity to not only sit back, relax and unwind, but also put your feet up. When you arrive from work, a chaise lounge sofa gives you the perfect place to relax before going to bed.

The chaise is either stationed on the left or the right of your low-seated sofa, and some low chaise sofas also come with a headrest that you can fold up and down.

Furthermore, the chaise can also function as an extra bed. If a family member is sick, he or she can lie down on the chaise rather than go into the bedroom. This will also allow you to monitor their actions.

Chaise Lounge sofas also come in various shapes and sizes. Hence offering you a plethora of choices to select from to suit the decor of your room. Make sure you check the frame of the low chaise lounge to ensure durability before buying.

4. Low Loveseat Sofa

Low Loveseat Sofa

Do you want a low-seated sofa that gives your room a simple and cleaner look? Then the low loveseat sofa is what you are looking for. This type of low-seated sofa can only seat two people at a time.

The low loveseat sofa is best suited for a new and young couple that are yet to have kids. It offers you and your better half a place where you can cuddle up together while watching a movie.

The low loveseat sofa is suitable for small living rooms as they don’t take up much space. This piece of furniture is also very versatile and can fit into various rooms in the house.

Low loveseat sofas help you save space, and they can also help you save money because some of them can also be converted into a bed when the need arises.

Another advantage of the low loveseat sofa is that it can be matched with all types of decor. You can choose loveseat sofas to match your traditional, country, and modern decor.

5. Low Leather Sofa

Low Leather Sofa

The best part about having a low leather sofa is that it is easy to clean and very durable. With a low leather sofa, you never have to worry about anything spilling on your sofa.

A low leather sofa in your living room signifies class and shows that you value quality products that last for a long time.

Like a fine wine, a low leather sofa gets even better as time passes by. The low leather sofa like a leather chesterfield sofa doesn’t age and maintains a timeless look.

As time passes, rather than get worn out, the leather’s natural fibers allow the sofa to keep its form and look. The more you use your leather sofa, the softer it becomes. It also gives your room an eclectic and sophisticated look.

6. Minimalist Low Modern Sofa

Minimalist Low Modern Sofa

Cost-effective, easy to maintain, cleaner, and more welcoming. These are the qualities of a minimalist low modern sofa.

A minimalist modern sofa uses simple designs and does not use large sofas. Hence, it helps you save money and keeps your living room free of clutter.

The minimalist low modern sofa also signifies that you believe that less is more, and as a result, you only keep the necessary furniture. This also brings an air of calmness to your room.

The minimalist low-modern sofa is astoundingly beautiful and infers an ethereal and downplayed elegance that is used to achieve a stylish aesthetic.

7. Bean Bags

Bean Bags

Bean bag is a low-seating sofa that is inviting and adds fun to your living room. Bean bags are cozy, homey, practical, and supportive.

For a family with kids, bean bags would be a great addition to your living room as they would be a major hit with the kids.

Bean bags are very soft and can morph to fit anyone who sits on it. If your house’s decor is minimalist, modern, or contemporary, you can add a bean bag to complement your room’s aesthetic.

Bean bags are a good fit not only for your living room but for your bedroom as well. Despite their unconventional nature, bean bags are also suitable in offices and not just in homes.

Bean bags also have some amazing health benefits.

Contrary to most of the other low-seated sofas, bean bags do not force your body into an unnatural posture; they morph to fit your body shape. So, if you suffer from body aches and pains, a bean bag is a good option for you. It supports your spine and is therapeutic for your back pain.

By not forcing your body into an unnatural posture, bean bags allow your muscles to relax and drain your body of tension, thereby reducing tension headaches. Get a bean bag today, and you can thank us later.

For every low-seated sofa, the best way to know which one is most suitable for you is to sit and test it. Make sure you sit down on many sofas and try to imitate how you will sit on them at home.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Low-Seated Sofa

While low-seated sofas are very stylish and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a living room, they are not suitable for all families. A low-seated sofa will be very uncomfortable for a family whose members are tall. These sofas are more suited to short adults or people of normal height.

This is because the lowness of the sofa will make them unable to place their knees properly. Instead, their legs will be sprawled in an ungraceful manner on the floor. This will have an adverse effect on their posture and can even lead to aches and pains in their knees.

Also, if you or any of your family members have a history of neck pains and backaches, you shouldn’t buy a low-seated sofa. A low-seating sofa can not give you the appropriate lumbar support that you need.

Lumbar support can relieve you of your aches and pains. Instead, a high sofa with a straight back is the best option for you. A person with backache will find it difficult to go down low to the sofa and even harder to get back up.

Another factor to consider is the size of the space where you want to place your sofa. Before going to the store to get your sofa, make sure you measure the space where you want to sit the sofa. This will also help you to determine whether to get an L-shaped low seated sofa or a U-shaped one.

When measuring the space for your sofa, make sure you leave enough space for free movement in and around the sofa. Your sofa mustn’t cover the entire space or blend into your walls; otherwise, they won’t be noticeable.

Before buying a low-seated sofa, you have to consider your television’s position. Low-seated sofas are compatible with living rooms where the TV is on a low stand.

This will make it easy for your line of sight when watching TV. If your TV is fixed high on the wall, do not buy a low-seated sofa; otherwise, watching TV will be an uncomfortable experience.

Ensure that the fabric and cushion of the sofa are comfy. When checking the fabric of the sofa, don’t check for color alone; make sure the fabric is strong and stable. Hold up the fabric to light; if you can see through it, then it’s not of good quality.

For your cushion, select a sofa where the cushion’s innerspring is wrapped and filled with foam and feathers.

With this type of cushion, your sofa is bound to last longer and feel more comfortable. Do not forget your frame. You can test the frame of your sofa by raising one leg of the sofa; if the other legs remain on the ground, then the sofa’s frame is not good enough.

Another important factor to consider before buying a low-seated sofa is your decor. Ensure you buy a low-seated sofa that complements the decor of your room. Low-seated sofas are the best option for modern and contemporary decor, but they are also very versatile and can be customized to fit any decor.

Lastly, low-seated sofas are just as expensive as they are stylish. It is best to draw up a budget to keep your spending in check. The best option is to shop online. Many online furniture stores offer discounts and sales on various furniture.

You can find high-quality furniture, compare the price and quality of the material and then choose the one that is best suited for your home. What’s more, some of these online stores also offer free shipping on certain items.