8 Types of Door Sweeps (Plus Buying Guide)

A gap under your door is an unpleasant sight caused by ill-fitting doors. Aside from being unsightly, this gap can also cause some problems. For instance, it will enable small insects, rodents, and spiders from invading your home.

Additionally, it will also allow cold air to enter your home during the winter season or suck the air-conditioned air in your home during summer.

Fortunately, there is a remedy for this common problem, which is installing a door sweep. However, there are several types of door sweeps available in the market, and choosing the best product for your home can be a daunting task. So, what are the different types of door sweeps?

What is a Door Sweep?

A door sweep has a brush that is made from vinyl or plastic bristles. The bristles are secured in place against the door via a carrier, which is available in various materials and finishes, such as aluminum metal, gold brass, rubber, or plastic. Aside from that, you can also purchase a door sweep made with wood to suit or blend with your door or home decor.

Typically, a door sweep is installed on the exterior of a door swinging outwards or in the interior of the door if it swings inwards. Once installed, it can prevent unwanted creatures and cold air from entering your house.

Despite its benefits, a door sweeper also has some limitations. For one, it can be difficult to open and close a door with a door sweep, especially if you have a carpet. The reason is that it may drag your carpet. Plus, a door sweeper can leave a mark on your carpet, which may wear a track on your carpet over time.

Types of Door Sweep

As mentioned, there are several types of sweeps, which include the following:

Standard Door Sweep

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A standard door sweep has weatherstripping made with an aluminum carrier that can seep the gap between your door and its frame. This type of door sweep is best suited for hardwood or tile flooring.

A standard door sweep is usually attached to a wooden or metal door. It is also available in two sizes, which are 36 and 42 inches. Typically, the weatherstripping of this type of door sweep is made with vinyl. Plus, it is also easy to install because it comes with screws, allowing you to screw the door sweep on your door with ease.

Brush Door Sweep

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A brush door sweep is usually installed on the exterior portion of a door swinging outwards. As its name implies, it features a brush or bristles that can sweep dust and debris. At the same time, this type of door sweep can also act as a seal, preventing insects and cold air from invading your home.

One downside of this type of door sweep is that its bristles or brush can wear out over time. Aside from that, it is also less efficient compared to its counterparts.

Flat Door Sweep

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Like the brush door sweep, a flat door sweep is also attached to the outside of an exterior door. However, this type of door sweep is more aesthetically appealing compared to a brush door sweep. Typically, you can buy a flat door sweep made with vinyl, silicone, and nylon.

Even though installing a flat door sweep takes a little bit of time and effort, a lot of homeowners opt for this door sweep. The reason is not only because of its benefits. Remember, this product looks better than a brush door sweep, making it an excellent alternative to a brush door sweep.

Tubular Door Sweep

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A tubular door sweep is placed at the bottom of the door, and it has a sweep on both sides. As such, this type of door sweep can be attached to both exterior and interior. Unfortunately, a tubular door sweep is less durable compared to its counterparts.

Even so, a lot of homeowners opt for this type of door sweep because it is easy to install on the door. Aside from that, most homeowners use this door sweep for interior doorways because it can block unwanted odors coming from other rooms.

Strip Door Sweep

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Typically, a strip door sweep is mounted at the bottom of the door, allowing it to seal the gap. Some models of this door sweep have an adhesive so that you can easily stick it to the side of your door. Others, on the other hand, are attached to plastic or metal installation guides, allowing you to fasten them to the edge of your door. Either way, always remember that you have to mount the door sweep at the right height. That way, there is enough contact between your floor and the strip without creating any friction that may prevent the door from function properly.

Because of its features, a strip door sweep can offer convenience and effectiveness. In fact, this type of door sweep is easy to install. Plus, it doesn’t require a lot of floor space. Best of all, you can replace it easily when it loses its effectiveness.

Under-Door Sweep

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An under-door sweep has a shape that resembles an uppercase “B.” The two circular pieces are facing upward, and they straddle the bottom edge of your door. Because of this feature, this type of door sweep can provide the tightest seal between your floor and your door.

Usually, an under-door sweep is made of soft foam. Some models also have a hook-and-loop strip that prevents sliding.

Automatic Door Sweep

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As mentioned, using a standard door sweep on a carpeted floor can cause some problems. Even so, you can still install a door sweep that is designed to sweep across a carpet or a rug, which is the automatic door sweep.

This type of door sweep will automatically rise when you open the door; thus, it won’t drag your carpet or cause any unwanted marks. When the door is closed, it can seal the gap, preventing insects from invading your home.

Automatic door sweeps are usually installed on the door using screws. Once attached, the door sweep can deliver its purpose.

Self-Stick Door Sweep

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A self-stick door sweep is suitable for homeowners who don’t want to make permanent changes to their door. As its name implies, this type of door sweep has an adhesive that allows you to simply attach it to the bottom edge of your exterior door; thus, installing it on a wooden or metal door only requires minimal effort. All you need to do is to peel off the paper covering the adhesive and press it to the door.

Choosing the Best Door Sweep

As presented, door sweeps are available in various types. As such, choosing the best product can be challenging. Even so, there are some factors you need to consider that will allow you to pick the right product.


Keep in mind that some door sweeps are designed to conserve energy, while others are meant to block insects from entering your home. There are also some door sweeps that can block smoke, moisture, light, or odors. For this reason, you have to choose a door sweep based on its intended purpose.

For example, a bristled door sweep is designed to prevent insects from invading your house, but it won’t be able to help conserve energy. Plus, it won’t be able to block the cold air from entering your home.


Another important factor you need to consider when buying a door sweep is the size. To ensure that you pick the right size, you have to measure the width of your door properly. Typically, door sweeps come in various sizes, ranging from 28 to 36 inches.

Aside from width, you also have to measure the gap between the base of your door and the floor. As much as possible, you have to make sure that the door sweep fits properly. If it is too long, you can trim its bristles or blade.


As presented, door sweep can be made with various materials, such as rubber, silicone, vinyl, nylon, and other synthetic materials. Always remember that the quality of the material used to make the door sweep will affect the sweep’s price and durability.

Bristle VS Blade

As mentioned, door sweeps with bristles are not effective for blocking the air. The reason is that they have fringes that can only keep insects out. Even so, bristled door sweeps are suitable for homes with linoleum or tile flooring.

As for door sweeps with blades, they are usually made with a sturdy material like rubber, and they can block cold air from entering your home. Additionally, they can also help conserve energy by preventing it from escaping the room.

Installation Method

As presented, door sweeps can be installed in different ways. For instance, you can easily attach door sweeps with adhesive. Some models, on the other hand, are attached using screws. As such, they will require more time and effort. Aside from that, door sweeps that are screwed are permanent fixtures. For temporary use, you can opt for a door sweep with adhesive strips.