What Color is Jet Black? Colors that Go with Jet Black

What is Jet Black?

Jet black is a deep and dark shade of black. It is used to describe the darkest color of black hair, and it is considered to be the most intense shade of black you can get before you get to total black. Black is a neutral color that, by its very definition, lacks any color at all, whereas jet black will have a slight but typically imperceptible undertone.

What Does Jet Black Mean?

Jet black is named after the gemstone ‘jet’, which is a relative of coal. Jet is made from wood that has decomposed under pressure over the space of millions of years. It has a color that varies between black and black-brown, much like the color of coal. Black is a color that has various connotations. This color can be representative of death, grief, and mourning.

People tend to wear all-black clothing at funerals as a sign of respect and honoring the mourning period, while black can also be seen as a menacing and deadly color in the marketing material for horror movies. In fashion, black is seen as a chic and elegant color, and it can also convey formality and power.

The colors you use with jet black are going to determine the perception of it. For example, if you pair bright pink with black, you will get a punk vibe, or pairing gold with black will create a luxurious look.

Orange with black will instantly invoke thoughts of Halloween, and white with black will look classic and elegant.

The versatility of jet black is what makes it so popular in interior design. It is rarely used as a wall color but is widely used for trim, soft furnishings, and accessories.

Even in a room where black is not part of the color scheme, it is likely that black elements exist, for example, black photo frames or black light fixtures, which demonstrates how versatile black is.

Similar Colors to Jet Black


Black Jet Black

Black is the truest shade of black, which is a pure neutral color. To be a true shade of black, it has to lack any existence of undertones at all.

In home decor, jet black is typically preferable over black because it can have some undertones, allowing you to customize the atmosphere of the space, leaning towards a cool or warm temperature. However, if you want a purely balanced black shade without any warm or cool elements, then pure black is the color to use.


Onyx Jet Black

Onyx is a deep and dark shade of black, which at first may appear as a true black, but on closer inspection or in bright natural light, it will have cool tones.

Typically, onyx will have green undertones, which give it a slightly earthy appeal. Use this shade of black if you prefer a cooler atmosphere over jet black, which can have slightly brown tones making it appear warmer.


Charcoal Jet Black

Charcoal is a color that sits between gray and black. It can be perceived as a dark shade of gray or a shade of black, depending on the light in the room. Charcoal can be used to create a more subtle effect compared to jet black, as it has a slightly more muted look compared to intense black colors.

How to Use Jet Black in Interior Decor

Wall paint

Jet black is a deep and dark color that you might not think about as a wall color; however, the trend for dark rooms and dark paint colors is growing and gaining even more traction.

For a long time, we have clung to pale colors for walls in the belief that they will make a room feel airier and more spacious, but actually, dark colors can have the same effect because they create depth and make walls feel as though they are receding.

In a bathroom, paint the walls in jet black for a sleek and sophisticated look which will also make the small room appear more expansive.

For a classic, elegant style, pair black painted walls with pure white tiles and fluffy white towels, or use dusky pink accessories to give the space a more playful look. Jet black wall paint can also be utilized in large rooms which feel too vacant to make the walls feel closer and cozier.


White is no longer the go-to color for interior designers when it comes to trim, and instead, when decorating your home, you should think about other neutrals or even bright shades which can complement your decor. Jet black is great for use on trim when you want to frame a room or add a distinct definition between the walls and the floor.

Use jet black paint for trim against pale or light-colored walls to draw the eye to the trim and make a strong impact, or use jet black trim around darker-colored walls, such as forest green, to create a harmonious look.


Furniture Jet Black

Jet black is a classic color that will work with any other color, so it works well as a color for furniture. Upholstered furniture like sofas and armchairs are expensive items, so it makes sense to buy them in a neutral color that will match your decor even if you decide to redecorate.

Black is a great option because it is a pure neutral, and so it will always work with any color scheme you choose, whether that be warm or cool.

Black is a classic color, so you can also guarantee that it won’t go out of style. If you are choosing an investment piece of furniture, for example, a high-quality leather chair, then buy it in jet black to ensure it will remain stylish for decades to come.

Solid furniture like cabinets and tables are also great in jet black for the same reasons. Black furniture will stand out in light-colored rooms, or it can blend into darker spaces to create a seamless look that helps to make a room feel less cluttered.


Jet black tiles will look sleek and stylish in a bathroom or kitchen. Choose jet black marble or quartz for mosaic backsplash tiles for a look that is classic and elegant.

Black is a great low-maintenance color that won’t easily show splashes of cooking grease, so it is ideal in busy households to retain a clean look for longer. Jet black floor tiles work well to ground a room, and you can rest assured that any wall color will coordinate well with this neutral floor.

Colors that Go with Jet Black


White Jet Black

Shade Hex Code CMYK Color Code (%) RGB Color Code Color
Jet Black #323232 cmyk(0%, 0%, 0%, 80%) rgb(50, 50, 50)  
White #ffffff cmyk(0%, 0%, 0%, 0%) rgb(255, 255, 255)  

If you want a classic look in a room, you cannot go wrong with jet black and white. Jet black can also be paired with off-white shades for this style if you want a slightly more muted monochromatic look.

Choose either white or jet black as your main color and use the remaining color as an accent. If you try to use similar amounts of each color, then this can appear too stimulating as the colors will battle against each other.


Green Jet Black

Shade Hex Code CMYK Color Code (%) RGB Color Code Color
Jet Black #323232 cmyk(0%, 0%, 0%, 80%) rgb(50, 50, 50)  
Green #318172 cmyk(62%, 0%, 12%, 49%) rgb(49, 129, 114)  

Green is a hugely popular color in interior design right now, which is regarded as nature’s neutral. Use jet black trim in a room that has walls painted in sage for a modern farmhouse style, or add jet black soft furnishings to an emerald green room for a dark and dramatic look.

In a kitchen, mint green cabinet doors will look contemporary with black metal handles and a jet black countertop. Black is great for accessorizing in a green room to ensure the space feels modern.


Pink Jet Black

Shade Hex Code CMYK Color Code (%) RGB Color Code Color
Jet Black #323232 cmyk(0%, 0%, 0%, 80%) rgb(50, 50, 50)  
Pink #e79f91 cmyk(0%, 31%, 37%, 9%) rgb(231, 159, 145)  

Dusky shades of pink are balanced out by the dark and intense feel of jet black. Pink is generally considered a feminine and frilly color, but when paired with jet black, it appears more mature and elegant. In a bathroom with black tiles, paint the walls in a dusty shade of rose, then accessorize with blush pink towels and a matching bath mat.

Bedrooms that have been painted in blush pink will look more sophisticated and contemporary when the trim or wood paneling is painted in jet black, and any metal furniture or fixings in the space are sprayed black, for example, a wrought iron bed frame or black lampstands.


Brass Jet Black

Shade Hex Code CMYK Color Code (%) RGB Color Code Color
Jet Black #323232 cmyk(0%, 0%, 0%, 80%) rgb(50, 50, 50)  
Brass #e8d5c3 cmyk(0%, 8%, 16%, 9%) rgb(232, 213, 195)  

Brass is a muted shade of gold that has less obvious yellow tones. In a room with black walls, use brass metal accents to create a sense of luxury and glamor. Brass tends to work better than gold because it has a more subtle look, ensuring the result is classy and elegant rather than gaudy and brash. This is a color scheme that looks stunning in a kitchen.

Paint cabinet doors in jet black and choose heavy brass handles for a high-end look, along with brass fixtures and fittings such as taps and lighting. In a bathroom, paint the walls white with jet black tiles, and use brass accessories.