How to Choose a Double Vanity Mirror Size

Are you considering adding two vanity mirrors in your bathroom? This could be one of the best ways to spruce up that part of your house. Double vanity mirrors not only enhance the look of your bathroom but can also help maintain harmony in your household. Let’s just say that your spouse would love it when you each have your vanity mirrors to look at, especially during a busy Monday morning.

You may have agreed to add a double vanity mirror in your room, but the next question you likely have in mind is: ‘what is the ideal size for double vanity mirrors?’ You may also be wondering how to place double vanity mirrors in your bathroom.

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Standard Double Vanity Mirror Sizes

Standard Double Vanity Mirror Sizes

If you’re convinced or determined to have double vanity mirrors in your bathroom, then you should have an idea as to the ideal size of the vanity mirrors you should be getting.

The size of a bathroom vanity mirror will largely depend on the size of the vanity. As a refresher, vanity pertains to the bathroom cabinetry that holds the sink and conceals associated plumbing. It covers the bathroom sink and the storage surrounding it. Bathroom vanities may be made from various materials but are often water-resistant because these are placed in the biggest wet area in the house.

A good rule of thumb for the standard bathroom vanity size is to have a mirror a few inches shorter than the width of the countertop of the bathroom vanity. This guide applies to both a single or double vanity mirror.

For example, if the vanity countertop has a width of 24 inches, then you should look for single or double vanity mirrors that are around 22 inches wide. For 30-inch-bathroom vanities, find mirrors that are 28 inches wide, and so on.

You can also use sinks as the guide in determining the appropriate double vanity mirrors. If your bathroom has two sinks on a large vanity, refer to the bowl size of the sinks. Again, you’d want to remove a couple of inches from the vanity mirror. Let’s say that you have a couple of 30-inch sinks in your bathroom. Therefore, you should place mirrors that are 28 inches wide or even smaller.

Once you have determined the right width of vanity mirrors for your bathroom, you’ll then have to decide on the vanity height. It’s recommended that you leave at least two inches of space from the countertop. But this would also depend on the overall length of the vanity mirror.

It also helps to know the other dimensions of your bathroom, including the height of the sink, faucet, and ceiling. These numbers can help you in determining the most suitable mounting height for the mirror. A good rule of thumb to follow is to hang the mirror with its center at least 60 inches above the ground.

Other Factors to Consider in Choosing Double Vanity Mirrors

Mirror Shape

Mirror Shape

Aside from the size of the double vanity mirrors, you should also consider the shape. Let’s not assume that all bathroom mirrors are shaped either square or rectangular. You can find double vanity mirrors in interesting shapes like oval and hexagonal. Therefore, finding the right space for these mirrors will not necessarily revolve around the size of the vanity.

If you are to some oval or round mirror sets, you can refer to the diameter in determining the size and overall spacing. A good rule of thumb to follow is that the distance between the mirrors must be equal to the divide between the sinks.

But what if there’s only one sink? You can simply mount the first mirror three inches from the left edge of the vanity. Then place the other mirror three inches from the right side.

Types and Placement of Light Fixtures

Types and Placement of Light Fixtures

Also important in determining the size and placement of the double vanity mirrors is the type and placement of the light fixtures.

For example, if you have a light bar in the bathroom, you must line it upright in the middle of the gap between the hanging mirrors. This tactic will give a visually pleasing look not just on the mirrors but the entire bathroom as it would appear that everything is neat and balanced.

But you’ll need a different approach if you have sconces in your bathroom. A sconce is a kind of lighting fixture affixed to the wall and commonly directed downwards.

You’d want the sconces mounted at an equal distance on both sides of the vanity mirrors. For instance, say that you have a sconce mounted on the far left and three inches from the longest edge of the mirror. You’ll need to add another sconce on the opposite side of the same mirror. Repeat this for the second double vanity mirror.

Opting for a Large Mirror

Opting for a Large Mirror

You may also be thinking of just mounting one large mirror instead of two vanity mirrors. With one large mirror, you won’t have to determine the spacing between double vanity mirrors or even the right size of vanity mirrors for your bathroom.

If you are going this route, you should choose a mirror that’s at least four inches shorter than the total space of your vanity area. For instance, if the rectangular vanity in your bathroom measures 60 inches, you should get a mirror that’s 56 inches long.

You should also mount the mirror in such a way that there will be two inches of a gap on both sides. This way, you can achieve a balanced and cohesive appearance in your bathroom.


Determining the size and placement of double vanity mirrors isn’t an easy job because of the numerous factors to consider. These include the shape and size of your bathroom, the type of vanity you have, and your lighting choices. All these factors can determine how and where you mount your double vanity mirrors.

Still, you can refer to the tips shared in this article when deciding on the size of the double vanity mirrors as well as their placement in your bathroom.