What Color is Mocha? What Colors to Pair with Mocha

This extensive article will explain all about the mocha color. We’ll uncover what mocha color is, what it really means, how to use it in home decor, and some brilliant colors that compliment mocha color.

What is Mocha Color?

What is Mocha Color

Mocha brown is the color of rich, warm coffee and chocolate. It’s earthy, grounding, and associated with nature.

Mocha is a darker shade of brown, closer to tan, and it gets its name from the Spanish word for “coffee.” For this reason, it’s not uncommon for mocha to be confused with other shades that are similar in tone—in particular, the color of coffee and cocoa powder.

But if you look closely at the true mocha brown color, you’ll see subtle variations: there will be more red undertones and less yellow than in lighter shades like caramel or taupe.

This tone is often associated with coffee due to their shared name. The word mocha comes from the Spanish word for “coffee,” which makes sense given that this color is often associated with coffee. It’s a common color name, and there are many shades of it available in paint and fabric swatches.

When you think of mocha, you probably imagine something dark brown like a chocolate cake. But some people have been known to use the term mocha to refer to lighter shades like tan or medium brown.

So if someone asks if they can borrow your new “mocha” pantsuit, don’t get confused! If they’re looking for a dress that matches their skin tone, they’ll be more likely talking about tan or brown than medium-darkness (unless they happen to have very light skin).

The precise hue of mocha has varied over time, sometimes more red than brown and other times more tan than brown. Mocha, the name of the port in Yemen where coffee was first exported to Europe, is used as a synonym for mocha.

Other shades of coffee include café au lait (coffee with milk), café con leche (a sweetened drink made with hot milk and vanilla in Latin America), and cafe late (an espresso).

Chocolate has sometimes been used as a synonym for mocha. Mocha is comparable to the color of milk chocolate.

Mocha Hex Codes

There are different interpretations and variations of the mocha color with #967969 representing a light, softly-saturated shade of brown. However, you may also encounter variations of mocha with different HEX codes, such as the slightly paler mocha shade of #C0A392.

Mocha Color Symbolism

Mocha color symbolism is all about the balance between light and dark. This versatile color can be perceived as warm or cool depending on its context, making it a good choice for many different types of rooms.

Mocha works best in spaces where you like to take things easy and relax. It’s also an excellent contrast to white or black decorating schemes, as it adds just enough warmth to balance out those cool colors’ starkness.

How to Use Mocha in Home Decor

How to Use Mocha in Home Decor

Mocha is a rich shade of brown. It’s a chocolate color. It’s a rich, deep brown with warm undertones. Mocha is the perfect shade to paint your walls if you’re looking for something that’s not black but still has some edge.

This rich and sexy color can be used as a wall color for a warm, inviting room. Mocha pairs well with white, green, and other neutral tones. It’s also a good choice for bedrooms or bathrooms since it is a warm, relaxing color.

Mocha works especially well in spaces where the walls are already dark, like kitchens and master bedrooms. Because of its richness and depth, it’s also great for adding warmth and dimension to small spaces where white might feel too stark or distracting (such as bathrooms).

Mocha is a neutral color that has earthy undertones. It’s also versatile enough to complement any design style, from modern to vintage. Here’s everything you need to know about this classic shade.

Mocha is typically defined as a combination of brown and beige or taupe, but it can also include hints of blue, red, and orange depending on the lighting conditions in which it appears.

This makes mocha one of the most versatile paint colors out there—it works well with other neutrals like white and gray but can also pair well with bright hues like yellow or red for an unexpected twist on your space!

Mocha brown is a warm color that evokes feelings of nature, warmth, and comfort. The hue can be applied as an accent, or it can be worked into your overall palette to create an earthy look. It’s versatile enough to be paired with other neutrals like taupe or grey while still providing a bit of contrast.

