What Color Picture Frames Go With Gray Walls (6 Brilliant Options)

When you’ve painted your walls gray and are trying to decide what color picture frames to go with it, you have a few options to choose from. Since gray is a highly versatile color, it can easily blend with any other cool-toned or warm-toned color.

So what color picture frames work well with gray walls? Neutrals, including white, gray, black, and beige, all work on a gray background. But for a pop of color, you may also consider red and yellow or gold tones as a unique combination.

If you are looking for the most attractive frame options, here we have some recommendations, plus tips on arranging the best colors and sizes on your gray walls.

Picture Frames that Complement Gray Walls


Gray Complement Gray Walls

Gray picture frames come in many styles: from rustic or distressed wood to metal and smooth plastic. Gray frames are also available in numerous shades that are sure to complement or match the gray wall. If you wish to make your gray frames stand out, pick a shade lighter or darker for contrast. This allows the frames to become more prominent in a modern or traditional interior.

Some people prefer a subtle shade of gray for the frames. In this case, we recommend these frames be hung on darker gray walls for a seamless look. Using the same shade of gray as the wall can result in a monotonous look, which isn’t particularly desirable. Alternatively, some gray picture frames have an elegant shiny finish, which gives them the versatility to match any gray wall.


Black Complement Gray Walls

One of the most common picture frame colors is black. Black frames on gray walls can highlight the photo or serve as a contrast on light gray walls.

Therefore, if you are going to choose black frames for your gray walls, make sure the photos or pictures are in black and white in order to bring a balanced look to your wall decor. Since black goes with any other neutral or bold color, it can achieve an interesting visual effect against a light gray wall.

Black picture frames are ideal for anyone who is hesitant to use bold colors on their gray walls. As complementary colors, gray and black work very well together – regardless of the gray shade you’ve chosen for your walls. That said, it’s better to opt for light gray shades for more contrast with the black frame.


White Complement Gray Walls

White frames tend to make the wall space bigger. With this color, it is possible to make your picture stand out on a gray backdrop. Black and white photos look especially good with white frames on a gray wall. This bright, crisp color helps keep the focus on the picture rather than the frame.

While most wall colors look great with white frames, gray is one of those trendy picture frame paint colors that highlight your white frames. This color scheme is clean and crisp, which makes it perfect for contemporary or minimalist interior decor styles.

White frames contrast the gray walls and help the photo stand out, thus instantly capturing your guests’ attention. It doesn’t matter what shade of gray you choose for the walls, white frames create an open and bright vibe in any setting.


Red Complement Gray Walls

As a more daring picture frame color for your gray walls, inject some energy by opting for red frames. This color is instantly noticeable on the walls.

When paired with gray, this classic color can create a highly sophisticated look. Whether you go for dark red or a lighter option, such a color on light or dark gray walls can create a focal point, especially if the rest of your room’s furniture and decor is a neutral color. This helps keep the focus on the red picture frames, plus they add a fun vibe to your space.

Golden Tones

Golden Tones Complement Gray Walls

Since gray is often perceived as a color with metallic tones, why not hang yellow or gold picture frames on your wall for a classic combination? With light gray walls, we recommend bright yellow frames, while darker grays can be softened with golden tones.

The classic pairing of gold framed pictures on gray walls is sure to emit a sense of luxury and wealth, thus an ideal choice for formal dining rooms or living rooms. Whether you hang bright yellow or gold picture frames on your gray walls, this color scheme will bring an eye-catching visual interest to your space.


Blue Complement Gray Walls

Now how about creating a unique and revitalizing look by adding blue picture frames to your gray walls? This cool-toned color pairing goes well together, especially if your gray walls have a blue undertone. Blue is a calm and tranquil color that’s sure to add a refreshing touch to your walls. Although blue frames aren’t commonly found in stores, you can always make your own as a fun craft project.

Simply buy some unstained, dense hardwood boards, cut them to your desired length and width using a saw, paint them a bright blue finish and glue them together in a square shape. You can then insert a glass inside the frame before mounting your photo inside the frame.

Cover the backside of the glass with a piece of cardboard for a snug fit, together with tabs or screws to ensure the back of your picture frame stays firmly in place.

Which Picture Frame Type Goes Well with Gray Walls?

It’s not just the color of the picture frames on gray walls that you should decide on. It is also essential to pick the right frame type to complement your interior decor. There are some factors to consider when it comes to selecting the most suitable frame type or style.

There are numerous picture frame styles that are made of different materials and shapes, so it can be a little tricky to choose the best ones for your taste. First, start by considering the material of the piece. If it is made of metal or wood, how thick is it and does it suit your wall decor?

Metal or plastic picture frames are typically designed as a simple piece, which makes them ideal for minimalist interiors. The idea is to draw attention to the actual picture rather than the metal frame itself.

Wooden picture frames, on the other hand, are more ornately designed, thus perfect for art pieces or paintings. They bring warmth and elegance to any interior decor. These types of frames are often more expensive than metal or pressed plastic.

So what type of picture frame suits a gray wall most? We think metal works best on gray walls as gray is a metallic color. However, there are warm-toned gray shades that can be paired with wooden picture frames.

Can You Mix Frame Colors and Sizes?

When you want to hang more than one picture frame on your walls, you might not be sure how to arrange all the frames on the wall according to their sizes and colors.

Even if you don’t have identical picture frames, you can still mix and match them in the classic symmetrical style or like a gallery wall in different arrangements.

To create a unique combination and show off your personal taste, you might want to use contrasting picture frame colors on your wall in a variety of sizes. Just make sure you use the same frame type for a cohesive look.

A combination of dark and light colors works great on neutral walls, but if you want to add a pop of color to your neutral wall, go with bolder contrasting colors like reds and yellows. You may also alternative the color idea by choosing three of four colors arranged in a symmetrical pattern.


When it comes to deciding what picture color goes with gray walls, we shouldn’t underestimate the tones and types of the frames we choose. The overall design elements of your interior can also have an impact on the frame colors you choose. It is, therefore, important to think about any wall trim or molding as well as your floor colors.

All these elements, together with the undertone of your gray walls, can enhance the beauty of your chosen picture frames. While black and white picture frames are the safest colors to choose for gray walls, don’t be afraid to mix them with other bold colors.

How you arrange the frames on your wall is entirely up to you, but the color scheme should make an impact against the neutral backdrop. We hope our frame color ideas have helped you make the right selection for your interior.