How High Do You Hang a Shower Curtain?

If you move into a home without a shower curtain, or you’ve had your bathroom renovated and the curtain rail removed, then you face the task of installing a new curtain rail and deciding how high you should hang a shower curtain.

With standard shower curtains measuring 72 inches in length, the ideal height for hanging the curtain pole is between 75 and 77 inches. This means that the curtain won’t hang so low that it drags along the floor, but it won’t hang so high that water escapes into the bathroom when you are using the shower.

The height of a shower rod may not initially sound like a very important decision; however, if you hang it at an inconvenient height, you will soon find that it becomes very annoying. In this article, we will discuss the factors to consider when determining the optimal height for your shower rod, ensuring that your bathroom experience remains comfortable and hassle-free.

No dragging

No dragging

You should fix your shower curtain rod at a height that ensures your shower curtain is not going to drag along the floor.  dragging curtain not only collects dust and dirt, requiring more frequent cleaning, but also undergoes increased wear and tear due to washing machine use.

This is an annoyance- who wants to clean more than they really need to?! And it will also shorten the lifespan of your shower curtain because washing machines wear the fabric down.

To avoid this situation, always measure the height of your shower curtain rod before you fix it into position, making sure that enough clearance is available to prevent the curtain from dragging on the floor. A shower curtain that drags along the floor will also look messy, which isn’t the style most people want in their bathrooms.

No gaps

A well-hung shower curtain is essential to prevent water from escaping the shower area. Hanging the curtain too high can leave gaps, causing water to spill onto the bathroom floor.

If you hang the curtain too high, then it may not reach the edge of your bathtub; in that case, water can escape and make a wet mess on your bathroom floor when the shower is in use.

The whole point of a shower curtain is to keep the shower water inside the bath, so if gaps are present, the curtain cannot perform its most basic job.

To get the height measurement just right, you’ll want to hang the shower curtain so that around 6 inches of fabric hang over the side of the tub, with a few inches of clearance from the floor level.

Hook or ring size

When planning to hang a shower curtain, it’s essential to consider the size of the curtain hooks or rings as they impact the overall installation height.

Imagine you have a 72-inch long shower curtain, and you want a 1-inch clearance between the curtain and the floor. Your initial thought might be to install the shower rod at a height of 73 inches. However, the size of the hooks or rings should also be factored in.

For instance:

  • If your hooks measure 2 inches in height, the total length, including hooks, would be 74 inches.
  • In this case, the shower curtain rail needs to be installed at a minimum height of 75 inches, or higher for more clearance.

Curtain length

Curtain length

Before you measure the height at which you need to install your shower rod, you’ll need to be certain of the length of your shower curtain.

If your curtain is new, then refer to the packaging for the dimension size, or if you are using an old shower curtain, maybe from your last home, then you’ll need to measure it with a tape measure to find out an accurate length size.

The standard length of a shower curtain is 72 inches. However, there are longer curtains available, measuring up to 84 inches in length. When using a longer curtain, the shower rod needs to be installed higher to prevent the curtain from touching the floor.

In case the shower rod is already installed at standard height and the curtain turns out to be longer, one option you could do is to trim the bottom end with sharp scissors since many curtains have raw ends that can be cut to size.

Ideally, you would position your shower rod at a height that suits your shower curtain size. For example, if you have an extra-long shower curtain measuring 84 inches, you will need to install the curtain rod higher than 85 inches from the floor level.

Room height

The height of your bathroom plays a significant role in determining the appropriate height to hang a shower curtain. For instance, if your bathroom has very high ceilings, a standard 72-inch shower curtain hanging 74 inches from the floor might appear inadequate in the space, leaving a considerable unused area between the curtain rod and the ceiling.

To address this issue, consider purchasing an extra-long shower curtain and hanging it higher on the wall to reduce the gap between the rod and the ceiling.

On the other hand, if your bathroom has lower than average room height ceilings, you will need to buy an extra short shower curtain, and you should hang it as high on the wall as possible to avoid dragging it on the floor. An alternative solution would be to upcycle an old long shower curtain by trimming a few inches off the bottom to prevent it from touching the floor.