Guide to Love Seat Dimensions (with Illustrations)

Are you thinking of buying a loveseat for your new home? This piece of furniture is best suited for small homes. But perhaps you are not sure of the standard dimensions of a loveseat.

Don’t worry, as we will get you covered on loveseat dimensions and, even better, help you find the right loveseat for your home.

What’s a Loveseat?

What's a Loveseat?

A loveseat is a kind of seat designed to accommodate up to two adults. Also known as two-seat couches, a loveseat can also sit three smaller adults and even kids.

Think of it as a miniature sofa that can accommodate three to four adults. It usually has a single cushion, but there are also models with two separate cushions.

You could also use a loveseat as a luxuriously oversized armchair by yourself if you don’t like to feel confined by the size of a regular armchair.

Loveseat Dimensions

Loveseat dimensions

While a loveseat can fit two people comfortably, there is no standard size or dimension for it. Models may vary in width. Love seat height is the same as the standard sofa seat height at 17″ to 18″.

You can find a loveseat that’s from 40 inches up to 70 inches wide. Most loveseats, however, are 36 inches deep. But you can also come across loveseats that are only 28 inches deep. In terms of full height, a loveseat can be as low as 30 inches and as tall as 40 inches.

Because of its small size, a loveseat is specially designed for smaller spaces, such as bachelor’s pads and lofts. It can also be a great addition to small rooms and oddly-spaced living areas. A loveseat can also complement a larger sofa if you have a more spacious living room. 

Loveseat Widths by Loveseat Types

Small loveseat

A small loveseat is going to look more like a roomy armchair compared to a sofa. This will actually make a great alternative to regular armchairs if you have a large living area to fill or you have larger people in your family who would benefit from the little bit of extra space that a small loveseat offers compared with an armchair. Typically, you can expect a small loveseat to have a width measurement of 52 inches but you can also find a very small loveseat with just 40 inches in width.

Medium loveseat

A medium loveseat is a little smaller than a full-sized loveseat but bigger than the smallest loveseat. It will be great for two children to snuggle up on, or an individual could use it if they like to spread out a little. Two adults would also be able to use a medium loveseat but expect to get up close and personal with the other person using the furniture. A typical medium-width loveseat will measure 58 inches.

Full loveseat

A full loveseat is the typical size of a loveseat that slots right in between a sofa and an armchair in terms of the width measurement. A full loveseat should comfortably fit two people on it without pushing them so close together as to make things uncomfortable.

This is a good option as an alternative to a sofa if you have limited space, for example, in a studio apartment, because it will comfortably seat you and a partner or friend without taking up a big footprint in the room. The typical width measurement of a full loveseat is 64 inches.

Loveseat sofa

A loveseat sofa is more like a full-size sofa than an armchair, at a slightly smaller size than a sofa. The measurement of this will typically fall in between that of a full loveseat and a full-size sofa. This piece of furniture will easily accommodate two adults or three children.

It is a good option if you want a more generous seating space than a standard loveseat yet don’t want a full-size sofa dominating your living room. You can expect a loveseat sofa to have a width measurement of 71 inches.

Loveseat heights

When discussing the height of a loveseat, you first need to differentiate between the height of the seat and the total height. The height of the seat is important because this is going to play a big part in determining your level of comfort.

If you are taller than average height, you will want a seat height that is taller in order to accommodate the higher knee bend on your legs. The height of a seat on a loveseat is going to be much the same as the seat height on a sofa or armchair, which is typically 18 inches, but it can be as high as 21 inches.

The amount of padding in the seat cushions is also going to affect this measurement. The total height, by comparison, references the height of the back of the sofa, taking into account the back cushions and the back frame. This measurement, once again, will be much the same as the total height measurement of a sofa.

If you are looking for a loveseat with good back support, then a taller total height will be more preferable. Loveseats with a low back and small total height can look very minimalist and modern; however, they offer very limited support for the back, so they are best for occasional use only. The typical height for the back of a loveseat usually varies from 30 to 36 inches.

