What Color is Chantilly Lace? Colors that go with Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace is a paint shade by Benjamin Moore that is a white color. Chantilly Lace OC-65 was designed to evoke images of simpler times, with connotations of soft linens and pure silks. It is a crisp and fresh shade of white that has virtually no undertones, which makes it a reliable choice of color that won’t look yellow when you paint it on the walls.

Here we look at this paint color in more depth and explore some of the best ways to use it in home decor design.

Choosing a White Paint

Most shades of off-white paint will have a slight undertone that is usually imperceptible until you put it on the wall. Off-white is such a difficult color to choose because the actual color seen in the finished article will differ depending on which room you use it in and what sort of light the room receives.

In a room that gets plenty of bright natural light, an off-white shade with warm undertones could look orange or yellow in reality, while a cool shade of off-white might look blue or green in a dark room with limited natural light.

Other elements can also affect the way the color is perceived, for example, the type of bulbs used in light fittings in the room. A warm bulb will create a warm glow that can make off-white rooms appear too creamy, while cool bulbs can make off-white rooms look blue or gray.

If you have a large tree outside the window to your room, this can make your off-white color appear green, or sheer drapes in purple, for example, can make a cool-white appear a lilac color.

If you are finding it a struggle to choose an off-white shade that doesn’t look too warm or too gray, then ‘Chantilly lace’ will be a good option. This is because it lacks undertones, and so it won’t appear yellow or orange, but it also isn’t a pure white, so it won’t feel stark or clinical. Instead, the Chantilly lace paint color is able to make a room feel fresh, crisp, and modern.

Using Chantilly Lace in Home Decor

As a shade of off-white, this Benjamin Moore paint color is extremely versatile. You could use it in any room of your home, for almost any style.

Trim and molding

Stark white trim and molding can look too predictable and a little basic, but a non-neutral shade on trim can quickly go out of style and need repainting.

For trim that looks effortlessly classic and sophisticated without the obvious feel of pure white paint, then use Chantilly lace paint on baseboards, door frames, and molding. This is a color that will easily pair with any wall color you have chosen, and it is a modern classic, so it will stand the test of time.

Wall color

Chantilly lace works as an easy wall color in any area of the home. It is incredibly versatile and can be used to create a clean look in a kitchen or a fresh look in a bathroom.

Paint kitchen walls in Chantilly lace and opt for white cabinets, with white or pale gray countertops and a gray marble herringbone backsplash. This will result in a bright and fresh look that is effortlessly sophisticated and will be sure to never go out of style.

You could also use this paint color on walls in a bedroom for a soft luxury style and pair it with white bedsheets and a blush pink comforter and blush pink curtains for a muted romantic look.

Chantilly lace also makes the perfect gallery-style wall color, as a clean and crisp background upon which to exhibit wall art. The color will ensure a room doesn’t feel cold or stark, but it is also neutral enough that it won’t inflict any personality on the space, instead allowing the art to shine and take center stage.


Chantilly lace is a great neutral color choice of paint for cabinets. In a luxury bathroom, paint the vanity unit cabinet doors in Chantilly lace for a crisp and fresh look, and team this with fluffy white towels and glass accessories like a crystal cut soap dispenser and tumbler set. For an updated coastal style, paint bathroom cabinets in Chantilly lace and paint walls in a soft pastel shade of blue.

Kitchen cabinets will also look great painted in Chantilly lace. If you want to update old wooden kitchen cabinets without spending a fortune, sand them down and prime them before painting them in Chantilly white.

As a neutral color, the cabinets will go with any color scheme, and they will instantly make a dated kitchen feel modern and fresh. This color has a timeless appeal, so you can be sure you won’t need to repaint your kitchen cabinets again any time soon because the shade of off-white won’t go out of style.

Closet doors can also benefit from being painted in Chantilly lace. Paint closet cabinets in Chantilly lace against walls that are white or a different shade of off-white. This will allow the closet to blend into the interior while still being differentiated by a slightly different paint color.


Upcycling furniture can be a fun hobby that is beneficial to the environment and can also transform the look of outdated furniture on a budget. If you have old pieces of furniture that are still structurally sound, but you no longer like the look of them, try upcycling them by painting them in Chantilly lace.

For wooden furniture, first sand off any existing paint or lacquer, and then use a primer as your base coat. Apply two coats of Chantilly lace in a matte finish for a casual style or a gloss finish for a sleeker look.

Paint an ornate dining table and chairs set in Chantilly lace for a chic vintage vibe, or paint a sturdy old sideboard in Chantilly lace for a rustic farmhouse appeal.


Floorboards are an area of the home that people don’t often consider painting, but they can add a lot of personality in the right space. In a beach-themed room, paint raw floorboards in Chantilly lace to help achieve a bright and casual homespun style. Be sure to seal the floorboards after they have been painted to prevent any splinters from escaping when you walk on them.

Floorboards on a staircase can also look incredible when painted in Chantilly lace, but you will need to use a high gloss finish because stairs get a lot of traffic and could easily scuff if the paint is not hardwearing.

Color Schemes with Chantilly Lace Paint

As a neutral, Chantilly lace will work with any color, you want to use with it and with any style. Consider these color schemes for inspiration.

Chantilly lace and soft gray

Chantilly lace and soft gray

Chantilly lace has a crisp and fresh feel that works beautifully with soft gray shades. Consider adding pale gray curtains to a room with Chantilly lace walls or soft gray marble countertops to a kitchen with Chantilly lace cabinets.

The two colors will be sure to create a contemporary and sophisticated look that is neutral and easy to be around without being boring.

Chantilly lace and charcoal

Chantilly lace and charcoal

Chantilly lace combines really nicely together with charcoal to create a fresh take on a monochromatic look. These two colors will contrast heavily against each other without looking stark or cold-like black and white might.

Opt for charcoal lampshades set against Chantilly lace walls or charcoal slate floor tiles in a bathroom with Chantilly lace cabinets. This is a color scheme that looks striking and interesting without being too overstimulating. It can work in any area of the home, creating a modern classic that won’t go out of style.

Chantilly lace and olive green

Chantilly lace and olive green

Olive green is a muted, earthy shade of green that will be invigorated with the addition of Chantilly lace accents. In an olive green kitchen, paint the cabinets in Chantilly lace to help the olive green stand out and prevent the whole room from feeling too dusky.

In a botanical-themed living room, paint the walls in Chantilly lace and add an olive green upholstered sofa, with gray accessories and plenty of houseplants to make the connection between the room and the outside world.

Chantilly lace and bronze

Chantilly lace and bronze

Chantilly lace is a color that matches well with bronze hardware to create a luxurious and elegant look. Add unfussy bronze hardware to cabinets painted in Chantilly lace, or choose bronze wall sconces to fit on walls painted in the off-white color.

In a bathroom, paint walls in Chantilly lace and choose a mirror with a bronze metal frame to position over the sink, along with other bronze accessories like a light pull and a vase on the windowsill.

A grand entryway will look stylish and contemporary with Chantilly lace walls, oak hardwood floors, and a modern bronze chandelier taking center stage in the middle of the ceiling.