How to Hang Pinch Pleat Curtains in 7 Easy Steps

Pinch pleat curtains are elegantly decorated drapes thanks to their closely gathered heading and stitched top. While these types of curtains are seen as traditional, they never go out of style. In fact, they are the preferred option for anyone who wants extra privacy and light control.

You can have your pinch pleat curtains hung on either a track or pole. But the question is, how do you hang pinch pleat curtains for the smartest and most elegant finish? We have the answer right here.

Step-By-Step Guide to Hanging Pinch Pleat Curtains

Step 1: Make sure you have enough curtain rings if you are going to hang it on a pole or gliders if you’re going to hang the curtain on a track. For poles, use one ring between each outer bracket. You are now ready to insert the hooks.

Step 2: To put the hooks on, lay your pinch pleat curtain facing down on a flat surface and allow some space from the top of the curtain so you can adjust it later.

Step 3: Now start by inserting each hook into the curtain to one side of the pinch pleat. The hook must pierce through the material as well as the inner pleated material of the curtain. Push the hook all the way through so that it is visible.

Step 4: While holding the curtain, insert a few more hooks before hanging the pinch-pleated curtain on the track or pole. Check the bottom and top positions for a correct finish. If you need to readjust the hooks, hold a tape measure at the hook’s heading to mark the position it should be inserted. Now, gently push the straight part of the hook through the curtain top so that it’s sitting behind each pinched pleat. The flat piece of the curtain should sit at each end.

Step 5: Once you’re happy with your curtain hooks’ position, lay the curtain back on the flat surface and insert the rest of the hooks at the same distance from the curtain’s top. Every pleat should now have a hook.

Step 6: The outer edge of the curtain must also contain a hook. Ideally, you’ll want two hooks closely together on both inner and outer edges.

Step 7: You’re now ready to hang your pinch pleated curtains on either a pole or track.

Best Hooks to Use For Pinch Pleat Curtains

Best Hooks to Use For Pinch Pleat Curtains

It is important to note that you can’t use the same hooks for pencil pleat curtains on a pinch pleated curtain. Although the pinch pleat type hook looks similar to a pencil pleat (like the letter h), the top section of the hook has a sharp point. Since the pleats are sewn into the top part of these curtains, they either come as double or triple pleated, with which you can hang on a rod or track using special pinch pleated hooks in h shape.

These hooks can be pierced through each side of the pleated curtain. Alternatively, some hooks have a spike that can easily be slipped through the back of the pleat.

If you use the hooks that pierce through the side of the pleats, you will have a choice between 4 different heights, which means you can adjust the curtain’s height based on how much you want it off the floor.

Each hook comes in one size, so you must decide the exact spot you want to pierce them through the fabric. The following is a list of ready-made hooks for different-sized windows and pinch-pleated curtains:

  • For a 120 cm window, choose two curtains, each measuring 75 cm in width
  • For a 180 cm window: two curtains, each measuring 105 cm in width
  • For a 240 cm window: two curtains, each measuring 135 cm in width
  • For a 300 cm window: two curtains, each measuring 165 cm in width

If you have sheer pleated curtains, the hooks you choose look slightly different. These particular hooks for sheer pleated drapes are called pin hooks so you must get the height correct. The hook comes with a pin, which pushes through the seam at the back of the pleated curtain.

Good to Know

– Before hanging your pinch pleated curtains, make sure the number of curtain rings or gliders equals the number of hooks.

– The easiest way to hang your curtains is to start from the middle, working outwards. This allows you to add any extra rings if necessary without the need to take the curtains down.

– To check the correct width of your pinch pleated curtains, hold each drape up at the track or pole. Remember to allow a little overlap of around 1 inch in the middle so that you can fully close the curtains.

– If you’re using a track to hang your pinched pleated curtain on, be sure to count the fixed end stop in order to determine the number of rings needed for the hooks.

– To avoid the entire curtain sliding into the middle of the track when closing it, position the first ring on the outer edge of the curtain at the end of the pole. This will prevent any sliding movements after closing the pinch-pleated curtain.

– If you want to dress up your pinch pleated curtains, wait for a couple of weeks until they settle and for any creases or folds to drop out. To achieve a decorative and professional finish, take a strip of rope or ribbon and loosely tie it around each curtain. This will keep the pleats in place. Don’t remove the ribbon or rope for at least two days so that your curtain develops a unique and even-pleated look.

Wrapping it Up

Learning how to hang a pinch pleat curtain need not be a challenging task. If you follow our step-by-step guide, you’ll successfully achieve the desired look. Depending on your window height, you can choose the most appropriate size pinch pleated curtains for your living room or bedroom.