How to Stop Light From Coming Through Door (10 Easy Ways)

Light coming through the cracks around the door can be annoying when you’re trying to sleep or otherwise need it to be dark in the room. Here are some easy ways to block the light that won’t disturb anyone else.

Attach a Blackout Curtain to the Door Frame

Attach a blackout curtain to the door frame

If you have a doorway that is constantly letting light through and you’d like to block it out, the easiest solution is to purchase blackout curtains. It is also the easiest way to cover a doorway without using a door.

You can choose from many different styles of fabric, such as cotton or polyester. Some people prefer thinner, lighter fabrics because they don’t feel as hot or heavy during warmer months.

You should also consider how much privacy you want your curtain to provide and what kind of rod will work best for this purpose.

Frame and Install Frosted Glass In the Door

Frame and install frosted glass in the door

Measure and cut the glass to fit your door. You can buy pre-cut frosted glass online, which is usually available in standard sizes such as 36″ x 84″. Frosted glass is also available at local hardware stores in a variety of widths and lengths.

If you’re cutting your own glass, use a metal tape measure to measure the door before purchasing the right size of the clear glass cutter. A wet cloth will keep your hands safe during this process!

Install a Professional Light-blocking Glass Panel

Install a professional light blocking glass panel

If you’re willing to make a significant investment and can’t wait for the results, install a professional light-blocking glass panel. This is a permanent solution that can be done at the same time as other home improvements.

It’s important to note that while this is an effective way of blocking light from the door, it’s also expensive and should only be considered if you don’t mind making an investment in your home improvement project.

Cover the Bottom of the Door with Something Opaque

Next, you could cover the bottom of your door with something opaque. If you’re willing to make changes to the structure of your home, this might be an option for you. Storm doors, frosted glass, and other materials can be used to block light from coming in through a doorway. However, these solutions can be costly and require professional installation.

Hang a Sheet Over the Door

This is an easy solution if you don’t want to move around furniture or drill holes into your walls, but it makes it hard for people who need to get in or out quickly. Also, some people may find this unsightly depending on where they live or work (if they work at home).

You can also put a towel over the door. Tying up a towel works well when there’s no one else who needs access through this entrance; however, if there are any other entrances into your home – such as windows – then this method might not work as well because the wind could blow off the towel and let the light come in anyway!

Other options include placing cardboard boxes on top of each other so that only one side faces outwards towards incoming light sources like street lamps during evening hours, hanging towels over doors during daytime hours, placing blankets over doors after sunset, etcetera…

Install a Storm Door

Install a storm door

You should consider installing storm doors on each side of the door if you want a more permanent solution for blocking light from seeping in through cracks around your door.

Storm doors not only provide protection against weather elements but also help prevent drafts that can lead to high heating costs during winter months. Storm doors are available in wood or metal frames with glass panels that slide open and closed so they can easily accommodate both summer season use as well as winter season use.

Attach a Door Sweep

A door sweep is a small flap or piece of fabric that hangs outside your door and prevents light from shining in. They’re usually made of nylon or vinyl. The purpose of this product is to prevent drafts and light from entering your house through unwanted air gaps at the bottom of your doors.

Door sweeps come in many different styles; some are designed specifically for doors with moldings, while others are more modern-looking and work with any style of door.

You can find them at home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s for about $5-10 each. Installing one takes just minutes: just peel off its adhesive backing, press it down over where you want it on the bottom edge of your exterior doorframe, then cut off any excess when done!

How to install a door sweep

  • Cut the door sweep to fit the length of your door.
  • Attach one end of the sweep to your door with a screwdriver, then slide it along the bottom of your door until it reaches its final position.
  • Check to see if your new door sweep will hold in place without any additional screws or nails—if not, add those now!
  • Now that you’ve finished installing your new door sweep enjoy some peace and quiet (and an increase in privacy).

Use Weather-stripping Tape

Use weather stripping tape

A door with weather-stripping tape will keep light from shining through the cracks. The tape is easy to apply and comes in a variety of widths, so you can find one that fits your door perfectly.

You’ll also want to use two layers of tape for better insulation. Weather-stripping tape is inexpensive and available at hardware stores, so it won’t cost much money to replace when needed.

Weather-stripping tape comes in different colors, so it can match your current door color scheme well enough that you won’t even notice its presence once installed!

How to use weather-stripping tape

  • Peel off the tape backing.
  • Press it along the door jamb.
  • Remove excess material.

The best weather-stripping tape is flexible and durable, easy to remove and reapply, inexpensive, and easy to clean. It should also be easy to cut with a utility knife or scissors if you need to make a custom size.

Replace the Threshold

Replace the threshold

Replace the threshold. If you have a double door, this may be your best option. The threshold of a double door is usually made from two pieces of wood that are held together by nails or screws to create a solid unit.

Replacing it with a solid piece of wood will prevent light from coming through the groove between the doors and also dampen sound when they swing open and close.

The downside of this solution is that it can be expensive because it requires replacing all four sides of each door with new materials, but if you have very little money available for remodeling, then this may not be an option for you right now.

How to replace a door threshold

  • Buy a new threshold.
  • Remove the old threshold. It will either be glued, screwed or nailed down.
  • Measure and cut the new threshold.
  • Install the new threshold.

Hang a Mirror on the Door

If light is coming in through the door because you have a window in the door, you can permanently hang something over the window part of the door.

You could use the space on the door to hang a mirror, a picture, or a poster. This makes the space on the door more functional for your purposes. If you ever would like to take advantage of the window again, you can take the mirror or other item back down.

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