9 Stall-Size Shower Curtains for a More Enjoyable Showering Experience

Whether you’re about to remodel your bathroom or just looking for a new shower curtain for your stall shower, this task can often be overlooked. Compact or narrow bathrooms don’t have full size tubs, so it makes sense to opt for a stall shower instead. Such stalls save space and best of all, they are convenient to use.

But what exactly is a stall-size shower curtain? A shower stall is a semi-closed enclosure in which you can have a shower. Some shower stalls don’t have a door to close them whilst having a shower, hence the reason people look for a curtain.

Such a curtain is typically longer in length and shorter in width when compared to a standard shower curtain. The average measurement of a stall shower curtain is around 30 inches in width by 42 inches in depth. But you can also find smaller shower stall curtains that are just as functional with a space-saving design.

The typical material of shower stall curtains is polyester as it’s waterproof, but you can also find microfiber designs in one-piece or multiple-piece construction.

Now that you’ve learned a little about stall shower curtains, let’s take a look at some high-quality curtain sets in different materials, colors and sizes:

Our Top Picks of Stall-Size Shower Curtains

No-Hook Soft Microfiber White Curtain Set from River Dream

Stall Shower Curtain No Hooks Needed – Soft Microfiber 36″ Small Fabric Shower Curtain

This ultra soft microfiber fabric curtain is both luxuriant and rich looking for any modern, bright bathroom. It works particularly well in high-moisture environments as the microfiber fabric can resist water and dry quickly.

The plain weave white curtain is incredibly lightweight without any harmful PEVA chemicals. It comes with 2 corner magnets on the bottom section to keep the curtain in place. The built-in rings make installation effortless as the curtain is hook free, thus saving you time and hassle. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to hang this curtain on your shower stall rod within seconds!

Polyester Gray Stall Shower Curtain from Gelbchu

Gelbchu Grey Stall Small Fabric Shower Curtain, Waterproof Design and Polyester, Quick-Drying, Weighted Hem, Short Shower Curtains

Next we have a stylish gray shower stall curtain with an interesting geometric pattern to add a vibrant feel to your bathroom. The tight weave fabric is made of superior quality polyester yarns to give the curtain a smooth and durable texture.

What’s so special about this shower stall curtain is its water bead formation that’s made to resist dampness in high-moisture environments. You can enjoy your privacy with this shower curtain as well as enhance the decorative appeal of your bathroom. The set contains 6 button holes to fit the hooks of standard shower stalls and tubs.

Heavy Duty Stall Shower Liner from LiBa

LiBa PEVA 8G Bathroom Small Shower Stall Curtain Liner, 36″ W x 72″ H Narrow Size, Clear, 8G Heavy Duty Waterproof Shower Stall Curtain Liner

This ultra smooth shower stall liner is made with high-quality and safe EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) with no unpleasant plastic smell. This makes it a better choice than PVC liners. The water beads will swiftly roll off the surface of the curtain so you can keep your bathroom clean and dry.

The curtain measures 36 inches by 72 inches and fits any regular shower stall or tub. Whether you have a curved or straight shower rod, this heavy-duty liner with magnets will easily fit your shower stall. It features rust-proof grommets x 6 with a reinforced tear-proof header to ensure long-term durability. The plain white design will suit any modern or traditional bathroom.

Polyester Botanical Stall Shower Curtain from Riyidecor

Riyidecor Walkin Small Stall Shower Curtain 36Wx72H Inch Half Narrow RV Green Leaves

There is no need to pick a plain curtain for bathrooms with dramatic tiles. You can have the best of both worlds by pairing a visually interesting shower curtain with your patterned tiles. To spruce up your bathroom decor, why not add this unique botanical shower stall curtain to complete the nature-themed design?

This premium quality polyester curtain is totally waterproof and environmentally friendly. It features plastic hooks that are easy to install, and best of all, they won’t rust. This classic curtain for shower stalls is easy to wash and maintain so you won’t have to worry about damp stains. The watercolor botanical green patterns make a lovely addition to a rustic style bathroom.

Modern Abstract Narrow Stall Shower Curtain from MitoVilla

MitoVilla Small Stall Shower Curtain 36 x 72, Grey Gold Marble Half Size Shower Curtain Liner, Modern Abstract Narrow Shower Curtain

This sophisticated shower stall curtain is sure to bring a chic elegance to any bathroom style. The abstract patterns of this gray gold color curtain add a harmonious feel to your bathroom decor. It comes with 12 hooks with top-header grommets that are super easy to install.