Common Loveseat Dimensions by Brands

Here are the dimensions of some loveseats you can find on the market. 

Burrow Nomad Loveseat

Burrow Nomad Loveseat Dimensions

The Burrow Nomad Loveseat is measured at 35 inches in height with 17″ of seat height and 25 inches of sofa arm height from the floor. Width and length are 36 inches and 61 inches, respectively.

Divina Two-Seater Sofa Loveseat

Divina Two-Seater Sofa Loveseat

Divina Two-Seater Sofa Loveseat is about 35.5″ in width and 66″ in length. The seat height is 16.25 inches while the sofa arm height is 25.25 inches from the floor. The total height is approximately 31.25 inches.

Loveseat Buying Guide

Just like a sofa, a loveseat is available in a wide range of styles and materials. Naturally, prices largely depend on these factors.

Speaking of material, leather is considered the ultimate choice for a loveseat. It is also the most expensive. It is not only comfortable but also visually striking. It can make your living room more elegant-looking and inviting. But because of the price it commands, a leather loveseat may not be the most practical choice if you are on a budget.

You can also settle for a loveseat made of microfiber. Similar to velour, it is soft, easy to clean, and maintain. It is not as luxurious as leather, but microfiber is not as expensive. But if you are looking for a loveseat material that offers more colors, styles, and patterns, then the fabric is the best option.

Loveseats also differ in style. There are three common styles for a loveseat—contemporary, modern, and traditional. It is recommended that you choose a style that will blend in with other furniture items and décor in your room.

A traditional loveseat has decorative markings as well as elaborate designs. It gives off a formal look and feels thanks to its extensive embellishments. It usually has wood pieces, decorative carvings, and cabriole legs. This style of a loveseat would look best in rooms that have a more formal theme or styling.

On the other hand, a contemporary loveseat has a simpler appearance or design compared to the traditional loveseat. It has a clean and distinctive look. Some features to look out for include soft and curved edges, neutral colors and tones, and geometric shapes.

Meanwhile, a modern loveseat is similar to a contemporary loveseat in the sense that it has few decorations or ornaments. But it is lower to the ground than a contemporary loveseat. It also has features like squat arms and backrests. This is the style of loveseat that’s ideal for placement in sparse and simple rooms.

You would also have to consider the price of the loveseat when buying one. The price of a loveseat varies largely on the material, style, and brand. You can get one for as low as $200, but you may not be sure of the quality and durability. You can also splurge for one that’s priced at $2000 and higher but are you really willing to spend that much on a small piece of furniture?

Still, it’s not a bad idea to set a higher amount for a loveseat so that you can buy one that’s of superior quality and durability. After all, remember that a loveseat will likely get a fair amount of traffic, especially if you live in a small apartment. Chances are, the loveseat will be the first seat that you’d offer to your guests.

Other tips to keep in mind when shopping for a loveseat

There are other things that you’d want to keep in mind when shopping for a loveseat. Put a premium on the frame of the loveseat, too. You’d want a loveseat with a strong frame. Frames made of wood and metal are strong and durable compared to those made of plastic. Likewise, check that the edges of the frame are not only glued but also securely screwed.

You should also consider the scale of the loveseat compared to the space where you intend to place it. The loveseat should not overwhelm the area with its depth or height, to put it simply.

If you have a small area, it is better to get a thickly cushioned loveseat because it can make the space look bigger. The color and pattern of the loveseat can also affect visual space. Get a loveseat with light solid colors to prevent the room from looking too cramped.

Do you wish to place a loveseat next to a sofa? Then it should match the style of the latter. This placing tactic would also work well if the sofa and loveseat are used in forming a conversation area. You can also explore placing two loveseats at a right angle to each other.


In summary, a loveseat is considerably smaller than a sofa. It is ideal for use in small homes, but you can also add it to a large living room, especially as an item of complementary furniture to a sofa.