Rooms with Dark Walls and Light Floors
| Updated July 20, 2022 | Published June 26, 2022

If you want to create a dramatic look for the interior look of your home to play around with a room’s proportions, an easy trick is to paint your walls a dark color and your floors a light tone for contrast. Light color floors give the room a brighter feel and help it appear bigger than it really is.

What Color Goes with Caramel Walls
| Updated June 25, 2022 | Published June 25, 2022

Just like tan and beige, caramel is a neutral color that blends well with bold hues. When you have painted your walls caramel, a classy addition to your living or sleeping space is a combination of cool and warm tones for a perfect balance.

Wall Color for Cream Furniture Ideas for a Smart Interior
| Updated June 23, 2022 | Published June 23, 2022

Cream is a flexible color for furniture as this neutral shade allows you to explore a huge range of paint colors to pair with it. Whether you use your living room with cream furniture for entertaining guests or relaxation, you’ll need to plan an inviting interior for a calming effect. When it comes to deciding what wall color goes with cream furniture, you have a number of options.

Fun and Clever Ideas on How To Decorate Around A Wall Clock
| Updated August 2, 2022 | Published June 15, 2022

Are you thinking of how to decorate around a wall clock? A large, ornately designed wall clock is without doubt any room’s centerpiece. But the timepiece needs the same attractive decoration in its surroundings to complement its timeless beauty.

What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Walls
| Updated August 4, 2022 | Published June 8, 2022

To find out what color furniture goes with gray walls, we have put together some great ideas for matching and contrasting colors based on light gray and dark gray walls. Let’s browse through each idea now!

Standard Baseboard Size
| Updated July 22, 2022 | Published June 3, 2022

You’ll also have the option of purchasing it in pre-made packages or having it custom-made on-site by a carpenter. Baseboard trim comes in a variety of colors and heights typically ranging from 3 to 8 inches.

What Color Walls Go With A Tan Couch
| Updated August 5, 2022 | Published June 3, 2022

When choosing the right wall color to complement your tan couch, you must first consider how light or dark you want your room to appear. With this in mind, let’s now take a look at our pick of the wall paint colors that work with tan couch:

What Color Walls Go with the Brown Floor?
| Updated July 31, 2022 | Published May 26, 2022

If you have brown floors, then the options for wall colors that will coordinate are almost endless. Your choice will depend on the type of look you are trying to achieve, as well as the size of your space and the amount of natural daylight you get. Here we will look at stylish wall colors to pair with brown floors and suggested wall color choices for different brown floor types.

Sill Plate Replacement Cost
| Updated July 13, 2022 | Published May 15, 2022

The cost of sill plate replacement, on average, is about $100 per linear foot with the total cost being from $10,000 to $30,000.

Standard Calendar Size
| Updated July 19, 2022 | Published April 25, 2022

When shopping for calendars, it will quickly become apparent that there is no ‘one size fits all’ option. There are a variety of calendar sizes available to suit the varying needs of the user, though fortunately, there are a range of standard sizes which have been adopted to make choosing a calendar a little easier. Here we will look at the standard calendar sizes available and how they can be used.

Colors that go with light gray walls
| Updated November 16, 2023 | Published April 8, 2022

Light gray is a color that is achieved in its truest form by blending a small ratio of black with a large ratio of white. When it comes to wall paint, light gray is rarely presented as a true gray, and instead, it will have undertones of other colors. Light gray can be warm or cool, but most commonly, it has cool undertones of blue.

Creative Above TV Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space
| Updated April 7, 2022 | Published April 7, 2022

A TV on a stand or mounted to the wall can often look cold or out of place without any other wall decoration. Since the standard height for a TV on the wall is around 70 inches, the remaining empty space will give you room to play with. With a touch of imagination, you can easily transform the empty wall above the TV with some excellent decor ideas.