How to Get Rid of Black Worms in Bathroom and Prevent Them From Returning

Have you noticed an infestation of black worms in your bathroom lately and worried that these little creatures will bring disease or even cause damage to your home? Then worry no more! There are a number of ways to get rid of black worms in the bathroom and prevent them from coming back. Read on to know more.

Where Do Black Worms Come From?

Since black worms are almost always found around bathroom drainage outlets, their point of entry is from the drain pipes. But the question is, how do they end up there?

Clogged or jammed pipes are the breeding ground for black worms and drain flies. These creatures survive on soap scum and organic matter that exist inside the drainage. The worms are also attracted to other moist areas of the bathroom.

If not controlled, black worms can infest the bathroom since their eggs only take 2 days to hatch into larvae. Once the larvae have entered the pupal stage, within 3 weeks they become adult worms. It is, therefore, necessary to locate the breeding areas and deal with the infestation quickly.

To locate the breeding sites, place a piece of tape in the areas you suspect the worms to be. Check the tape after a few days to see if any black worms are stuck to it. Once you’ve found their location, follow our suggestions to kill the worms and stop them from returning.

How to Deal with Black Worms in Bathroom

How to Deal with Black Worms in Bathroom

Clean Your Bathroom Drainage From Outside

Cleaning the bathroom pipes from the outside is an effective way of eliminating black worms from your bathroom. Doing this removes the larvae deposits and dirt that attract the black worms.

To clean the pipes from the outside, pour some hot water over the drain to loosen the sludge. You may also use a metal pipe brush to clean the excess dirt from the pipes. Use a drainage cleaning gel to cover the sides of the pipe and remove the waste. Leave the cleaning gel for several hours before flushing it out with hot water.

Spray the Pipes With Insecticide

Insecticides and chemical sprays are highly effective in killing adult black worms that have remained in the pipes after cleaning the larvae. Since cleaning the larvae isn’t enough to ensure the worms won’t return, you should spray the drain pipes with insecticide. Mix the insecticide with water as per the instructions but make sure you follow the directions carefully.

Flush Out the Larvae

Flushing out the black worms by pouring hot water in the pipes is an easy way of getting rid of these creatures. To maximize results, pour some sodium bicarbonate every morning followed by hot water. Repeat this three times a week from the week after.

If you don’t have any sodium bicarbonate on hand, pouring strong bleach in the toilet will also keep these annoying creatures out. You can do this twice a week until no more signs of black worms are found in your bathroom.

Use Household Cleaning Agents

Bleach isn’t a chemical-free cleaning agent so if you prefer using a toxic-free household cleaner, go for baking soda to remove the eggs from your bathroom pipes. Ensure the drainage pipes are clean before pouring the baking soda in there. This method should be done every week to eliminate the black worms completely.

Pour Distilled Vinegar in the Pipes

Another chemical-free cleaning solution is distilled white vinegar. This method is effective in killing the larvae that sticks to the inside of the drain pipes. To maximize results, you can add baking soda to the vinegar but never anything else, such as bleach as the treatment may produce chlorine gas, which is poisonous to humans. Pour one cup of vinegar into the drain pipe, leave it for a few hours to work and then wash with hot water.

Clear Clogged Pipes

Black worms love feeding on grime inside clogged pipes. To clean the jammed drain pipes, use a stiff brush. If you feel uncomfortable with this task, call an expert cleaning company to do it for you. By cleaning the bathroom pipes regularly, you’ll lessen the chances of these slimy creatures breeding in your bathroom.

What If You Still Have Black Worms in the Bathroom?

If you’ve tried all the above methods and your bathroom is still plagued with black worms, then the problem may be more serious. At this point, you should consider removing the actual pipes where the clog has occurred. It may be best to contact a plumber for this task.

By physically removing the clogged pipes in the sink and shower, you’ll be able to locate the actual clogs where the worms are crawling around. If the problem persists, contact a professional exterminator to check for broken  plumbing underneath your home. Normally, a thorough cleaning of the bathroom pipes will solve the worm problem, but you can also try the following methods:

Use a Trap

Once you’ve cleaned all your bathroom pipes and had them inspected, place traps on the drainage in order to prevent the black worms from reentering. Be sure to replace the traps as and when necessary.

Seal Off Entry Points

Identifying any gaps or holes where these creatures can enter through will solve the root cause of the problem. Seal the holes but don’t block the drainage. You may also spray the entry points with insecticide or diluted vinegar to repel the black worms. If you’re not sure where the entry points in your bathroom are, have a professional pest control company to inspect it.

Cleanliness is one of the best ways to prevent black worms from entering your bathroom. Always make sure your toilet and shower area is dirt-free and there are no gaps or entry holes. Replace any old sewer pipes by hiring a plumber, and call a professional pest control company to help you deal with these unsightly pests in your home.