Tip: why not match this shower stall curtain with your towels in the same pattern and color! The warm contrast of gold with blue tiles works particularly well as it helps your curtain pop even more.

Floral Stall Shower Curtain from Riyidecor

Riyidecor Small Stall Shower Curtain 36Wx72H Inch Half Narrow RV Spring Floral Flower

This beautiful floral shower curtain adds a delicate touch to your bathroom thanks to its large watercolor poppies. It works particularly well in neutral bathrooms that need a pop of color. The classic shower stall curtain is made of polyester and goes perfectly with farmhouse or shabby chic interiors.

The curtain measures 36 inches in width by 72 inches in height. So if you want to show off your feminine side, this is the shower curtain to go for!

Boho-style Geometric-Striped Curtain with Tassels from YoKii

YoKii 36 Inch Boho Stall Shower Curtain with 4” Long Tassels

Transform your bathroom from bland to boho with this geometric patterned bohemian style curtain. The curtain features stunning tassels with adorable pom pom trim at the lower part of the fabric. Since the curtain is in pure white, it can be paired with any other bathroom color scheme.

What’s more, the fabric is thick enough to be used on its own without a liner. Thanks to the innovative resin coating technology, the curtain prevents the water from splashing out of the shower as beads form on the surface and slide off easily.

This durable yet soft curtain is heavy in weight but guaranteed to last longer. Most of the weight comes from the visible hem as it prevents the curtain from curling or flying up. The tassel curtain comes with built-in rust-proof metal ring holes (with rings) for easy installation.

The boho-style curtain is sure to add a lively elegance to your bathroom, plus it’s the best design to show off your whimsical character!

Rustic Mountain Scenery Stall Shower Curtain from JAWO

JAWO Stall Shower Curtain Fabric 36 X 72 Inch, Rustic Mountain Forest Scenery Small Shower Stall Curtain

Do you want a country-inspired, harmonious bathroom? Then consider this rustic natural landscape shower curtain. It pairs well with rich, earthy or neutral tones in traditional style bathrooms. The curtain size is 36 inches in width by 72 inches in length.

The quality polyester is machine washable and features metal grommets that are rust proof. There is no vinyl smell and it’s so soft to the touch you’ll want to spend hours in your shower!

Tip: don’t have the time to wash your shower curtain every week? Add a white liner behind the curtain to protect the fabric from moisture and dirt buildup. You’ll only need to wash the liner every few weeks rather than the shower curtain.

Hook-Free See-Through Small Stall Shower Curtain from Ecoehoe

Ecoehoe 36″ W x72“ L Hook Free Fabric Stall Shower Curtain

Our last but not least pick of the best shower stall curtains is this sheer fabric. It allows plenty of light in the shower without compromising your privacy. The top of the curtain has a transparent window that aids water evaporation, thus allowing the curtain to dry quickly.

This soft shower curtain offers a relaxing showering experience, plus it’s ringless so you won’t need to fiddle with hooks that can break easily. The curtain can be installed on curved or straight rods as it’s easy to slide.

The heavy liner on this curtain helps keep the fabric in place and prevent the water from splashing out of the shower. So even though the white shower curtain is see-through, it features a heavy-duty liner that ensures the fabric drapes beautifully in your shower stall.

Can I Use a Regular Size Shower Curtain for a Shower Stall?

Yes, you can use a regular shower curtain instead of a stall-size curtain. But to do this, you must measure the length of the curtain to ensure it perfectly fits your shower stall. Stall showers are slimmer but taller than standard showers.

The other difference between the two is that stall shower curtains are longer in length but shorter in width. A typical stall is usually double the height of a regular shower curtain, so always take your measurements carefully before selecting a curtain.

In Closing

As you can see from our list of best stall-size shower curtains, there are many different designs, patterns, styles, and colors to choose from.

For semi-closed shower stalls that don’t have a permanent enclosure, a stall shower curtain with or without a liner makes an excellent addition to provide you with privacy whilst showering. We hope you’ve found the right shower curtain from our top picks to complete your bathroom design!