What Color is Cherry Red? How to Use Cherry Red

Red has been an intense color tone and one of the most popular and saturated of its shades is cherry red. Learning the right use of cherry red will improve the aesthetics of your home and your life quality as well.

 Here we’ll learn all about cherry red, how to use and pair it in your home.

What is the Color Cherry Red?

What is the Color Cherry Red

Cherry red is a bright shade of red that is heavily saturated. It is a deep color that also contains some pink tones, though it is primarily red.

Cherry red is a very intense color that is said to be the same color as the outer skin of a ripe cherry. This color has a very warm temperature that is rich and alluring.

The Meaning of Cherry Red

Red is considered to be a passionate and seductive color, and this is especially true with the cherry shade of red. This color is a popular shade of lipstick and lingerie since it is suggestive of romance and intimacy.

Red can also be associated with rage and anger since it is a fiery and somewhat aggressive color. In fashion, red is used to express a bold personality and a fearless state of mind, and this can also translate to interior design.

Similar Colors to Cherry Red

Ruby red

Ruby red

Ruby red and cherry red are very similar shades, though ruby red has decidedly more pink tones in it. You might describe ruby red as a cross between red and dark pink, while the pink tones in cherry red are much less perceptible and it is instead a distinctly red shade.

Both of these colors are heavily saturated and are of similar brightness, so they could be used interchangeably in color schemes, though ruby red will present as a more girlish color, while cherry red gives off a slightly more mature and fierce vibe.

Blood red

Blood red

Blood red is another shade that has a lot of similarities with cherry red. The main difference here is the darkness between the two shades, with blood-red being marginally darker.

Blood red has some brown tones in it, while cherry red lacks these. As such, cherry red has a more vibrant appeal while blood-red can be used as a more subdued version of this shade.



Scarlet is one shade lighter than cherry red, so it has the same tones but is just marginally less intense. Scarlet is a vibrant shade of red that could be used in all of the same color schemes as ruby red since they are so similar.



Crimson is a distinctly medium and bright shade of red, which is several shades lighter than cherry red.

How to use Cherry Red in Home Decor

Statement art

Cherry red can be a difficult color to use in modern homes because it is very vivid, but you can use this quality to your advantage if you want to have a statement piece of art on display in a room.

Choose an artwork that has cherry red as the main color, and set it against a pure white or pale gray wall. The boldness of the red will ensure that the artwork is the central focus of the room, and you could add in some smaller accent pieces such as planters or a lampshade to tie the red into the wider color scheme in the space.

Retro style

Retro style

Cherry red is the ideal color to select if you want to create a retro diner-inspired look in a kitchen. This style can be achieved in a variety of different ways, either with red as your dominant color or as an accenting color.

Use cherry red with aqua blue and white for a quirky vintage look, using white paint for the walls, white kitchen cabinets, aqua blue tiles for the backsplash, and a mixture of cherry red and aqua blue accessories. Small appliances work really well in this style, such as a cherry red toaster or stand mixer or an aqua blender or kettle displayed on the countertop.

Alternatively, opt for a cherry red color scheme with white and black. A white and black checkered floor will look very retro, with glossy cherry red kitchen cabinets and black and white accessories. Opt for high-shine touches where you can, such as a for backsplash tiles and coffee canisters, as this will help to highlight the vintage diner style.

Accent color

Accent color

Cherry red works well as an accent color to draw the eye to particular areas of a room because it has such a bold and distinctive look.

If you want cherry red to make an impact, then use it as an accent color in a room amongst neutral or muted shades. This will work best if the dominant shades have cool undertones, as this will contrast against the warmth in the cherry red without creating too much tension.

A navy blue and white color scheme with red accents will look striking, or consider pale gray with olive green as your main colors, and cherry red as the accent shade.

Since red and green are contrasting shades on the color wheel, they will make for an effective pairing; however, to avoid a sensory overload, stick to muted shades of green with cherry red, such as olive, khaki, and pale sage. An olive green sofa would look striking with cherry red cushions or a cherry red throw.

Wall color

Wall color

When it comes to wall colors, most people prefer to choose a color that is muted and neutral, dark and deep, or light and bright since these types of shades are easy to live with.

Cherry red is a medium to dark shade that is very intense, so it can be overwhelming when used as a wall color on all sides of a room. That’s not to say that it can’t be used as a wall color, but you’ll need to carefully choose the other shades in the color scheme to ensure they don’t clash or make the space feel too busy.

With cherry red walls, opt for cool neutrals such as dark gray or navy to help balance out the intensity of the red. A room with cherry red walls would look good with a charcoal-colored sofa and a white sheepskin rug, and white curtains.

If you want to experience the energy of cherry red in a room without completely surrounding yourself with this color, then choose it as a paint color for an accent wall.

An accent wall should be the main feature wall in a room, typically the wall behind a bed’s headboard in a bedroom or the wall behind a fireplace or TV in a living room.

You could alternatively make the wall behind the main sofa the accent wall if you want to direct attention to this side of the room. With a cherry red accent wall, paint the remaining walls in a neutral shade such as soft gray or white, and carefully choose the furniture and accessories you position against the wall so that there is some definition without overstimulation.

A white sofa would look stylish in front of a cherry red accent wall, or a black metal bed frame and pale olive green bed sheets.

Dramatic furniture

Dramatic furniture

Cherry red furniture can be used as punctuation points in a room to add interest and definition. If you want to create some drama in a neutral room, then consider adding cherry red furniture, which will create visually striking accents.

A cherry red leather armchair would work well as an accent piece in a monochromatic room with white walls and black furniture, or consider painting a wooden coffee table in a high gloss cherry red paint to create a central feature in the middle of a living room.

An upholstered headboard in cherry red silk will create a sensual and romantic appeal in a bedroom, set against blush pink walls and a blush pink rug. Injecting shots of bold color in the way of cherry red furniture items can add style and character to a room, elevating the atmosphere and making the space more memorable.

Cozy atmosphere

Cozy atmosphere

Warm colors in interior design help to ensure a room feels welcoming and cozy, and this can be achieved with cherry red since it has a warm temperature.

Pair it with warm neutrals like tan and gold to highlight the sense of coziness in this color, for example, cherry red walls with a tan leather sofa and gold light fittings in a living room.

This will work especially well in rooms that lack natural light and therefore tend to feel dark or cold, for example, basements or living rooms with north-facing windows. The textures you use will help to accentuate a cozy atmosphere when using cherry red, so opt for soft surfaces that feel inviting, such as plush microfiber or suede.

Using cherry red in patterns can also help to add warmth without creating an overwhelmingly red space, such as plaid flannel cushion covers featuring cherry red, or plaid patterned blankets with cherry red as a dominant color draped over a sofa or the end of a bed.

You can also use cherry red to add injections of warmth in a cool room, helping to create a sense of balance between warm and cool shades.