How To Take Apart A Sectional Sofa (In 6 Steps)

Sectional sofas are incredibly versatile, and this is one of the primary reasons why they have become such a sought-after piece of furniture.

Sectional sofas are typically quite bulky, which means they won’t be suitable for moving through a doorway in one piece, but they are easily portable due to the fact that they break down into sections. Here we look at how you should go about taking apart your sectional sofa.

There are many reasons why you might need to disassemble your sectional sofa, for example, if you are moving home or you want to move your sofa into a different room within your house. Or, you may have bought a secondhand sectional sofa, and you have to take it to pieces in order to be able to get it into your lounge.

Whatever your reason is for needing to take your sectional to pieces, you’ll need to do so carefully and in a particular order to avoid causing damage to your sofa. You’ll also want to make a note of how the sofa disassembles so that you can be sure to put it back together properly once you have moved it.

What is a Sectional Sofa?

What is a Sectional Sofa

Most people consider a sectional sofa to be any sofa that comes in an L-shape or U-shape or has a leg rest or chaise attached to the end.

However, the name ‘sectional sofa’ more accurately describes exactly what this piece of furniture is; it is a sofa that comes in sections. This makes it the ideal choice of sofa for anyone who is worried about getting a new sofa through their front door or anyone who lives in an apartment building and can’t get a regular sofa up the stairs.

The way that sectionals come apart for moving also makes them ideal for people who don’t have a large truck to transport a typical sofa or anyone who is moving by themselves and physically can’t carry a regular sofa alone. Since sectionals come apart into more manageable, individual pieces, it is possible to move a sectional sofa from one room to another entirely by yourself.

Step-by-Step Sectional Sofa Disassembly

  1. First of all, remove anything that is on the sectional sofa that’s going to get in the way of taking it to pieces. For most people, this will include throw cushions and blankets. Set these aside in a safe place so you can return them to their home on the sofa later.
  2. Next up, you should remove any of the sofa cushions which are not attached to the sofa. The type of sectional you have is going to determine whether the sofa cushions can be removed, as some types of sectionals have cushions which are stitched into place. Some may have cushions attached via zips or velcro, and some may have cushions that are fixed into place using buttons. However, your cushions are attached to the sofa; they should be removed where possible.
  3. Once the cushions have been safely set aside, you should now be able to see the frame of your sectional, which will reveal how it can be taken apart. Most sectionals will come apart at the corners, where one row of seats joins the next row of seats. For many L-shaped sectionals, the main frame of the sofa will come apart into two separate pieces, while for U-shaped sectionals, these will generally be taken apart into three separate pieces of the frame. This isn’t always the case, though, and some sectionals can be completely disassembled, with each seat having its own frame that can be separated from the adjoining seat.
  4. Having identified which parts of the sofa can come apart, you’ll need to get to work on actually separating them. This could involve using a screwdriver or Allen key, or it may just be a case of unclipping the fixings on the sofa frame. Be sure to use the correct tools where needed, and avoid power tools, as these can cause damage to the sectional.
  5. If the feet or legs of your sectional sofa can be removed, then you should remove them and store them in a safe place at this point. Sofa legs are very vulnerable to scrapes and breakages, especially when being transported from one home to another, so these should be stored separately to prevent any damage. Most sofas will have legs that can be twisted to unscrew them for removal, though some may require tools.
  6. Now that your sofa has been broken down into multiple pieces, it’s a good idea to label each piece so that you know how to put the sofa back together. Any small parts, such as screws and clips, should be put in a small bag or box and clearly labeled so that they don’t get lost or mistakenly thrown away during your house move. It’s also a good idea to clean the separate components of the sectional sofa at this point so that you aren’t moving crumbs and dirt into your new home.

Sectional Sofa Assembly

To reassemble a sectional sofa that you have taken apart, first set out the main frame of the sofa in the position where it should go, and reattach the legs or feet.

Next, fix the frame back together using the appropriate tools and gently pull it to make sure it is secure. Finally, you can add the sofa cushions back onto the sectional and set your throw pillows and cushions back into their original places.

Benefits of a Sectional Sofa

Benefits of a Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas have always been popular, and this demand continues to grow for a good reason. There are many benefits of sectional sofas, which make them so appealing to a wide audience.


The portability factor of sectional sofas is one of their main advantages. These types of sofas can come apart into multiple pieces, which makes them much easier to move from one room to another, or from one home to another.

You won’t need to struggle with carrying a heavy, bulky sofa through tight doorways or down flights of stairs, and instead can carry each individual piece of a sectional sofa with minimal stress and inconvenience.

Multiple seats

Sectional sofas typically have more seating spaces than an average sofa, generally with a minimum of 5 seats compared to a regular sofa’s 3 seats. The way that a sectional sofa is designed means that you can accommodate more people in a smaller amount of space, which is perfect for compact rooms, or simply if you want to maximize the available space in your home.

A 5 seater sectional sofa is going to take up less space than a 3 seater sofa and a 2 seater sofa positioned next to each other, so it will work well for anyone who wants plenty of seating space without using up unnecessary floor space.

Lavish look

The style of a sectional sofa can add a luxury feel to your home. Typically sectional sofas cost more than regular sofas, so they are considered by many as a sign of status and wealth. Adding a sectional sofa to your living room can therefore increase its functionality while also improving its appearance.