9 Ideal 10×10 Bedroom Layouts For Small Rooms

Are you considering designing and decorating your 10×10 bedroom?

For urban residential houses and apartments, many times you can only have small bedrooms, typically a 10×10 one. But no worry, there are so many options when it comes to planning out a 10-foot by 10-foot bedroom. Check out these options for inspiration.

We also include in each design the floor plans with bed sizes and all necessary furniture and accessories in the room.

1. Large Mirror By the Wall

Large Mirror By the Wall

This clever design of a 10-foot by 10-foot bedroom makes the space feel much bigger than it is. By positioning a large mirror on the opposite wall to the window, the light reflects around the room and creates the illusion that the room is large and airy. 

You might think that a queen bed (80″ x 60″) would be too dominating in a 10-foot by 10-foot bedroom, but when centered on the wall with small and simple nightstands at either side, it looks sumptuous and relaxing. 

Choose furniture which is not too solid because being able to see walls or floor under the furniture also helps to create the feeling of additional space. This bedroom plan has achieved this by using nightstands with hairpin legs.

Check the room layout & plan here.

10x10 Bedroom Layout 1

2. Organized Room with Lots of Storage

Organized Room with Lots of Storage

This bedroom has positioned a twin bed against the longest wall, which helps to create much more usable floor space than if the bed was positioned in the center of a wall. For children’s bedrooms and teenagers’ bedrooms, storage is essential to keep the room organized and ensure it looks neat and tidy. 

In this bedroom plan, an entire wall has been dedicated to built-in storage, including a desk in an alcove which has been created by built-in closets. The twin bed (75″ x 38″) itself has also been considered as part of the built-in storage, which helps to save space and make the design look seamless.

Check the room layout & plan here.

10x10 Bedroom Layout 2

3. Storage Over Head

Storage Over Head

If you need your bedroom to double up as an office, then this 10-foot by 10-foot bedroom plan could work for you. Here the Queen bed is positioned in the center of one wall with built-in storage fitted around the sides and above it.

By having additional storage over the head of the bed, it means that space is freed up on the opposite wall, where you might usually find a closet. This space can then be utilized as a working space by installing a desk and office chair in the corner.

Despite having multiple pieces of furniture in a small space, this room doesn’t feel cramped because light colors have been used for almost all surfaces in the room, and the storage has mirrored doors. All of these things help to reflect light and create the impression of space.

See the room layout & plan here.

10x10 Bedroom Layout 3

4. Furniture In the Corner

Furniture In the Corner

Many people have a guest bedroom in their home, which rarely gets used because guests are obviously only temporary. To make use of your guest bedroom on a more regular basis without sacrificing a place for guests to sleep, you can position the twin bed against one wall and the remaining furniture in the corner of the room.

This creates a good bit of floor space which you could use to exercise or as a place for young children to play.

See the room layout & plan here.

10x10 Bedroom Layout 4

5. Make Use of an Alcove

Make Use of an Alcove

If your bedroom has an alcove, you might assume that this is a good spot to place a bookcase or chest of drawers. However, if the measurements are suitable, besides a full bed (74″ x 54″) you could actually fit an additional bed into a room with an alcove.

This will be ideal if you have a young child who needs to sleep in your bedroom or if you have guests with a child coming to stay. In rooms with multiple beds, fitted closets are ideal as they don’t intrude on the floor space.

See the room layout & plan here.

10x10 Bedroom Layout 5

6. Symmetrical Room For Two Kids

Symmetrical Room For Two Kids

For two children who are sharing a bedroom, one of the most attractive types of floor plans is for the furniture in the room to be symmetrical. This is not only very pleasing to the eye, but it will also keep the kids from arguing as they will each have one side of the room, which is almost identical to the other.

In this bedroom plan, the two small single beds have been positioned against the back wall and separated by a chest of drawers. This creates a surface that both children can use as a nightstand to put their books on, and it also doubles up as a useful item of storage for keeping clothing.

Mirrors have been fitted above the head of each bed which helps to reflect light, and the room has been painted white to further encourage the feeling of space and airiness. Bold flashes of color work well to bring the room together and give it a splash of personality.

See the room layout & plan here.

10x10 Bedroom Layout 6

7. Twin Beds Against Opposite Walls

Twin Beds Against Opposite Walls

This children’s bedroom or guestroom has maximized floor space by positioning two twin beds against opposite walls. The twin beds selected are day beds that double up as sofas during the day, which creates a perfect place for older kids to lounge or hang out with their friends.

Shelf and drawer units have been fitted at either side of the window, and though these are not custom-built, they give the effect of built-in furniture because they take up the majority of the wall. A window is sometimes considered a lost space on a wall.

However, in this room, the window has been utilized by placing a desk in front of it where children could complete homework or spend time coloring.

See the room layout & plan here.

10x10 Bedroom Layout 7

8. Bed First

Bed First

In this 10-foot by 10-foot bedroom plan, the Queen bed takes center stage. This is ideal if you are trying to achieve a relaxing space that begs you to spend extra time in bed. The focus is placed on the bed because it is in the center of the wall, and this has further been highlighted by the storage which frames the bed.

A rug has been used under the bed to further define the bed as being the prominent element of the room.

See the room layout & plan here.

10x10 Bedroom Layout 8

9. Bunk Bed For More Floor Space

Bunk Bed For More Floor Space

If you’re trying to fit two children into a 10-foot by 10-foot bedroom, then investing in a bunk bed is a good way to maximize floor space. This utilizes the height in the room and creates an additional sleeping space without taking up any more space than a twin bunk bed (measured at 75″ by 38″).

Shelving fitted to the wall also uses wall height to free up more floor space. This is a great design to maximize a room space where two children can sleep and can study together

See the room layout & plan here.

10x10 Bedroom Layout 9