Mocha brown can be used any time you want to create a look that feels warm and inviting. It’s versatile, works with many colors, and can be used to create different moods in every room of your home. Here are some ideas for how to use it:

  • Living room: If you’re looking for a warm and cozy living room, mocha brown is the perfect color choice. Choose a pair of leather chairs in mocha brown with an area rug in the same hue for maximum effect.
    If you want something more formal or modern, try pairing your sofa with dark-stained wood beams on the ceiling or wall decor made from metal pipes painted black.
  • Bedroom: A bedroom doesn’t have to be white or black to feel modern; it just needs some color! Try painting your wall mocha brown, so it doesn’t clash with your bedding or furniture—you can always add accents later if necessary.
    For example, if you’re going with white sheets and pillows, then choose darker pillows, so there’s still contrast between those pieces of furniture and their surroundings; this will make them stand out more effectively than lighter colored ones would have done before making themselves known against such stark backgrounds!
  • Bathroom: The bathroom might seem like an odd place

What Colors to Pair with Mocha

Here are some colors that go well with mocha brown:

Light green

Shade Hex Code CMYK Color Code (%) RGB Color Code Color
Mocha #bb9f91 cmyk(0%, 15%, 22%, 27%) rgb(187, 159, 145)  
Light Green #8be78b cmyk(40%, 0%, 40%, 9%) rgb(139, 231, 139)  

Light green is a refreshing color and looks good with mocha brown. If you want a fresh look, try pairing mocha brown with light green. This will make your room look bright and airy.

It’s also a good choice for those who want something on the neutral side but still have a little color in their space. You can use this color to add some character to your living room or bedroom walls.


Shade Hex Code CMYK Color Code (%) RGB Color Code Color
Mocha #bb9f91 cmyk(0%, 15%, 22%, 27%) rgb(187, 159, 145)  
White #ffffff cmyk(0%, 0%, 0%, 0%) rgb(255, 255, 255)  

In general, white goes well with any color because it gives off a clean feeling that is welcoming for visitors and family members alike. White is the color of purity, and it goes well with mocha brown because it helps to lighten things up.

White also can be used as a contrast to mocha brown, for example, white trim on your cabinets or white accents on your dining room table.

If you’re looking for a subtle yet stylish look for your home, consider adding white accents throughout each room—this will help enhance the overall feel of the space without being too overwhelming or distracting from other elements of design around it (like artwork).

Purple (artistic)

Purple Mocha

Shade Hex Code CMYK Color Code (%) RGB Color Code Color
Mocha #bb9f91 cmyk(0%, 15%, 22%, 27%) rgb(187, 159, 145)  
Purple #8e758a cmyk(0%, 18%, 3%, 44%) rgb(142, 117, 138)  

If you love purple, then this is the color for you. Purple is the color of royalty and esteemed authority. It’s been associated with power, wealth, and luxury for thousands of years.

Purple has been used throughout history as both royalty’s favorite shade as well as an important symbol of wisdom throughout many ancient civilizations like Greece and Egypt.

However, its association with luxury doesn’t mean it should only be used sparingly when decorating because purple can go beautifully with darker shades like browns due to how complementary they are together!

To create more balance in terms of color intensity between these two hues, try pairing muted tones such as lavender against darker ones like chocolate browns while avoiding brighter options such as periwinkle blue, which could overpower everything else.”

Purple is also a passionate and dramatic color that evokes feelings of luxury, desire, and drama. In fact, it’s one of the most romantic colors in nature!

Purple has been associated with spirituality since ancient times as well—you can see evidence of this in many different cultures around the world.

In addition to being a royal color in ancient Rome, it was also used by monks to show their devotion to God (think about how many Catholic churches have purple robes).

Black (modern)

Black Mocha

Shade Hex Code CMYK Color Code (%) RGB Color Code Color
Mocha #bb9f91 cmyk(0%, 15%, 22%, 27%) rgb(187, 159, 145)  
Black #000000 cmyk(0%, 0%, 0%, 100%) rgb(0, 0, 0)  

Black and brown are a classic pairing that you can never go wrong with. You might think that black and brown are only good for creating a quiet, elegant look, but they can also give your modern space some serious edge.

The key to pulling off this color combination in a stylish way is to use shades of each hue—not just one or the other.

Let’s go through some examples: if you want a more classic look, start with black furniture and then add touches of brown accents like rugs or throw pillows:

If you want something more modern, however, try using all shades of brown for your furniture and accessories, then adding in hints of black throughout:

Gold (elegant)

Gold Mocha

Shade Hex Code CMYK Color Code (%) RGB Color Code Color
Mocha #bb9f91 cmyk(0%, 15%, 22%, 27%) rgb(187, 159, 145)  
Gold #d5a568 cmyk(0%, 23%, 51%, 16%) rgb(213, 165, 104)  

Gold is warm and inviting but also has a hint of glamour. It can be used for a modern, glamorous look. Pair mocha brown with gold for an elegant accent color that brings the room together.