Shower Head Height
| Updated January 12, 2023 | Published April 7, 2021

When remodeling a bathroom, you might be wondering how high you should fix your shower head to the wall. Interestingly there are no official guidelines or set requirements when it comes to shower head height, and instead, you can fit it to work with your own circumstances and preferences.

Shower Curtain Heights
| Updated July 20, 2022 | Published March 28, 2021

A shower curtain is an unavoidable element to every bathroom unless you are a ninja with the shower handle and don’t see a point in having curtains. Since you are here, we will assume that you are interested in buying a shower curtain and want to make it fit perfectly with your bathroom.

How Tall Should a Shower Door Be
| Updated June 6, 2021 | Published March 23, 2021

A shower door is a permanent alternative to standard shower curtains. These doors are much easier to clean and do a great job of keeping water off your bathroom floor. Adding a shower door to your bathroom design is a simple and inexpensive way to transform the look of your space, but when it comes to planning such an addition, you’ll need to know all the dimensions so you can select the correct shower door.

How to use phone in the shower
| Updated January 18, 2024 | Published February 14, 2021

Having a shower without access to your phone can be a frustrating experience, especially if you’re a tech addict. Just imagine if you could use your phone in the shower and take selfies as you wash, have a quick check on your emails or monitor the stock market.

Shower Flooring Options
| Updated July 27, 2021 | Published February 6, 2021

It’s not something you think about until it’s time to install a new shower. You may not have even noticed what shower floors are typically made of. So, what are your options? Following are the common materials to choose from, though you might have thought of some of them.

Gray Tile Bathroom What Color Walls
| Updated October 22, 2022 | Published January 2, 2021

Gray is a versatile color that can stand out on its own thanks to the many hue variations it comes in. If you have a gray tile bathroom and are wondering what color walls will work best, you’ll be surprised to know all your options. Pairing gray with pops of bold colors will add depth to a bathroom space, but the trick is to use the right combination of colors that go with gray.

How To Cover Bathroom Wall Tiles
| Updated September 19, 2022 | Published January 1, 2021

Are you fed up with looking at those unsightly old tiles in your bathroom and want to know how to beautify your space? You may have considered removing the old tiles and replacing them with new ones, but this can be a costly and time-consuming job. A simpler and less expensive solution is to hide the old tiles instead of replacing them.

Shower Valves
| Updated December 23, 2020 | Published December 23, 2020

If you are renovating your shower room, you’ll need to get to grips with the various different types of shower valves available. Fortunately, there are only two main types of shower valves in terms of functionality, and these are the thermostatic shower valves that regulate temperature and manual shower valves that do not regulate temperature.

Shower curtains with matching window curtains
| Updated November 15, 2021 | Published December 22, 2020

Shower curtains are one of the most versatile design pieces in your bathroom. There are numerous styles, colors and patterns to choose from, which give your bathroom an aesthetically pleasing look. When it comes to deciding on the best shower curtain, a matching window curtain may be the last thing on your list, but did you know these items can give a cohesive appearance to your bathroom? 

Toilet Brands
| Updated October 21, 2022 | Published December 22, 2020

If you’re renovating your bathroom, or you need to replace an old broken toilet, you might be surprised to learn about the many different brands of toilet there are for you to choose from. If you thought all toilets are created equal, then you would be wrong, as toilet quality, functionality, style, efficiency, and even comfort can vary hugely between each toilet brand.

Types of Toilets
| Updated February 19, 2024 | Published December 16, 2020

If you’re renovating your bathroom or need to replace an outdated or broken toilet, you’ll be interested to know that there are a wide variety of options available. Whether your focus is on functionality, design, or efficiency, there are many types of toilets on the market that could suit your needs. To learn about the different types of toilets available, as well as how they flush and what other features you might want to consider, browse this informative guide.

Shower Wall Options
| Updated November 29, 2020 | Published November 27, 2020

If you’re thinking of beautifying your bathroom by fitting a new and stylish shower wall, you’ll be pleased to know you have many options out there. Upgrading your shower is the best way to make an impact and even increase your home’s resale value.